netwrok marketing

i’ll be honest, i wasn’t expecting suga or jhope to drop anything until next year - jan or feb so this is really surprising to me. and then i was expecting suga to drop something first but i can see why jhope is coming out with watever he’s going to release. it makes sense, jhope obv has less experience with making music and rap as he’s mentioned and suga and rap mon have more experience so it wouldnt make sense to have the least well produced thing, whatever is being released be last. so i think its a smarter move in terms of getting people to listen to their music. yeah

im just excited for him now, we’ve been waiting quite a while

im seriously hoping that i genuinely like whatever is released 

like with jhope, he’s got range. he can go any direction and it wont be too surprising, im sure everyone expect something really fun and up beat, fast. but i can see him releasing something more serious and maybe personal. he fits most genres but there’s still a certain amount of thought and effor necessary to make something work really well.

i hope he doesn’t disappoint… i cant help but think he wont