neutral art

Remember the last time the FCC nearly killed net neutrality?

Tumblr had this nice big banner at the top of your dashboard alerting any active user about the problem. Guess what has changed since then? Verizon, one of the companies gunning for the death of net neutrality owns yahoo who in turn own Tumblr. Spread the word, tell everyone you can: tag posts you see about net neutrality with popular tags so the news spreads.

Welcome toooo t t t t t t taRRRGETTTT

Hey I love the Announcer he’s so enthusiastic and his voice sounds so good. I made a design for him, and it’s also inspired by @suspicious-spirit‘s amazing idea 

I’d like to think he’s the Devil’s Left-hand man and is there to referee all the boss fights so no one cheats, but he’s pretty fair. Him and King Dice probably take bets and sass each other