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who are some of your other favorite graphicmakers?

As I already mentioned- Neuralmente then there's Milka, Mica, Flor, Nicole, Karen, Anna, Jasmine, and Fran who basically are my favourite people to sit in the graphics tags of. There’s probably some that I’m missing, but these are typically the first blogs I go to when I am looking to reblog something (or cry over my lack of photoshop skill).

neuralmente  asked:

ok, too long for a reply to your anon, but: i love the "messed up" line. it shows they had to face the same challenges, that they could grow and heal together, that they understood each other because they both have been there, that barney didn't love robin despite the messed up parts, he loved her because of them, and that's why he never ignored them. b/r were so right for each other the writers were never able to handle it, and they got screwed over by their own characters in the end.

neuralmente replied to your post: brb, going to dig a grave and lie in it forever on behalf of the entire chuck fandom. WHY DO THEY HAVE TO ASK QUESTIONS LIKE THAT. WHY.

Next question I’m gonna tweet him is “plz ask Yvonne how she feels about the mohawk. What does she hold on to when they’re having sex? Doesn’t she miss the curls?”. Yup.

LMFAO. I dare you. I wouldn’t be surprised if the interviewer asked it and all.