Users Need Less Sleep With This Mask

NeuroOn is a brainwave-monitoring sleeping mask that enables wearers to develop polyphasic sleep patterns.

What’s polyphasic, you ask?  Polyphasic sleep refers to the practice of sleeping multiple times in a 24-hour period—usually more than two, in contrast to biphasic sleep (twice per day) or monophasic sleep (once per day).  Polyphasic sleepers combine night-time snoozes with small naps in the daytime – the goal is to reduce the amount of sleep required.  Some practitioners even reduce their sleeping time to just two hours in every 24 without feeling tired.  Supposedly, Leonardo Da Vinci, Nikolai Tesla, Winston Churchill and Napoleon all kept such regimens.

The NeuroOn features EEG, EMG and EOG sensors that detect brainwave activity, muscle tension and eye movements, and uses algorithms to determine sleepers’ individual patterns. The mask wakes users up at the exact moment their REM sleep ends, leaving them feeling refreshed rather than groggy.

Would you consider one of these masks to hack your sleep?
NeuroOn - Умная маска для сна

Создатели NeuroOn называют её первой в мире маской для сна, контролирующей работу мозга. С её помощью можно переключаться из монофазной стадии сна в полифазную и таким образом уменьшать его продолжительность до 2–6 часов в день. Сон будет разбит на маленькие отрывки в течение дня, но ощущение от отдыха будет такое, будто вы проспали по меньшей мере 8 часов. Иначе говоря, маска помогает рассчитывать суперэффективные короткие перерывы на сон вместо одного длинного.

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NeuroOn - The High-Tech Mask that Helps You Sleep More Efficiently

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NeuroOn - The High-Tech Mask that Helps You Sleep More Efficiently

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One of the most common complaints about sleep, other than medical sleep issues, is that there just never seems to be enough hours in the day. For some people, spending at least eight hours per day asleep seems like a big waste of time. These same people often think about all of the different…






- 論点はふたつ。本当に1日2時間の睡眠が可能なのだろうか?仮に外部刺激(あるいは環境遮断)によって睡眠を制御することで、脳神経を何らかの状態に遷移・定着させることができたとしても、代謝などの全身機能は2時間の休息に耐えられるのだろうか?眉唾に思えてしまうのは、代表者と思しき若者が、妙な髪型(寝癖?)であることだ。彼や彼の仲間たちは「当然」、1日2時間睡眠なのですよね?だとすれば、寝癖の髪型も納得できよう。 (via GIGAZINE)

Tech You Hadn’t Thought of Before

I thought I knew what to expect when I made my way to Las Vegas, January 6-9, for the 2016 Consumer Electronic Show: more apps, more wearables, more short-cuts and more data. Yes, there was plenty of that on the show floor, however, what was most exciting about this year’s CES was all of the unexpected ways technology is predicted to influence our lives.

Here are a few of my favorites to come.

Pro-Goods Go Consumer

With a BewellCheck-UP the “personal health helper"—the doctors is always in. Visiomed, the French leader for connected healthcare introduced a patient-friendly app which interprets data collected by the connected medical devices that check your vitals. It will analyze your temperature, weight, blood pressure, oxygen and sugar levels and alert your doctor for diagnoses when needed. It relies on evidence-based medicine to analyze your vitals and predict problems like heart attack and stroke before you even feel the symptoms.

AlcolockUSA helps people avoid DUI and DWI by using the same equipment that police departments and other law enforcement professionals use to determine alcohol levels.

Reliefband, a well-known pain-relief product has been relaunched specifically for consumer use.

KNOCK is an app that allows you to control your entire household and home from one dashboard, like a professional project manager.

Washable, rugged electronics from Visijax, allow you to be seen with lights that get attention. Lightup outwear is no longer just for professionals that need to be seen in the dark, but is now available to keep the everyday American safe. These are stylish and fit for everyday wear.

Hands on and hands off are trending!

Anyone who has had to pump breast milk, knows how awkward and inconvenient it can be. Whether you are an employee or the employer, breastfeeding can be excessively expensive but now with Freemie, no one knows you are pumping except you! Concealable cups do all the work for you.

SmartWheel monitors your hands, and registers when you are focused, distracted, or texting in order to keep you focused on driving, with both hands on the wheel, when you’re in the driver’s seat. A major solution in the increasingly deadly distracted-driving epidemic, SmartWheel is an intelligent steering wheel cover that trains drivers, especially teens, to keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.

Fancy footwork—shoes have great tech potential

Digital Sole inserts will not only track your steps, they will also alter your temperature and automatically tie your laces, etc.

Footmoovs have built-in  microelectronic sensors that transmit information about your every foot movement. These shoes are made for your iPhone!

Filtered air becomes a mainstream priority

Aeris from Lab Fabrici is an air purifier that increases airflow through a plant. Using a fan, increased levels of carbon are returned to the plant, and fresh oxygen is released into the environment.  

Air Serenity is another air purifier from France that replies on plasmas to capture, absorbed and destroyed particles.

The Foobot digitally checks the environment for carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, particulate matters, volatile organic compounds, temperature and humidity so you know what the air is like in a room, giving you the ability to adjust it before breathing it in.

Analysis paralysis takes new meaning when you consider the amazing new sleep products on the horizon

Imagine a comfortable sleep mask that not only blocks light but also monitors your sleep. The Neuroon Sleep Mask is doing just that, monitoring your biological feedback to help you sleep better and feel more rested.

The Smart Pillow is a complete marriage saver.  When the Smart Anti-snore pillow detects four snores, it activates the horizontal shifting motion, which gently tightens the throat muscles, causing snoring to stop. Everyone is rested and happier in the morning.

Emfit senses more than your sleep patterns.  It’s a non-contact sensor that hides beneath the mattress and tracks seizures and muscles spasms making it a potential life saver for some kids and seniors.

Oura is a new ring-sized wellness computer that studies your habits day and night and helps you reach your peak performance.

Acumed Source Inc. has acupressure-inspired eye massagers, designed to relax tired computer-eyes, and help you sleep better too. The massager employs precise kneading of vital acupressure points in the ocular region, using a combination of acupressure points based on traditional Chinese acupuncture and modern technology. This can provide relief from tension, by relaxing the skin and soft tissue around the eye sockets and eyelids.  Infrared heat compression gently warms up the area around your eyes, and, as a result, more oxygen and nourishments are brought to the area, improving metabolism and relieving eye strain.

Senior moments

Perhaps one of the most exciting categories on the show floor was what’s in store for seniors. This very easy to use, stress-free tablet, The Grandpad is specifically designed to keep the senior set easily connected to what they are interested in the most—video calls, emails, the weather, games, family photos—without confusion or frustration.

On the outside, HealMet One appears to be a simple hand-held ball.  It houses some complex sensors on the inside that detect invisible symptoms of conditions before they show themselves.  Grasping this playground ball-sized handheld device catches life-saving health data in seconds.

Mobile pain relief

If it’s going to work, it’s going with you!  iTENs lets you keep TENS technology on your pain when you need it.

Workout where you are

TAO-Wellness turns your personal space into an interactive, fun gym with discreet and stylish, high-tech resistance training and tracking to various games to beat your best, compete with others and share with friends.  

No need to not be connected

Influx World solves the weak WIFI issue, which can be stressful, with a great-looking router dock stand.

Earphones by Auria are designed to stay in your ears. They were focused on the marathon industry but now going mainstream.

Perhaps one of the best trends at CES 2016 is the growing interest in making us healthier.  Tracking is great but doing things, actually making us healthier, which all of these products do, is so much more useful! That’s what I’m always on the lookout for. 

As seen in Whole Foods Magazine 

چشم‌بندی هوشمند برای کمک به بی خوابان

چشم‌بندی هوشمند برای کمک به بی خوابان

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[ad_1] چشم‌بند هوشمند راه حلی است برای کسانی که شب‌کار هستند یا از مشکلات خواب رنج می‌‌برند یا کسانی که به دلیل پروازهای جت طولانی‌مدت، دچار بی خوابی ناشی از پرواز می‌‌شوند. چشم‌بند Neuroon که به شکل یک چشم‌بند معمولی ساخته شده است، در حقیقت ابزاری بی‌سیم است که با اتصال به تلفن هوشمند، می‌‌تواند امواج مغزی شما را تحت نظر بگیرد و با تحلیل الگوی خوابتان و استفاده درمانی از نور مصنوعی، به بهبود…

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這款稱作 Neuroon 的眼罩,無疑也是智慧型穿戴裝置浪潮的一款成品(這類還不能說已經構成流行的產品,始終瞄準「健康」作為主打需求)。即便沒有這款眼罩充當硬體,也已經有不少 App 利用手機的感應器,測量用戶的睡眠狀況,然後再經由演算法,當用戶處於淺眠的時候才讓鬧鐘響起,減少用戶起床的痛苦,同時也能順便調整用戶的睡眠生理時鐘。

Neuroon 這款產品在這個面向與功能上,其實是同樣的東西,不過比起手機,Neuroon 畢竟是專門針對睡眠設計的硬體,因此在功能上又完整了許多。Neuroon 除了能更精準地分析並記錄用戶的睡眠歷程,也能透過這份資料做更多事,例如經由手機 App 設定出差地點和時間後,自動化為用戶調整時差,或是分成三個階段,從調整光線、輕微震動到播放輕音樂,讓用戶用最輕鬆的方式起床。

不過想要從「分析」擴大到「改變」用戶的生理時鐘,Neuroon 無疑還需要其他更主動的設計。事實上,它主要是從「光線」的機制著手,來改變用戶的睡眠習慣。除了有特殊設計的「充電模式」,經由光線療法,讓用戶舒適地睡個 20 分鐘,Neuroon 也能模擬日落與日出的效果,經由自然光的調整,為用戶自然而然地調整睡眠。

這樣子經過幾個晚上的使用後,Neuroon 就能漸進地了解用戶的睡眠模式,同時根據用戶設定的睡眠區間,慢慢讓生理時鐘溫和地結合「起床」與「上床」的時間點,溫和地改變睡眠機制。而更大的優點是,這類產品就像現在許多 3C 產品的設計方法論一樣,很講究易用性,因此用戶基本上只要設定好鬧鐘、選擇想要的模式,接著就只要戴著 Neuroon 睡覺,其餘一切都會自動化作業。

目前 Neuroon 已經結束眾籌活動,準備出貨(雖然確切來說,它們早在 2013 年就已經完成募資目標了),售價則訂在 299 美元,約合台幣 NT$ 10098 元。

Can a smart sleep mask help with insomnia and jet lag?

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For night shift workers, those who have trouble falling or staying asleep and anyone who’s suffered from jet lag, the makers of a new sleep mask think they have a solution. Resembling a regular sleep mask, the Neuroon is a wireless device that connects to a mobile app to monitor your brain waves, analyze your sleep patterns, and use bright light therapy to supposedly help improve sleep quality.

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