Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a planetarium show that instead of simply mapping the cosmos explored the brain? Because is that not the true reason that we explore beyond our own planet, via science and our imaginations?

NEURODOME sounds like that show. The idea of exploring the brain and our connection to exploration using cutting-edge animations is something that I want to see happen.

If the preview video above is anything like what the final product will be like, this is a project that deserves support. You can do so at Kickstarter (I have).

NEURO DOME A dome-format film that explores the brain . A planetarium show inside the brain.

The NEURODOME project is a planetarium show that tries to answer these questions. Combining planetarium production technology with high-resolution brain imaging techniques, we will create dome-format animations that examine what it is about the brain that drives us to journey into the unknown. Seamlessly interspersed with space scenes, the NEURODOME planetarium show will zoom through the brain in the context of cutting edge of astronomical research. This project will present our most current portraits of neurons, networks, and regions of the brain responsible for exploratory behavior.

NEURODOME is now a kickstarter project so you can help here: 

The NEURODOME project was created by an interdisciplinary team of scientists, digital effects artists, and planetarium production specialists who are harnessing revolutionary brain-imaging techniques to provide a glimpse into the inner workings of the mind.