neurological impairment

I was born in the 70s.  Where were the children that banged their head against the wall, needed diapers in school, cried uncontrollably, had Guillain Barre or other severe neurological and developmental impairment in the 80′s and even 90′s?  These were not a common event, in fact, I never saw these symptoms in my neighborhood or school, never heard of them, ever.  But these horrible signs and symptoms are not rare now. 

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I can hope...

I know this will probably never get to Taylor, but it’s worth a shot…I have a rare birth defect that is on the rise, but very few people know about it including doctors! It is called Septo Optic Dysplasia/Optic Nerve Hypoplasia (SOD/ONH). This birth defect causes blindness/vision impairment, & neurological issues, & all the people who have it are very different. Some people are completely blind & have to take shots & medicine just to live day to day because none of their hormones work, while others like me have okay vision & only take some medicine. There is no known cause & no cure & little research has been done. It would be outstanding & amazingly incredible if we had a spokesperson like Taylor to represent us! That would mean the world to mean. I’m not asking for any money from her & anything like that maybe just a post about it because it’s so rare & she is so big & well known that if she said something maybe people would start figuring out more about it. Just look at what she did for the musicians with the whole letter to Apple! This would be almost as incredible as meeting her! taylorswift


I fed the skinny little neuro California king tonight, after everyone else had had their meal, and I discovered two things:

One, I find it hard to believe he maintained his current triangular weight on one adult mouse a week.

Two, I have lost any respect I have ever had for spider ball python breeders, or anyone who breeds any mutation which includes neurological impairment. This animal was desperate to eat. I could see his breathing speed up to the point where his sides were heaving as he thrashed frantically around the tub trying to get to the mouse - even when it was placed next to his mouth he would consistently strike above it or below it and I ended up having to pick him up, hold him by the neck and chase a hopper with his adult mouse. I’ll never know what caused his issues - probably overheating with a past owner - but I do know that right now, hundreds if not thousands of breeders worldwide are hatching clutches of spider ball pythons with the same issue.

Be very ashamed. This is a cruel thing to do to an animal.