neural handshaking

okay but what about,,, a pacific rim au,,,, where Nursey and Dex,,,, become drift compatible,,?

hear me out. most folks are drift compatible from the get go. either because they carry nothing into the drift or they’re close enough (usually siblings or family or they just have that special connection) that there’s zero chance they aren’t compatible. but nursey and dex? they. just aren’t. at first.

Over time, though, they watch team after team get taken out and new pilots come and go, and jaegers being built all around them and they’re constantly on standby. they grow closer. they tell each other things themselves and they open up to each other. dex talks about his family and insecurities. nursey tells dex about his.

everything goes to shit one day. the double event happens. they need another team out there backing Jack and Bitty and Holster and Ransom. Nursey and Dex step forward; everyone is skeptical because the neural handshake between them has always failed. but they’re sure of it this time.

the marshall allows it. worse comes to worse they’ll send out one of the injured teams and hope for the best. Nursey and Dex step into a jaeger, their jaeger, and proceed into the drift.

there’s baited breath and then-

It all rushes past them. They’re drift compatible, and it is the most relieving thing to the entirety of the shatterdome. there’s a collective sigh of relief as they’re taxied out to help.

Nursey looks at Dex, or maybe Dex is looking at Nursey. It’s hard to tell when you’re in each other’s heads

We did it.

Whiskey Deadeye

Pacific Rim AU Part 1

At 15:34 that day the Deadlock Jaeger boots up for the first time and initiates the neural handshake with its sole pilot, name and background unknown.

At 15:41 Lechuza Renegade is deployed to take it down and prevent a mass murder in the urban areas of Santa Fe.

Lechuza Renegade arrives at 16:47. The battle lasts three hours.

“It was a goddamn miniature mech cobbled together in a garage by teenagers with too much time on their hands! What the hell took you so long?”

Gabriel Reyes and his co-pilot take the reprimand with quietly grinding teeth. They don’t say the smaller size made it impossible to hit. It was in and out before their Jaeger could react and its smaller weaponry allowed for aimbot technology the likes of which their own can’t profit from. It was like trying to squash a fly. A panicked fly with a gun.

They don’t say all that because it’s in their report, the same the Marshall pokes at like it personally offended him.

“We did our best, sir.” Reyes says. “And we brought in the mech for study.”

“For study, great! If you haven’t noticed we have a full bay of the damn things, we don’t need some scrap heap out of Deadlock gorge!”

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halfthealphabet  asked:

41 or 48 for percabeth pretty please.

41. teamwork

“He is not piloting my jaegar!”

“Now, hold on, Annabeth – ”

“Don’t you hold on Annabeth me!” she snarled, exploding out of her chair and waving a furious finger at the marshal. “You know how much this means to me, Chiron. I’ve spent that last three years of my life designing that prototype and overseeing its construction. If I can’t pilot it, I’ll be damned if he’s the one that gets to!”

Marshal Chiron propped his elbows on his desk and folded his hands together, the movement somehow managing not to wrinkle his crisp uniform. His placid expression was unshakeable in the face of her anger. “If every engineer was as proprietary about their prototypes as you are, the jaegar program would’ve never gotten off the ground in the first place. This jaegar is about more than just your ego, Annabeth.”

Annabeth let out a loud scoff, whirling away from the desk so she wouldn’t slam her fist into the shiny wood and get herself kicked out of his office. She settled for pacing across the room like an angry, caged animal instead.

She’d been spoiling for this fight for days; the shatterdome rumor mill had been abuzz about the upcoming final pilot selection for the newest Mark III jaegar – the one she’d designed – so Chiron’s call hadn’t been a surprise. The long walk from engineering to the marshal’s headquarters had given her plenty of time to stew and let that anger build up, though. Boy, after flat out rejecting her, they sure did like to dig in the knife a little deeper by keeping her well-informed about every stage of the hunt for a suitable pilot crew.

“Oh, please. If we’re going to talk about egos, let’s bring up the one that moved that incapable, incompetent idiot up to the top of the pilot candidate list in the first place!” she replied, waving her arms about exaggeratedly. “I’m sure his father being a senator had nothing to do with that at all.”

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i would like to present to you the delightful mental image of jaeger pilots crossing their fingers that there is not a kaiju attack anytime in the next week, because otherwise they’ll have to sync up to achieve a neural handshake and their drift partner will probably find out what they’re getting for their birthday

"Pilot Out of Alignment"

I’ve been thinking about the G. Danger test drift’s context and content, and there was something subtly bothering me but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

The film has a slight problem with internal consistency as pertaining to terminology. We’re introduced to terms like the drift, neural handshake, neural bridge, and at points in the film they’re treated like they’re interchangeable and synonymous.

Except…. they’re really really not.

I don’t own the supplemental media, and for all I know this may have been addressed elsewhere, but if so someone would have mentioned it by now.

As established by the official site and the film’s deployment sequences, the drift between pilots is created nearly simultaneously, but definitely sequentially, with the neural handshake that links them to the Jaeger. The pilots are linked by a sophisticated peer-to-peer brain-sharing interface, and it’s the gestalt of the two (or three) formed by the drift that drives the Jaeger.

So what does this mean when a pilot’s out of alignment?

We know from the battle scenes that pilots can disengage their movements from those of the the Jaeger in order to manually activate items on the console or perform other actions, presumably via mental toggling back and forth.

When Raleigh has his post-traumatic flashback after they finish G. Danger’s calibration, both he and Mako go out of alignment.

Tendo: They’re both out of alignment.
: Both of them?
Tendo: Both of them.

Tendo: Gipsy, Gipsy, you’re out of alignment, you are both out of alignment!
Raleigh: I’m okay, just let me control it.
Tendo: You’re stabilizing, but Mako is way out! She’s starting to chase the R.A.B.I.T.!

Question: Why would it important that both of them are out of alignment?

Answer: Pilot alignment can only mean lining up and synching with the Jaeger, not one’s copilot. Raleigh moves back into G. Danger’s last position when he recovers, whereas Mako is bolt-upright, frozen and lost in her own memory, way out of alignment.

They lose alignment to the Jaeger, not each other: they’re still drifting, still linked, because when Mako chases the R.A.B.I.T., Raleigh traces her back in and chases it with her.

Let’s take a moment to consider that Raleigh, who wasn’t the natural like his brother was, who doesn’t consider himself to be particularly gifted in any way, dives straight into Mako’s memories without looking back, and still keeps enough of a foothold in reality and himself not to drown in the moment like Mako does. To phrase it slightly differently, Raleigh throws himself into the memories of a person he’s known less than a day, someone with whom he shares very few reference points, and manages to find her anyway. He might as well have run into a burning building full of mannequins looking for Mako, because it would have been easier and at least the exits would have been marked.

Let’s also take a moment to reflect on how, in the grips of the most traumatizing flashback possible, Mako still manages unconsciously to realign her connection to G. Danger and activate the plasma canon on Raleigh’s side, and even though he has experience and a fairly ironclad will he can’t override her. What others do by training and probably a hell of a lot of cognitive adjustment, Mako does easily as thought, more easily even, because she does it without thinking.

Later, when Raleigh tells Mako “[their] drift was strong,” he’s really not kidding.

Guys. But guys, listen.

Bethany and Carver piloting a Jaeger together. A Jaeger called like, Fear & Lothering or some shit.

Neural handshaking over the mean shit they did to each other as kids. Or Carver turning from jerk brother to defensive twin the second someone else picks on her. Or Bethany apologizing because no, he’s not really a brainless brute and she didn’t mean that; she was just angry.

The two of them getting irritated with each other outside their Jaeger, arguing but no one ever wins because they both know each other so damn well. And people are like, “how do they match so well but still argue so often?” but they just subconsciously settle their differences through their Drift while killing some Kaiju.

Carver getting injured and Bethany forcing him to keep doing physical therapy until he’s better because when he’s not at 100% neither is she.

Bethany falling out of alignment in their Drift, getting caught on memories of fear and shame, and Carver hunting her down and hugging her and reminding her she’s done nothing wrong, that no one blames her for anything.

Twins in Jaegers. Hawke twins in Jaegers. Help.

for a fake bitch who didn’t deserve this fic. (midotaka, pacific rim au, 1830 words)


They’re not friends.

Takao has heard all the blather people spout when they talk about drifting (“the deeper the bond, the better you fight”) and he can attest that it’s utter bullshit. You don’t have to like someone to fight with them, and sometimes he wonders how other pilots can still like their partners after finding out every dark and ugly thing about them. It doesn’t make sense.

He has no idea how anyone can stand Midorima, to be honest, but their compatibility score is near perfect. Midorima’s lethal shooting accuracy paired with Takao’s instinct and flexibility makes them one of the best Jaeger teams in the country, possibly the world.

But they’re not friends.

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izellevyx  asked:

imagine miraculous ladybug pacific rim au?


I’m gonna admit that I had a hard time with this one, mostly because there’s so much that I can do in the Pacific Rim universe that it’s astounding. I did try to stick more to the movie, because the movie is awesome and I love it a lot

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Talking to the Emilys and having some The 100 x Pacific Rim AU feelings

  • Lexa, one of the most promising rangers who graduated the top of her training class. quits and refuses to let anyone get inside her head again after Costia - who, during a mission, was ripped out of their jaeger and killed while they were still in the drift. Until now, her piloting the jaeger on her own back to shore is a feat that no one else has been able to manage.
  • Years later, Kane, the new shatterdome marshal, sends Anya, Lexa’s old training instructor, to convince her to come back for the breach assault. Anya probably gives Lexa a ton of shit for all the brooding and for leaving to work on a stupid wall that probably won’t last ten minutes against the kaiju.
  • Clarke the J-Tech officer who saw her father get killed by a kaiju as a child. Their family had been in San Francisco for vacation when the attack happened, and she got separated from her parents, and her dad died trying to get to her. Her father had been a Jaeger engineer so she’s been determined to not only follow his footsteps and join the Ark Pacific Defense Corps. but to become a ranger to fight the monsters that took her father away from her.
  • She was trained as a ranger and aced the jaeger simulators but hasn’t been allowed in battle because the Kane is a family friend and promised Abby to keep her safe.
  • Same scene with Raleigh/Mako in the Kwoon Combat Room, but when Kane realizes that Clarke and Lexa are drift compatible he S I G H S because fuck, your mother is going to kill me.
  • And yeah Lexa didn’t want anyone in her head again but lbr after that round of sparring with Clarke she’s all hearteyes af.
  • Monty and Jasper work at K-Science
  • Octavia wanting to be a ranger like her older brother. Bell refusing, but O applying behind his back anyway, and passing the tests and training required. But she struggles in the Kwoon Combat Room. She thinks too hard about what her next move is, changes her mind last minute, is too hard to read, is taken down too easily and it looks like none of the other recruits are compatible with her.
  • Until finally one of the instructor gets fed up, kicks off her boots and steps onto the sparring mat and basically yells at her to stop thinking so loud and just trust her instincts. They spar, and they’re in sync, and basically that’s the story of how Indra, one of the most decorated ex-jaeger pilots, somehow comes out of retirement, and damn it, she’s too old for this and she doesn’t want to be inside the head of a 19yo and deal with all this teenaged angst and Anya won’t stop giving her shit about it.
  • Raven and Bell being partners and Bell being disgusted because “gdi Rae I could have lived without knowing all these dirty thoughts about my sister and what my sister can do with her - oh for fucks sake that was a NEW couch!”
  • At some point Raven gets injured, and even though she sticks around as a J-tech engineer, she’s still angry and shit and probably snarky about Bell’s new co-pilot. She goes off on Sinclair one day, accusing him of just taking her on because she didn’t die on the job and this is some pity bullshit. And the similar scene to 3x03 where Sinclair is like, They took a chance on a girl with a heart defect (what, did you really think the higher ups wouldn’t figure out you forged your medical results?) and you survived all those missions, all those neural handshakes, all those kaiju. Why let something as small as a knee injury stop you now?
  • O probably stops by Raven’s station to flirt a lot and Bellamy is kind of glad Raven isn’t his co-pilot anymore
  • Lincoln and Nyko as co-pilots
Somehow, Rey/Kylo Ren remind me of Mako Mori/Raleigh Becket

Height difference

The girl is an orphan

They share a bond, in one case it’s the force, in other the drift compatibility

Raleigh said to Mako “You felt it right?” while Kylo told Rey “I know you feel it too”

Their fights are awesome

Rey and Mako are pretty handy in fighting with a stick

They all have family issues/worries

In both cases it’s unclear if their bond is of a romantic nature

Both Rey and Mako are considered great pilots, Rey with starships, Mako with Jaegers

When Rey was unconcious, Kylo carried her into his ship - when Mako was unconcious, Raleigh sent her off the Jaeger

Maybe silly but - Kylo Ren switched from the Light side to the Dark one, while Raleigh switched from white armour to black one

Both Kylo Ren and Raleigh are very eager to get the girl on the team and teach her

Rey considered Han a father figure while Kylo had his issues with him, Mako had Pentacost as a foster father who had his issues with Raleigh

Kylo Ren has trouble with Hux even tho they’re on the same team, Hux teasing him about caring more about Rey than the droid - Raleigh fought Chuck Hansen, another Jaeger pilot, for talking shit about Mako

Rey has an original hairstyle, so does Mako

Rey and Kylo explore each others minds, fears and memories through the force, Raleigh and Mako do the same through the neural handshake

drift compatible
A Pacific Rim AU for Tim/Kon week: Sci-fi/fantasy.

“Giant fighting robots! Come on, Tim, this is gonna be awesome!”

Tim crossed his arms and glared. “Are you listening to yourself? This isn’t just a video game! This is a war, and you’re trying to sign up to fight the kaiju in one-on-one combat?” His voice was tight, shaking; Kon couldn’t think of a time he’d last seen Tim so worked up.

“Tim,” he said, rubbing a hand along Tim’s back, soothing. “Nowhere’s safe on the coasts, not until we find a way to fight these things. If this is how we can stop them, then I’m gonna help.”

Tim closed his eyes, looking pained. “I’m not going to be able to talk you out of this, am I,” he said, and it wasn’t a question. “Fine. Then I’m going with you.”

“What? No, Tim – look, just because I’m an idiot doesn’t mean you need to be one, too.” It was one thing to put himself into danger; another thing entirely to imagine Tim out there, risking his life to the same monsters that killed his parents.

“They’ll need engineers for the jaegers,” Tim pointed out. “And I’m not letting you do this on your own. We’re a team, remember?”

Kon breathed out, knowing full well how stubborn Tim was when he got an idea in his head. “Teammates,” he agreed, and knocked their fists together to seal the deal.

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You’ll never convince me that Jaeger pilots don’t use the drift technology for gaming.

Imagine Newt throwing together another makeshift Pons and hooking it to the Shatterdome’s entertainment center. He and Hermann are fucking beasts at Mario Kart, sailing by everyone else in seconds. People run for cover when Herc and Chuck pull out Call of Duty. During a neural handshake Raleigh and Mako started a PVP in Mortal Kombat… and it’s still going on. 

Oh, and just forget about the usual drift partners–EVERYONE wants to partner with Stacker. Rumor has it he scored a 1,000 in Flappy Bird and that he beat The Impossible Game. Twice. 

there's a darkness upon me that's flooded in light

Chapter 3 - AO3 by flyingcrowbar

A Percabeth Pacific Rim collab with @ananbeth


“Two pilots, on board.” The AI’s monotone voice signals Annabeth’s arrival.

Percy is already there, standing next to the gyro-stabilizers, the elliptical-like pedals in the floor of this Jaeger’s head. He’s suited up, same as she, holding his helmet loosely in his left hand while his right punches in the prep sequence on the Jaeger’s control panel. The Jaeger lights up and hums to life. She’s stirring. He turns when he hears her enter.

Percy does a double-take when he sees her. She thinks maybe he hadn’t expected her to have shown up, or maybe he hadn’t recognized her in the drivesuit. Either way, Annabeth tries her best to be relaxed, well, as relaxed as she can be before a drift test drive. This Jaeger is still unfinished, grounded literally in the sense that it has no legs. It’s the husk of Bronco Thunder, and being inside it has proven to be… underwhelming. Not in that it’s not spectacular, because it is - a fine piece of human engineering - but for some reason she pictured it to be different.

She imagined that it was much larger, larger than life. And seeing it in person made it real, somehow more mundane. This was the place where Jason and Percy had fought their last battle together. She can only imagine what he’s feeling at that moment. She supposes she’ll find out soon enough. The drift can be funny like that. She’ll be able to know everything about him in less than a minute, a whole lifetime’s worth of information dumped into her brain.

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I use to think about this scene a lot. Specially about Hermann’s face here. 

I believe Hermann didn’t want him to speak not because he thought Newton’s idea was stupid and illogical. No, I think Hermann believed in the bottom of his heart that Newt was right, that sharing a neural handshake with the kaiju would give them some answers, but it would probably kill Newton.

So how is he going to stop Newton from doing this? He tried to knock to his ego (“Don't embarrass yourself”) because offend him might be a better way to stop him than saying “Please Newton I worry about you don’t do the thing”. But they’re not like this.

Whatever, saying that didn’t stop Newton. He is mad and he even turns off the computer in a very angrily way “Seriously Newton, you are going to risk your life like this?”

And what can I see on Hermann’s face? Well I see fear. And a little bit of angriness. I mean, if you focus on him, he looks anxious. He is shifting and muttering “No” and shaking his head a little. 

Because If the Marshall and Herc do believe Newton and they give him the green light, it’s all over. Newton will be dead and he won’t deal with that.

And when Pentecost says he wants Hermann’s information, he could not be more relieved. When he salutes the Marshall and says “Sir” I feel it’s his way for saying “Thank god”.

And then he smiles. No like, he is literally smiling AND looking at Newton, and things are normal again. He starts mocking Newton and Newton is pissed off but let’s remember Hermann’s last words:

“You’d kill yourself”

Hermann cares. He always cared.

(Sorry if my english sucks but I really had to write that down bc I have a lot of feels about these fucking assholes)