HQ Network

HQ Network is a network, one that is dedicated to the Haikyuu!! fandom of many different characters, dynamics and teams, and we hope this network allows the fanbase to unite, while also chatting with new friends in an open and friendly environment.


What does this include?

  • Talk about Haikyuu!! and everything related to Haikyuu!!
  • Participate in network Skype chats and chill sessions with the other members
  • Collaborate on original content, such as fics, headcannons, etc.
  • Hold games, including: Cards Against Humanity, Mafia, etc.
  • Stream different shows – episodes or movies – on
  • Share and boost member’s original content
  • Share fic recommendations, study tips and tricks or promo’s and shoutouts
  • A wonderful chat for everyone to make new friends and feel welcome!!


  • must be following @hq-networkk, the network blog for new updates or information
  • must be following at least one of the admins blogs (either @kenmmaa or @plizetxsky )
  • fill out and submit the form
  • reblog this post to spread the word (you can like this post for reference)

Once Accepted:

  • follow/check out other members blogs !!
  • please be respectful to all other members of the network. this means no harassment, fighting or hate
  • no disrespecting anyone’s favourite characters or ships
  • no talking abt spoilers in the main chat
  • please feel free to say if a topic makes you uncomfortable
  • try to remain active! warn us ahead of time if possible if you won’t be active (going on holidays, no wifi, etc.)
  • contact us ( @kenmmaa or @plizetxsky ) if you have any questions or concerns

Applications will close in exactly two weeks from now, generally around Jan 21/22. Keep in mind, this date may change (closed early or extended) as we’re not sure how many applications we will receive. The maximum amount of people we will be accepting is 15-20. After applications close, we will contact you if you are accepted with an invitation to our Skype network, and you are to either confirm or decline. You will be given three days to reply. If the invitation is confirmed, you will be added to the Skype group chat and also added to the members’ page on our network blog. If the invitation is declined, we will pass on the position to someone else.

Thank you everyone for showing interest in this idea when we first posted about it !! We’re hoping this network can go far.


hey dolls! i’m lhaine. i want to be in this network because like you, i idolize someone a lot and i love to gain new friends as well here on tumblr. i love the network idea btw :) anyway, you already know me guys haha, but i will still say something about myself. i’m an active fashion blogger who loves to talk with her tumblr friends and followers. i also love to help them to the best way i could. my idol is Candice Swanepoel(model) and Beyonce(singer). but let me be candice<3 thanks for considering me :) xo