neuron art


An experimental music video clip generated by a neural network

Creative coder @mario-klingemann puts together method to produce sound-reactive visuals from neural network trained datasets:

The visuals in this clip a generated from the sound itself using a plug and play generative network. The synchronization seems to be a bit off at the end - WIP. 


“She was catapulted through the static wall, into cluttered vastness, the notional void of cyberspace, the bright grid of the matrix ranged around her like an infinite cage.”
― William Gibson

“The Ideal Neuron” 

by Adriana Bellomo 

Spring 2016 Independent Research Project

This what the ideal neuron would look like under a microscope once it has undergone the Golgi Stain. 

A. Pyramidal Cell

B. Purkinje Cell

C. Smooth Stellate Cell

D. Spiny Stellate Cell