2014 is almost over and I just want to thank everyone that stayed by my side during this year. You’ve seen the best and worst of me (and by ‘worst’ I mean my post-HIMYM finale behavior - that shit never going away btw), and we’ve seen some crazy shit together. Thank you all for an incredible 2014 and let’s hope for even better 2015! 


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okay so I don’t know how to make an intro what the hell let’s just get on with it okay?!??! Thank you for making my 2014 really enjoyable !!! May you have a healthy, safe, and wonderful 2015!!! 

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^^^^ I love you so much thank you for constantly talking to me and fangirling about KYD and Dane and/or Dan + other things with me this year!!! You’re all so so very important okay I love you like Dane and Dan love each other gdi!! I could write love letters to each of you but i’m really bad at that JUST THANK YOU SERIOUSLY. *sings I WANT YOU TO STAAAY*  I wish you all the good things in the world!!!

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^^^^ We go waaay back and/or oh look we all share non-canon otps / pairs with tragic endings i think lol! Bless you. Thank you thank you for still talking to me and being my go to people for certain things. Like the beautiful thing about tumblr but more importantly you all is that we can always rant about things to each other when new things come up!!! Never leave me thank you

Psst you’re all awesome and you make my dash perfect. Thank you for liking and posting beautiful things and being good, kind people as well! 

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Also special thanks to : danielradcliffedaily | danedehaanorg (let me rec you twice :p) | danedehaanupdated 

If i forgot someone, remember I’m the worst okay thank you have a good New Year!!!

anonymous asked:

who are some of your other favorite graphicmakers?

As I already mentioned- Neuralmente then there's Milka, Mica, Flor, Nicole, Karen, Anna, Jasmine, and Fran who basically are my favourite people to sit in the graphics tags of. There’s probably some that I’m missing, but these are typically the first blogs I go to when I am looking to reblog something (or cry over my lack of photoshop skill).

neuralmente  asked:

ok, too long for a reply to your anon, but: i love the "messed up" line. it shows they had to face the same challenges, that they could grow and heal together, that they understood each other because they both have been there, that barney didn't love robin despite the messed up parts, he loved her because of them, and that's why he never ignored them. b/r were so right for each other the writers were never able to handle it, and they got screwed over by their own characters in the end.