A novel method of gaining a clear view of the brain (literally) emerges

(Clicking on the image links back to the original article featured in the NY Times). 

Japanese neuroscientists at the Riken Brain Institute may have found a way to visualize the brain’s gray matter, which consists of a neuronal cell bodies, neuropil, glia and such. They have created a chemical concoction, termed Scale, that makes dead and opaque (biological) tissue into a clear and jelly-like substance. Thus, soaking brains into this special solution enables scientists to preserve and physically observe what’s inside the brain. The development of this new chemical approach towards visualizing the brain may be revolutionary in the study of the brain’s neural architecture and connectivity as well as neural development. 

Click here for the link to the original article published in Nature Neuroscience.  I highly recommend you check out the original article- the images are just too cool!

Oh, and I forgot to mention: there’s already talk of international collaborations that would apply this method to study HUMAN brains. What what?!