Through thick and thin (brows)

The title of this post is an inside joke between my best friend because just in this past decade our brows can tell a story of their own.  Thanks to living in NYC, we have also tried it all. New York is the beauty capital of America  (Paris is the beauty industry capital of the world in my opinion).  The melting pot of people and the fashion industry exposes NYC just about any beauty technique allowed in NYC.

Note: I am NOT one of those people that can get over plucked, tweezed or threaded.  One slip up and it’s a minimum of 3 months to start seeing improvement.  As a result, I only have to groom my brows every 6 weeks at most, which saves me some money, but when an accident happens, boy do I pay!!

Mane Concern is dedicated to hair and scalp nutrition but hair is hair.. no? Plus I take my brows and lashes just as seriously as my mane.

In terms of brow shaping, it’s really a personal preference. Is Waxing, tweezing, plucking, better?  Depends on the salon, the technician and your pain tolerance.  I am now doing a combination of threading/plucking.   If I am honest, I make my decision on technician and price point.  Like, I said NYC makes this doable.   I have paid as much as $80 and as little as $5.   The one thing I am very mindful about is : hygiene, no touching my face without sanitizing.

Currently seeing Michelle at Brow Haus:  I like the fact that they only do brows, Michelle listens, shapes and I never want to cry when I leave.  The salon is dedicated to brow recovery and treatments. It cost $27, given that I only need to go about every 2 months is a steal for me.    Technique : all three techniques.  For me she threads and tweezes.

If you can afford a bit more, an excellent aesthetician who really did save my brows for a long time.  Autumn, at Exhale Spa - Central Park South.  $40.  Exhale has tons of promos on Gilt City, so keep your eye open for specials.  Technique: wax and tweeze

Diane, my best friend who has great brows sees Taryn, and I must admit it works really well for her! Lower midtown is not a convenient location for me, but I have witnessed her work and I am impressed. $35  Technique: wax and tweeze

My other geographically undesirable location is Jyoti at Looks.  Inexpensive threading by a truly gifted woman.   The place is a hidden small unassuming place on 14th and 2nd Ave.  $10  Technique: threading

Redness/bumps, post hair removal treatment: Autumn introduced me to this miracle cream, I put in my purse to use post treatment.  My skin is ultra sensitive, and a little redness turns into bumps, and then dark marks.  This stops all of it before it happens.  Finipil  !!

A tini bit goes a long way, if you forgot to bring it with you, as soon as you get home, wash your face an apply.  Use for about 2 days post treatment then carry on with your routine.  Another handy thing to keep in your purse for brow day (good for gym and other uses)  Dickinson Witch Hazel Wipes.  Bring with you and wipe right after your treatment.

If you are a victim of a bad brow experience 2 little tweeks will be super helpful.

For starters… dry your tears pray for a little patience.

1. At night time, rub Castor Oil on your brows, in the morning wash out before sun exposure (sun exposure happens on cloudy days too).  Do this daily for about a month and you will see a difference.  Keep by your nightstand or set a reminder, but consistency is key.  Hide your tweezers and leave your brows alone for a bit.

2. I, wasn’t blessed with much patience, so I opted for a quicker solution but with the same level of commitment.  Daily night use!  neuBrow.

It does work, so it is worth $100 but you have to use it daily.  The best thing about the neuBrow serum: the price insures that I won’t put my brows in the hands of just anyone. 

On the days I need to wait a little, my lovely Anastasia Whizbrow pencil helps me fill in the gaps.

left: me now, right, 2 of my brow tragedies.

ps. If you decide to try any of the salons above, I only recommend the person mentioned and service mentioned. 

pss. as always, any questions … ask away!!

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neuBROW yaşlanma ve günlük bakım ritüellerinden –yanlış kaş alma, ağda ve makyaj çıkartma gibi – yıpranan kaşlarin cılız görünümlerini ele almak için tasarlandı. Bu nazik ve etkili bakım, bilime dayalı, göze birçok yarar sağlayan, eşsiz sonuçlar veriyor. Mucize etkili serum NeuBrow seyrek, beslenmemiş ve yaşlanan kaşlara yoğun peptit, vitamin ve pantenol uygulayarak kaşların güçlü, parlak ve yumuşak olmasını sağlar. Özel Dual-Weight Protein Complex™ formülü ile 3 ila 4 hafta içerisinde kaşlar gür, belirgin ve sağlıklı hale gelir.   İçerisindeki keratin seyrek, beslenmemiş ve yaşlanan kaşları nemlendirir. Tatlı badem proteini koruyucu tabaka oluşturarak kaş çizgisine yumuşaklık ve parlaklık verir.    Tescilli amino asit karışımı olan bio-teknik peptitler, kaşların yeniden canlanmasına ve genel görünümde artışa yol açar. Güçlendirici faydalarıyla bilinen biyotin kaşları ileride olabilecek zararlara karşı korur. Elma özü, canlı bir görünümü tetikler.  Sonuç biçimli, gür, daha belirgin ve sağlıklı kaşlar. 
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