neutral bag


etsyfindoftheday 3 | 8.27.15

theme thursday: unique canvas bags and totes

waxed canvas diaper bag in tabasco by kithandkinstore

kithandkinstore’s waxed canvas bag styles all feature a hint of fun, colorful patterned fabric as an accent as well as sturdy leather straps. check out all their color combinations — and shapes! — today. this particular piece is designated as a diaper bag but feel free to use it as a carry-on, a farmer’s market tote … get creative!


etsyfindoftheday 5 | 7.9.15

theme thursday: need a new bag? TOTES.

joshua tree carry-all by ameliemancini

into ameliemancini’s illustration style? you’re in luck, because you can get her designs on carry-alls (like this joshua tree style featured here) or as totes sans leather bottom, as well as in pillow, pouch, or tea towel form.


FRIDAY FRENZY | etsyfindoftheday 5 | 7.8.16

emily // small leather pouches by giftshopbrooklyn

i recently purchased my very first giftshopbrooklyn item — finally!! and now i want more. like this gorgeous little leather pouch. i’d love several colors.


etsyfindoftheday | unique gifts | 12.2.15

leather goods by lowroads

my sister-in-law kaia is friends with shop owner sam from lowroads, an eau claire, WI-based etsy shop featuring some pretty rad holiday presents. these unique bags and pretty little leather coin purse are perfectly giftable.

The Red Artifact

As soon as she enters her car, Helena drops the red magatama into her portable neutralizer, turning away and shutting her eyes as sparks fly from the bag. That’s that. Plopping the bagged artifact on the seat beside her, she revs up the engine and pulls out and away from Larry’s street. Hopefully that orange idiot will know better than to follow her out. She really hadn’t intended on hurting him, especially since he’s still recovering from a previous injury.

Once the Warehouse agent is far away enough from Larry’s home, she pulls into a vacant parking lot before peering into the neutralizer bag. The red magatama appears to have lost its glow, and she doesn’t feel an aura when she holds the stone either. In all her years at the Warehouse, H.G. hasn’t seen an artifact quite like this one. She’ll have to show it to Artie as soon as she returns to Univille.