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So. I scrolled through your blog a loooot like I couldn't stop lol, and I learned that adhd is reaaally similar to autism like. My attention span is non existant, I always forget eeeverything important and remember things that will not be necessary in life (for example, Aragorn is born in the year 2931 of the third age), I always have to make noises (essentially meowings), and the f*cking sensory overwhelming. So yeah it's very similar

i’ve heard this too! adhd and autism are like cousins in my head- we’ve got a Ton of overlapping symptoms!

(there are also many people with multiple brain doodads too like anxiety or dyslexia or lots others)

i’m glad a whole lot of different people can relate to my comics and stuff! it’s always nice to see that we can relate and be buddies in our neurodivergence

PSA about ADHD

✦ADHD is not a personality quirk

- some things that tag along with ADHD are:

        ~sensory processing disorder

        ~executive dysfunction

        ~poor fine motor skills

        ~sensory overloads (that lead to meltdowns)

        ~sensory seeking (self stimming)


        ~moderate to severe memory problems

        ~Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria- is an extreme emotional sensitivity and emotional pain triggered by the perception that one is being rejected, teased, or criticized. The emotional response is complete with suicidal ideation and people suffering from RSD often get misdiagnosed with serious personality disorders. RSD is only seen in people with ADHD and the emotional sensitivity/reaction is much more severe than that of a neurotypical person.

✦Some other “fun” ADHD things! 

          ~inability to regulate emotions

          ~no concept of time

          ~noticeable public stimming (resulting in stares from neurotypicals) 

          ~no impulse control


          ~listen but cannot absorb what is being said 

          ~no volume control 

          ~increased inability to focus when emotional

          ~difficulty stopping a task and transitioning to the next 

          ~social anxiety

          ~higher levels on generalized anxiety

          ~extremely forgetful 

          ~”all or nothing” mentality  

@ neurotypicals- some things to be aware of: 

- you cannot hyperfixate. only people who are neurodivergent can hyperfixate. please don’t use that word when describing your latest obsession :-)

- please don’t stare at neurodivergent people who are stimming in public

- be respectful of those who actually need fidget toys so they can subtly stim in public 

- if we forget something you tell us it is not because we don’t care, we just have a million other thoughts racing through our mind and no way to filter through them. 

- please be gentle with us. no don’t tip toe around us and treat us like we aren’t human, but be aware that even offhand comments can trigger RSD. no we aren’t being too sensitive, our brains are wired differently than yours

  • me: wow today was actually really good and nothing went wrong
  • mental illnesses:
  • me:
  • mental illnesses:
  • me:
  • mental illnesses: get fucked

Idpol around mental illnesses is terrifying, there’s legit kids on this website who are purposely keeping themselves the most miserable they can so they can get some cred in discourse and that’s super fucked up. Neurodivergent activism in this website really need to be rethinked because this anti-recovery, anti-wellness, “healthy coping mechanism? we can’t all be neurotypical karen” bullshit is legitimately harmful.

do you ever see your old friends/people you knew from school through social networks or pictures and suddenly want to cry because everyone has friends, everyone has a great family, everyone has the capacity to do whatever they want and achieve their goals, but you’re just alone, with a messy mind and watching everything you want and every goal go away because you can’t do anything anymore. you’re just too sick. and you’re there, watching everyone move on, through a cellphone or computer screen, like you’re pausing your own life even if you don’t want to.

You Are Not Hallucinating

Tumblr has put out an April Fools update that includes flashing imagery of what they’re naming “Tumblcoin.” There is currently no way to disable it.

If you suffer from hallucinations or seizures, I would highly recommend not using Tumblr on your web browser today (April 1st), due to the intrusive and flashing images they have added.

Self care is learning healthy coping methods and utilizing them in life and going to therapy and remembering to take your medication and I know this isn’t the meme but this is important

I hate sports and I usually don’t care who wins or loses, but as an autistic person, France winning the World Cup genuinely bothers me. 

France is one of the most nationalist countries in the world. They even refuse to learn other languages because they think they’re so great. And now they have yet another excuse to jerk off and celebrate their blind nationalism.

Meanwhile, French autistic children are being forcefully removed from their parents and shoved into freezers. Some of them has died in these freezers. The ones who survived has been forced to live in shitty psych wards for the rest of their lives. French autistic children are not allowed in public school and the vast majority of autistic adults are unemployed because of job discrimination.

This shit is happening because France is too blinded by nationalism to question their own government. And now France is being celebrated more than ever before. Their nationalism is growing even stronger.

This… worries me.