neurotic as hell

fire (jughead jones x reader)


pairing: jughead jones x reader

word count: 1139

request: Hiya! Love your blog! Maybe a jughead one where he is dating you but is more in love with Betty than he is with you. He tells you this and just a lot of angst. Thanks!!

warning: there’s a curse word in this, if anyone cares. also this is super depressing, yikes, sorry.

On that fateful day, there were three things you knew for certain.

The first, was that you were in love with Jughead Jones.

You really wish you could just say it was a stupid, teenage infatuation— a high school boyfriend that was nothing serious, but every time you looked at him you felt something that you couldn’t even place into words. Every time you saw his face in the hallways, pictures, down the street, in the distance, or up close— your heart would light up in some way. You remembered that looking at him when you first met felt like your heart was full of Christmas lights. You remembered very clearly, the feeling of sitting across from him at Pop’s, each of you doing your own thing, but sometimes you would look up at him and notice how beautiful he looked when he was concentrating: blue eyes reflecting computer screen colors, biting his soft lip harshly. Even worse, when he looked up at you and smiled.

You couldn’t help it: he was your first everything. Your first kiss, your first boyfriend, first everything. Sure, he was not the first person to call you beautiful, but he was the first person who made you believe it. He would often find you sitting on the roof of his tiny room at the drive-in, crying. You would always say it was because of the movie, but he would always know when it wasn’t. He would bring his hand up to your face, the pad of his thumb wiping a stray tear away. He gave you such a fierce look of sincerity in his eyes when he said it, “You’re so beautiful,” it was impossible not to believe him.

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bepiscola-official  asked:

Mmmmmeowrails owo


Listen to me. Listen. There’s a reason they have a “perfect moirallegience” and that is this: They BOTH need each other. 

Equius is neurotic as hell, the most anxious of horses, he has a strong (heh) secondary response of anger to a lot of core emotions like discomfort, anxiety, frustration, and fear/unsureness that, after shifting into anger, result in him doing things he doesn’t really want or mean to do which just makes him MORE anxious/frustrated/unsure and it’s a tight downward spiral. This boy is a MESS. He needs to either let it out via gratuitous physical violence with his bots (so he’s emotionally and physically exhausted and can sorta “reset” in a way) OR he needs Nepeta to come pounce him out of his downward spiral. She can snap him out of it, throw him off balance long enough to dig her heels in and calm him down, talk it out, help him through things. 

Meanwhile, it’s not like he doesn’t do anything in return for her! Nepeta is GOVERNED BY HER EMOTIONS. She’s the Heart player for a reason y’all. She’s a master hunter, sure, but when it comes to social stuff? She does NOT look before she leaps. Equius, who lived next to Vriska, remember, SAW where the bodies of FLARPers went. He knew exactly what happened to LITERALLY HUNDREDS of people who FLARPed. Nepeta didn’t really care, she wanted to play, and so he had to put his foot down and just straight up tell her “no you can’t do that” in order to keep her safe, because she’s strong headed and doesn’t like to listen to the advice of others when she thinks she knows better. Luckily, he’s her moirail, and she knows that the things he does, he does for her best interest. Exhibit B would be the Gamzee scene: Nepeta could’ve murdered his ass six ways to Sunday, Gamzee is a malnourished disaster of a mop, he could never hurt her unless- say- she was SEVERELY EMOTIONALLY DISTRESSED, which she was. If she had taken ten minutes, had a good cry over Equius’s death, and then gone after Gamzee? Never would’ve stood a chance against her. 

Nepeta’s greatest downfall is that she jumps in headfirst without thinking things through, and Equius’s greatest downfall is that he allows himself to get so caught up in his own thoughts that they suffocate him. They’re balanced, one cannot exist without the other. Without Nepeta, Equius would absolutely capsize, he’d implode. Without Equius, Nepeta would explode, too caught up in her own momentum and unable to slow down. They are literally perfect for each other and I love them so much, so much you just don’t understand.

Anyway yeah Meowrails good ship best ship.

If neurotic is wanting two mutually exclusive things at one and the same time, then I’m neurotic as hell. I’ll be flying back and forth between one mutually exclusive thing and another for the rest of my days.
—  Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar

We will be touring through the US with the body once again, but this time we will be performing as one band. This will be one of the loudest things you will hear in your life.


8.19 vancouver,bc-Hindenburg
8.20 portland,or-The Know
8.21 oakland,ca-Oakland Metro
8.22 los angeles,ca-Union Club
8.23 phoenix,az-51 West
8.24 albuquerque,nm-Launchpad
8.25 austin,tx-Sidewinder
8.26 ft worth,tx-1912 Club
8.27 little rock,ar-Liver Fest
8.28 st. louis,mo-Pu Fest
8.29 kansas city,ks-FOKL
8.30 minneapolis,mn-Triple Rock
8.31 milwaukee,wi-Frank’s Power Plant
9.1 chicago,il-Empty Bottle
9.2 detroit,mi-Sanctuary
9.3 toronto,on-Coalition
9.4 buffalo,ny-Sugar City
9.5 baltimore,md-Metro Gallery
9.6 richmond,va-Strange Matter
9.7 philadelphia,pa-First Unitarian Church
9.8 boston,ma-Middle East (upstairs)*
9.9 new york city-Market Hotel*
9.10 providence,ri-Machines with Magnets*

* w/ Gas Chamber (Buffalo,NY)

If neurotic is wanting two mutually exclusive things at one and the same time, then I’m neurotic as hell. I’ll be flying back and forth between one mutually exclusive thing and another for the rest of my days.
—  Sylvia Plath
If neurotic is wanting two mutually exclusive things at once and the same time, then I’m neurotic as hell.  I’ll be flying back and forth between one mutually exclusive thing and another for the rest of my days.
—  from THE BELL JAR by the amazing SYLVIA PLATH