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In LenseEye!! Obi-Want Wakes UP! Also is Padme Pregnant? Are the Twins going to happen? OBI-WAN WAKES UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Padme is going into labor and Obi-Wan’s not there to see it, not there to watch Anakin pace before being pulling Anakin down to hold him and assure him.

Its so bittersweet as Anakin paces, the birth of their first children and Obi-Wan is NOT there!

Anakin could cry from pure frustration but keeps his tears at bay as he listens to Padme heavy breaths until she begs for his hand.

He gives her his flesh hand and gives her his best smile, rubbing it. “You can do it Padme, come on…” The former Jedi whispered while holding her hand, pressing their foreheads together as he tried to transfer some of the pain from her to himself and then into the Force, whispering encouragements.

They should be two by her side but there’s only one and its a broken circle but its still them and there’s still the babies and a future.

They have no other option then to continue living even without their third.

The first wail breaks through Padme’s cries of pain and Anakin lifts his head to look, watches the healer pull the first wrinkled, pink baby.

A little girl, all theirs and all beautiful as her wails crosses into the Force like the resounding noise of a blaster fired.

Her twins comes fifteen minutes later and the same happens, his cry like hers and they’re wrinkly and wonderful and all theirs.

He gets to cut the second ones umbilical cord, Padme whimpering in relief that its over letting go of his hand as Sabe gently dabs her forehead while he gets this memory.

This memory that should also be Obi-Wan’s.

Obi-Wan who has a ton of fanmail at the temple, Obi-Wan who lays comatose in a bed, Obi-Wan who might never wake…their Obi-Wan.

The thought makes Anakin hold Leia tighter to his chest even as the nurse hands Padme their youngest, the Senator laughing warmly in dazed happiness. “Look at you… so pink and little. Obi-Wan is going to love you…” She whispered before sobering as she realized what she said, looking up at Anakin with a lost expression.

Moving to the bed with Leia swaddled in her soft cotton purple blanket, Anakin sat down on her bedside so she could look properly at their daughter. “He would…both of them.” He murmured gruffly.

Then he sight, looking up. “Windu’s here, I can feel him.” He offered dryly.

“You expected it.” Padme shrugged. “The children were bound to be Force sensitive.” She nuzzled at Luke.

“I already told the Council where to stick it in regards to them when I left the Order.” He grunted.

“Then tell them again now.” Padme smiled, face flushed and sweaty still.

Handing Leia to her in case he’d need to shake Windu, Anakin gave her a tight smile before turning to the door when it swished open. “Master Windu what are yo-” His words froze as he stared at the door opening.

Windu was there but beside him with his arm over the Korun’s shoulder in Hall clothes, slippers and a robe was…

“Obi-Wan…” Anakin whispered, standing slowly as Mace guided Obi-Wan in on slow shuffling feet feet, a month having done its work on the redhead’s muscle with his hair and beard shaggy as it had grown in that time.

“He woke up an hour ago, about the same time the first of your children cried out in the Force.” The Master of the Order offered, letting Anakin take Obi-Wan from him. “Refused to listen to reason and let us take him in a hoverchair or change clothes, barely let the healers do their job even.” He glanced to the babies and nodded to Padme. “Congratulation Senator Amidala, they look and seem healthy and strong.” He gave a rare smile.

Blinking heavily, Anakin looked from his stunned wife and down to his weakened husband, squeezing him protectively to his chest before tipping Obi-Wan’s head up to see him.

Obi-Wan smiled meekly back, raising a shaking hand up to the eyepatch before looking to Padme. “… ‘m late…sorry.” He croaked out.

“…You stupid reckless man.” Padme hiccuped out a sob, her large brown eyes full of tears as she was high on painkillers and hormones. “Get over here and greet our kids.”

With Anakin’s help Obi-Wan did just that, reaching out with trembling hands to stroke his fingertips against their warm chubby cheeks. On his left a bracelet gleamed silver in the light.

Windu drew Anakin a bit to the side. “Che says he’s going to be alright, with therapy and rest, he will be as he was though it will take time. His shielding are shot for now so he needs to wear a neural disruptor bracelet for the time being.” He confided.

“But… other then that he’s alright? He’s just going to need rest and time?” Anakin questioned, flickering his eye over the others face.

Mace nodded before hesitating then sighing. “Its unlikely he can ever be a field Jedi again though I don’t think he’d want to be… will he be staying with you and the Senator now?”

Anakin glanced towards his husband and wife, watching Obi-Wan’s delighted face as he gently caressed little hands with his trembling fingers. “He’s our husband, what do you think?”

That got a quiet snort before Mace offered his right mech hand to Anakin, giving him a firm handshake in understanding. “Then I’ll let you return to your family Skywalker.”

Anakin watched him go before doing just that, returning to Obi-Wan and Padme, marveling at their little lights and the fact that they had their Obi-Wan back.

They could live the future they’d imagined, what more could someone want?