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Okay but I’m white yet I’m a bisexual non binary person with three sunsets of anxiety depression and a neurological disorder that impaired motor skills so like where would I fall on your scale? I saw where you said white cishet neurological-typical people weren’t a group you like but I got worried about myself because I love you both so much

nobody actualls hates white people based on the colour of our skin; it’s to do with the way we possess and exert privilege over people of colour. if you can catch yourself, and right yourself when somebody criticizes you, you should be good.

I was born in the 70s.  Where were the children that banged their head against the wall, needed diapers in school, cried uncontrollably, had Guillain Barre or other severe neurological and developmental impairment in the 80′s and even 90′s?  These were not a common event, in fact, I never saw these symptoms in my neighborhood or school, never heard of them, ever.  But these horrible signs and symptoms are not rare now. 

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Random neurologic/psychiatric/potential impairment headcannons about the Konoha 13 in my new fanfiction: Naruto has ADHD. Sasuke has PTSD. Sakura is bipolar. Sai has Auspergers. Hinata has anxiety. Kiba has ADD. Shino has OCD. Ino is anorexic. Shikamaru is a legit genius. Choji is actually pretty alright. Tenten is dyslexic. Lee is deaf. Neji doesn’t trust adults (is there a specific name for this??). Opinions/questions/comments?

An interesting take on things. 


This video (posted 4/28/15) is a must watch, straight from the horse’s mouth. When even prominent trans media figures like these^^  (Mark Angelo Cummings, an FTM transitioned at 38, and Lynna Arielle, an MTF transitioned at 42) start strongly criticizing the use of puberty blockers for kids and the transgender trend raging with adolescents, maybe we might actually see some changes going forward.  

Allies to be found in unexpected places. They sound like smokers who volunteer  their time to caution others not to acquire the habit.

They pull no punches: they discuss Lupron lawsuits, the possibility that hormone treatments will aggravate issues like cutting/self harm, and the folly of dosing kids with hormones when their frontal lobes aren’t developed. They criticize the doctors who are too quick to diagnose gender dysphoria when many other mental health issues are prominent. They take on what they call the “cross dresser” community and trans activists who are pushing the current media narrative. They acknowledge the homophobia (internalized, as well as of professionals and parents) that feeds into transition of kids–a point of view that is pretty much heresy in trans activist circles. They even take on the biggest taboo of all: Suicidal threats by kids if they don’t get hormones and surgery. They contrast the initial glow of transition with the reality of years on hormones when the excitement fades.

I’ve transcribed and condensed just a few excerpts from this 37-minute plea for sanity, below. There is a lot more and I recommend watching the whole thing. Disclaimer: I don’t agree with everything they say in the video, but I don’t have to. They seem to be sincerely interested in protecting gender nonconforming kids, and that’s my bailiwick.

Mark: In normal human development, normal and abnormal child psychology–which I study in my profession–every little boy or girl will explore with their gender roles….This thing is being blown out of proportion. Before there were hormones, before there were surgeries, we all lived. Didn’t commit suicide, didn’t hate life…

Lynna: The thing is, if you hate yourself, that isn’t a gender identity issue.

Mark: That’s a person issue….Look at what Michael Jackson did to himself. There is a psychological component to this “I don’t like myself” thing…

[A young MTF I talked to] didn’t want to be seen as a “gay boy.” And I think that plays a major role… A lot of these parents are like, “oh,  I don’t want my kid to be gay.” …Yeah, there’s this condition called “being transgender,” that fits the bill better.

There’s an agenda behind all this, and people don’t realize. Pharmaceuticals are involved, the politicians are involved, new sets of doctors that are actually working for or are part of the WPATH or that are trying to monopolize–like this Dr. Spack–”Mr. Quack.” He says, oh, if the child [is a cutter] and you give them the blocker and the cutting stops, that’s the tell-tale sign that says they’re trans. Do you know how many mental disorders are related to cutting? Bipolar, schizophrenia… it’s a list a mile long and has absolutely nothing to do with gender dysphoria.

Lynna: Endocrinologists are [one of the lower paid MDs]. So when they get this new crop of clientele that makes them lots of money…These puberty blockers are like $700 a month. And there’s some kind of device they install that is like $1500…

Mark: Notice how they’ve taken away the gatekeeper…There is a political agenda behind this…

Lynna: …All my MTF friends know to use these key terms now before they go to ask for the hormones. Like, “[I’ve felt like this since I] was 5 years old,” or “I used to wear my mom’s clothing” …

Mark: “And I wanna  hurt myself, because if I don’t get what I want, I’ll kill myself.” Suicide. Mention that, and radar goes up…

..For parents of trans kids, please do your research. Do not submit your kids to these dangerous drugs, when 80% of these kids revert back! It’s a stage, it’s a phase…. Being transgender is not about hormones or cutting off your breasts. Being transgender is a spiritual condition, and there’s nothing wrong with expressing both your male and female side.

So what if little boys are “feminine”? Doesn’t mean they need to be girls, or little girls who are “masculine” need to be boys. You know, this is the power of suggestion that has been pushed upon us as a weak community because of our wanting to belong and be accepted, and we need to wake up from this.

Do I regret doing this? [transition] …Would I have done things differently if I’d known another path? Yes. Because you lose a lot as a trans person. You’re taking away years from your life. You’re exposing yourself to all sorts of dangers. You lose jobs, you lose family, you lose friends. You lose it ALL. All for what? A delusion…

Lynna: What happens later, as you age? What will be the end, for us?

Mark: A lot of people don’t think about this, because when they’re in the glitz and the glamour, and they’re getting the boobies, and getting the muscles, if you’re a guy. We're all tunnel vision, which is an obsessive compulsive behavior that most transgender people face. But when you get to be 70 years old … and you have to go to a nursing home? How many nursing homes are equipped to deal with trans people? Zero. And I’ve worked in nursing homes, I’m an occupational therapist…Even a regular older person.. gets treated like crap [by nursing assistants]. These are “normal” people. Can you imagine [a religious nursing aid seeing a transgender person]? “Oh, God, no, this is an abomination!” We don’t think about these things, we only think about the [good things] we do when we’re young… But what about when these medications really start kicking in and taking a toll? All the hormones that are synthetic and horrific for your health….heart attacks, strokes, more neurological impairment. What are you gonna do then?

Lynna: …and to think they want to give [hormones] to kids. It’s like barbaric.

Mark: It’s child abuse. And people are like, “well my child wants to commit suicide.” Look, children are very malleable. You don't allow them to be exposed to social media which is constantly pushing, pushing, and probing… I didn’t transition until I was 38 years old. I didn’t even know about being transgender… I was a female body builder and I took steroids. And somebody said, “Are you FTM?” and I was like, what is that? Is that like a new machine or..Again it’s the power of suggestion. 6 months, boom, I had my top surgery and my hysterectomy. I went to the gender specialist, and they’re like, “oh yeah, here you go!” [mimes prescription being written]

Lynna: And if you hadn’t been told anything, you would have been…

Mark: …a lesbian, yep. Still body building, but …

Mark: Crucify us if you want. But reality is reality. And what I’m seeing here is something very dangerous. We’re dealing with kids and these quack doctors, hurting these children. Someone’s gotta speak their mind.

Lynna: We can’t be silent about this issue. When innocent children are affected, and a population group is being sterilized, we have to say something.

Mark: I won’t mention names, but a trans child I know, who is now a little teenager, has been on the blockers. Reports are, more behavioral problems, depression…The limelight, the fame, the fortune. These parents who have Munchausen syndrome…there’s red flags all over the place.

Lynna: Gender is a hot topic right now. Our community is being thrown into the limelight, with the whole Bruce Jenner interview and all that… It’s not just a gender identity issue; we’re dealing with a neurological issue. I found out that I have Asperger’s just recently…Understanding is key… If you can avoid taking this path–

Mark: Please do.

Lynna: Because it’s a very rocky road. And not many people get to travel safely on this road.

Mark: And a lot of people don’t end up very well on this road. They end up dead, or with all sorts of other issues….a lot of trans people end up alone.

Lynna: The majority. It doesn’t even matter how beautiful they are.

Mark: [referring to the anger trans people have expressed to him because of his views] Temper tantrums galore. That’s part of the neurological impairment most of us [trans people] have. I’ve gotten to the point where I’m not gonna care….Truth hurts. What is it somebody said? When you’re making a difference, people get offended.

Mark: …[These kids] take the blockers, they have these side effects, then they’re infertile, they can’t have kids…

Lynna: Now they’re 25 or 30 years old.

Mark: …with mental problems, because that’s what happens: You didn’t develop fully because puberty is a normal thing to go through, people.

Lynna: It’s important to go through puberty without blocking it.

Mark: The body goes, “what’s going on, what’s happening?”

Lynna: What am I being blocked for?

Mark: The side effects are gonna be there. Pharmaceutical companies are gonna lie to you, say, “Oh, it’s ok. Nothing’s gonna happen.” BS!…they’re messing with your reality, they’re feeding into your crap. You know what’s happening? All this “transgender, transgender, transgender…”

Lynna:…you have a 4-year-old who’s transitioning, because Mommy says, “Would you like to be named…this boy name, instead of your girl name?” And then they’re like, “oh, yeah.” …“Do you want to go to school and be a boy?” And then they show them videos of differerent kids who transitioned and they’re like, “Do you wanna be like him?” Oh yes, I do. It’s the power of suggestion.

Mark: And the parents are thinking, wow, we’re gonna get media exposure, we might get a book deal….Look at this with Jazz. The book deal, the mermaid thing, it’s like, whoa…How many parents are like, I want my kid to be that, too…It’s like when the little girls get pushed into modeling… and beauty pageants. It’s no different. Munchausen syndrome. Pretty heavy stuff….If you think your kid is transgender, fine, let them express themselves, but don’t go putting them through dangerous stuff that you can’t take away later.

Lynna: It’s not reversible, as some say… Lupron affects people like 15 years later.

Mark: I’ve been at this since 2003…but what’s happening in this community now is disheartening. The advocates now are using the kids to promote their thing, to justify who they are. And it’s just sad.

Review - 14x07

Hey guys, how’s everyone doing this week? @jordan202 here. I hope you’re all as excited for episode 13x08 as I am!

Before we get there though, let’s talk about episode 14x07! The big 300th! There was so much hype and promotion for this episode, I was expecting something amazing. Not in terms of Omelia, because I knew they wouldn’t have a lot of screen time since it would probably be focused on Meredith. And I don’t know just what exactly I was just expecting, but I guess it was just more.

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In Every Life (Blind!Jun)

One shot


Wen Junhui was lucky. He didn’t have to scramble in every life to find his soulmate. No Wen Junhui was blessed with the ability to remember every single life he’s ever lived and therefore knows you when he sees you. The only problem was, he couldn’t see you in this life. 

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word Count: 3431

If there is a single idea that was simultaneously both extremely hoped for and constantly debunked, it was the idea of soulmates. Everyone wanted to believe that there was someone out there that was just there for them and them alone. But how could they when marriages failed so often and couples still fought? How could a person be made perfectly for you yet still not fit you perfectly?

The thing about soulmates is that there’s no perfect fit, there’s only a best fit. People change, not just in one lifetime but across lives; it was impossible for two to change in perfect accordance with each other.

There are lifetimes when you may never end up with your soulmate and it just isn’t meant to be in that life. You aren’t meant to love each other romantically but rather serve as mentors or loving family to each other. Sometimes the age gap is too large, sometimes you don’t meet them until they end up married to your brother.

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What happens to the cognitive functions in an elderly person with dementia?

Dementia is caused by neurological impairment and, as far as I know, there is no way to predict the exact sequence or the exact areas of damage, therefore, you cannot predict how it will affect cognitive functioning (i.e. it is unique to the individual case). However, it is likely that a person will use their functions in increasingly unconscious and destructive ways as executive function (self-regulation) becomes increasingly impaired.


5-Year-Old Little Girl with Autism Paints Stunning Masterpieces - 

Autism could be a poorly-understood neurological upset that may impair an individual’s ability to interact in various social interactions. however a very little 5-year-old Iris Grace in the UK is a superb example of the sudden gifts that autism may also grant – her exceptional attention have helped her to produce implausibly lovely paintings that a lot of her fans (and buyers) have liked to Monet’s works.

Little Iris is slowly learning to talk, whereas most youngsters have already begun to talk a minimum of many words by age 2. Along with speech therapy, her parents sometimes introduced her to painting, that is once they discovered her wonderful talent.


I can hope...

I know this will probably never get to Taylor, but it’s worth a shot…I have a rare birth defect that is on the rise, but very few people know about it including doctors! It is called Septo Optic Dysplasia/Optic Nerve Hypoplasia (SOD/ONH). This birth defect causes blindness/vision impairment, & neurological issues, & all the people who have it are very different. Some people are completely blind & have to take shots & medicine just to live day to day because none of their hormones work, while others like me have okay vision & only take some medicine. There is no known cause & no cure & little research has been done. It would be outstanding & amazingly incredible if we had a spokesperson like Taylor to represent us! That would mean the world to mean. I’m not asking for any money from her & anything like that maybe just a post about it because it’s so rare & she is so big & well known that if she said something maybe people would start figuring out more about it. Just look at what she did for the musicians with the whole letter to Apple! This would be almost as incredible as meeting her! taylorswift


I fed the skinny little neuro California king tonight, after everyone else had had their meal, and I discovered two things:

One, I find it hard to believe he maintained his current triangular weight on one adult mouse a week.

Two, I have lost any respect I have ever had for spider ball python breeders, or anyone who breeds any mutation which includes neurological impairment. This animal was desperate to eat. I could see his breathing speed up to the point where his sides were heaving as he thrashed frantically around the tub trying to get to the mouse - even when it was placed next to his mouth he would consistently strike above it or below it and I ended up having to pick him up, hold him by the neck and chase a hopper with his adult mouse. I’ll never know what caused his issues - probably overheating with a past owner - but I do know that right now, hundreds if not thousands of breeders worldwide are hatching clutches of spider ball pythons with the same issue.

Be very ashamed. This is a cruel thing to do to an animal.

so many arguments re: the UCSB shooter (let’s call him what he is) can be resolved by simply giving the manifesto a skim. e.g:

‘he isn’t a misogynist because he shot dudes too’? in almost every paragraph he laboriously expressed hatred toward women (even lamented the fact that his own mother was one) and his overwhelming desire to eradicate them. 'he was mentally ill’? him being mentally ill/neurologically impaired doesn’t render this confession nonexistent. 'he just hated anyone that’s having sex?’ he eventually did because women weren’t sexing him up and down, although he’s somehow convinced they should. so it’s p much 'if anyone deserves sex (from women) it’s me and since i’m not getting any sex (from women), no one may have sex (with women)’. 

'he’s what happens when you don’t reject a guy nicely enough’? if a woman makes a 'nice’ rejection it’s a 'mixed signal’ and warrants violation. if she makes it direct enough it’s 'bitchy’ and warrants retaliation. i know it’s hard to believe, but women are people that are not in any way obligated to be polite/pretty/nice or humor any advance/offer/expression of interest directed their way. jesus christ. 

also flash news: no woman even ever had the chance to 'reject’ him. despite having frequented PUA sites he had never even approached his coveted 'hot blondes’. he just facebook stalked/sat around silently feeling sorry for himself while hoping a female would inexplicably set aside some time off her day and 'give him a chance’ for no reason other than because he existed and believed really, really hard in his blessed little heart that he was special.

so please, tell me again how the culture of male privilege wasn’t at play here or that women should stop making this 'incident’ about them. because aside from the various comments suggesting how women are responsible, the shooter’s fucking 140-pages vitriol will generously and very explicitly let you know that at the very least, a huge part of this 'incident’ is fucking definitely about women.