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Top 12 Things You Should Know About the U.S. Postal Service

(from the USPS website)

12. Nearly 6,000 mail carriers are attacked by dogs each year. All attacks are preventable. It’s a serious problem the Postal Service addresses every day and customers are asked to restrain their pets when carriers are on their delivery routes. While the Postal Service routinely promotes safety tips to avoid dog attacks, one week a year is dedicated to promoting education and public safety during the annual National Dog Bite Awareness Week in May.

11. The Postal Service has the country’s largest retail network — larger than McDonald’s, Starbucks and Walmart combined, domestically

10. Through the Carrier Alert Program, Postal Service letter carriers help monitor the well-being of elderly and disabled customers. If carriers notice an accumulation of mail that might indicate an accident or illness, they notify emergency personnel. In addition, each year postal employees go beyond the call of duty, some even risking their own safety to save the lives of the customers they serve. In 2015, the Postal Service recognized 318 employee heroes for going above and beyond.

9. The Postal Service processes and delivers nearly half of the world’s mail — 47 percent.

8. The Postal Service embraces the heroic service of the United States’ armed forces. More than 113,000 veterans are employed with the organization, and more than 140 stamps have been issued that reflect the nation’s military history, including the current Medal of Honor series. (As of Jan 2015)

7. The Postal Service is the only organization in the country that has the resources, network infrastructure and logistical capability to regularly deliver to every residential and business address in the nation.

6. The Postal Service has more than 200,000 vehicles, one of the largest civilian fleets in the world. Part of this fleet is currently in the process of being replaced with next generation vehicles to incorporate the automotive industry’s advances in ergonomics, safety features, fuel efficiency, low emissions and design flexibility.

5. The Postal Service can and does compete with the private sector — and it collaborates with it, too. UPS and FedEx pay the Postal Service to deliver hundreds of millions of their ground packages to residences, taking advantage of the Postal Service’s expansive delivery network. The Postal Service pays UPS and FedEx for air transportation, taking advantage of their comprehensive air networks.

4. Mail is a great communication tool. It’s personal. You can keep letters and cards forever. There are no monthly plans. No signal outages. No roaming charges. Regardless of geographic location, anyone can send a letter for just 47¢ to anywhere in the United States, its territories and U.S. military and diplomatic installations worldwide.

3. Mail is reliable, trusted and secure — more than 200 federal laws protect the sanctity of the U.S. Mail. These laws are enforced by the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, one of the oldest law enforcement agencies in the country. U.S. Postal Inspectors are federal agents, mandated to safeguard the nation’s mail — including the people who move it and the customers who use it.

2. The U.S. Postal Service is the core of the $1.4 trillion mailing industry in this country that employs more than 7.5 million people.

1.The Postal Service receives NO tax dollars for operating expenses and relies on the sale of postage, products and services to fund its operations.

“Mr. Iwata, Mr. Takeda and myself provided feedback and made decisions, but ultimately Mr. Iwata was the head of Nintendo Switch development, so he put a lot of thought and time into Switch. I think that the idea of Nintendo Switch being a device you can take out and anywhere, and the idea of it being a system that really allows networking and communicating with people, I think that’s something Mr. Iwata put a lot of emphasis on.

Because Mr. Iwata was tech-savvy, a lot of our discussion involved trying to figure out how to make the technical things like network capabilities or servers or whatever fun. For example, think about when we added the ability to use a browser on the DS. As time goes on, all of these services become more and more advanced, and so we need to think about “How do we incorporate mobile devices or new browser features that come up?” That’s something Mr. Iwata and I discussed a lot, really trying to decide what to do and what not to do in our hardware.” -Shigeru Miyamoto 

I work for an ISP. I’ve been here for about two & a half years. I’ve dealt with all kinds of people and all kinds of issues: nothing really surprises me anymore, but the other day, I had this lady chat in and I thought I was legit getting punk’d.

She chatted in saying her son’s computer that he had built wasn’t connecting to the Wi-Fi. She thought a new router would fix the issue. After asking some fact finding questions, it sounded like the computer didn’t have a wireless adapter because the computer was coming up saying: No wireless network capabilities.

The computer could get connected via Ethernet, so I asked if she could hardwire. We did. We did a screen sharing session. I went into the Network and Sharing Center and what do ya know: no wireless adapter! I said to the woman, “Because there is no wireless adapter, the computer will not be able to connect to the Wi-Fi.” I asked her if she understood before I closed the screen share. She said yes. We go back to our original chat, and she says, “So new router?”

I wanted to type back in all caps: WHAT DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND? but that would not have been professional. We were about 45 mins into the chat at that point, and I spent another 15 trying to make this lady understand that a new router would not fix the issue of her son’s computer literally not being able to pick up a wireless connection. She eventually closed the chat on me when I told her that I wasn’t sending her a new router.


Magic the Gathering- Zendikar- Hedrons

Part of Wizards of the Coast’s Zendikar storyline for their popular Magic: the Gathering property, Hedrons have become an iconic element of the franchise. Created by the lithomancer Nahiri with the help of the spirit dragon Ugin, these gigantic stones cover the entire plane of Zendikar, ranging from small to massive, and direct energy from laylines into chaotic and twisted paths. They mess with the fundamental aspects of nature, and all in order to form a massive power network capable of containing ancient, unspeakable evils from beyond the physical ream- the Eldrazi.

what sounds better for a voting system to you:

spending a ludicrous amount of money building a new On Line infrastructure grown out of the already error-plagued electronic voting systems and retrofitting them w/ network capabilities and then, bizarrely, extending that out to user-controlled & owned devices with no assurances that it would even work and every reason, historically, to expect that it would fail catastrophically

or just making vote-by-mail a legal option for everybody

we already have really slick infrastructure for physical voting, we just have a political establishment that actively fights against expanding it to everyone and fighting that basic injustice is the issue at hand, not inventing an online system of voting that will effectively function as an incinerator we throw billions of dollars into

Desire vs. Responsibility: Innes and Tana

As the game’s second royal sibling duo, Innes and Tana are naturally foils to both Eirika and Ephraim and to each other.

Compared to the brash and outgoing Ephraim, Innes is cautious and reserved. He is no less successful than Ephraim is, mind you: After all, he is the one who halts Grado’s invasion of Frelia, and heads a very thorough spy network that is capable of gathering information from almost any place in the country. However, just like how he needs to remain in the back lines as a Sniper, this also means that much of his accomplishments are behind closed doors, as compared to Ephraim’s loud and garish endeavors.

As a result, he becomes fiercely competitive, particularly with Ephraim, even if Ephraim has no interest in a rivalry himself. In some ways, he is comparable to Lyon, as princes and heirs to the throne who have talent in areas that keep them away from the spotlight, have romantic interests in Eirika, and are jealous of Ephraim. Both feel a heavy responsibility of being good enough to step into their fathers’ shoes, and both feel a sense of insecurity as a result of it. Tana says about Innes, “he wants to be the best at everything. The best king, the best general, the best fighter, the best man…” Lyon disparages himself as a “pitiful crown prince” and tells Eirika that “The people need a strong ruler. They don’t want a weakling like me. They want the strength you and Ephraim share.”

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hey! what does an aquarius in venus indicate about a person?


Venus in Aquarius key words is love for society and humanity. These natives typically enjoy the feeling of community and oneness with multiple people. They’re professionals in networking, capable of bringing harmony to large groups of people. It’s very possible that they’ll take a leadership role that involves comforting large groups of people. Think of social disorder, and then think of who makes that statement to inform and comfort the public.

In love, it’s possible that you’ll acquire a partner with many connections, and/or you’ll meet that partner through your own connections.

Venus in Aquarius is also connected to good skin and attractive legs hahahah.

July 31, 2017 - Asteroid 2012 TC4 Comes By October 12, 2017, So Close NASA's OSIRIS-Rex Planetary Defense Will Be Tested.

“This time we are adding in another layer of effort, using this asteroid fly-by to

test the worldwide asteroid detection and tracking network, assessing our capability to

work together in response to finding a potential real asteroid threat.”

- Michael Kelley, NASA Program Scientist and
NASA Headquarters Lead, TC4 Observation Campaign

Asteroid 2012 TC4 is between 30 to 100 feet long, similar to the asteroid
that burned up over Chelyabinsk, Russia, on February 15, 2013. The asteroid
was first discovered five years ago in 2012, and is coming very close to Earth
on October 12, 2017. It could come as close as 4,225 miles of Earth.
But after five years, there is uncertainty about its actual position and minimum
distance. For updates as TC4 approaches, see: NASA Planetary Defense.

Soon enough people are going to be heading to college for their first time, and I kind of want to give a little advice about art college, and what I wish I knew when I was back in school.

  • Be as open as you can while you’re there. Don’t get stubborn about your work, you’re there to improve on what you already have. If you get set in your ways, you may develop bad working habits and it may take much longer to improve than if you were more open.
  • Don’t skip a lot of classes. You’re spending thousands of dollars a year to go to this place, and if you’re messing around and missing classes all the time, you’re wasting lots of money and time you could have spent learning. It’s totally okay to want a break now and then, and in fact it’s very healthy to do so, however you should give as much effort as you can to your classes.
  • Teachers are there to help you improve (well for the most part). They don’t want to watch you fail, and are trying their best to push your work forward. Listen to critiques and discuss ways to improve. They’re not going to be right 100% of the time, and sometimes you have to do what feels right to you, but more often than not what they have to say is going to make your work look better. There are the occasional bad teachers (in my case I had 4 in college), but most are going to push your work in a positive direction. And they most likely have actual industry experience, don’t brush off their advice too easily.
  • Don’t develop an ego. Don’t assume that you know everything there is to know, and that you’re better than everyone else there.
  • Don’t get discouraged. There are going to be artist there that are better than you. It’s said all the time to stop comparing yourself to other people. Fact is it’s nearly impossible to do that. What you can do is remember that you will make improvements over time, and that other people’s work is not your own and shouldn’t be used as an indication of where your skill should be. Everyone is different, and soon enough you’re work will get a little closer to where you want it to be.
  • You’re going to learn a lot while you’re in school, however you have to be active in your own studies. There are many things I learned about what I needed to improve on when I got out of school, and if I had better habits when I was still in college, my work could potentially be a lot better than it is now. You have to be vigilant in your own work outside of school. Be persistent in work habits, and figure out what it is you want to learn and what you want to improve on in your own time. The internet provides lots of resources, so you’ll be more than capable of figuring out how to achieve certain things on your own. Occasionally you’ll run into a burn out, and it’s okay to take a break form your work for a little while, but you have to be self motivated and keep working on your art even when you’re on break from school.
  • Remember that art is something that is always changing. You’re never going to reach a point where your art no longer need improvements, because that’s just not how art works. You’re going to improve, but school isn’t magic and isn’t going to make you perfect. There is no finish line to reach in terms of what you want your art to look like, so don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself.
  • Be active online! I cannot stress this one enough! Make yourself noticed online. Post your work on as many social media platforms as you feel comfortable with. Make friends with other online artists. School doesn’t provide the networking capabilities that the internet does. And it’s okay to feel scared about posting your work online, just try your hardest to overcome it. It’s better to have your work seen and out there than having it sitting in folders where no one can see it, even if you think it’s not good enough yet. You will develop a following of people who enjoy what you make.
  • If your school provides free lectures, go to as many as you can. If it offers free life drawing session, go to as many as you can. Your school can provide many opportunities to improve your work that you will no longer have when you’re out. It’s hard to come by free lectures and drawing sessions, take advantage of them while you can.
  • If one of your teachers is telling you to view your classmates as competition, ignore them. Yes, art is a very competitive field, however you should never treat other people like that. Making friends with other artists may be one of the best things you can do for yourself while you’re in school. Not only will you be able to have someone look at your work and give critiques and be supportive, but they can also help you get jobs in the future. Jobs are referred all the time in freelance illustration, and if you’re friends, you could potentially get more job offerings.

This is just pulling from my experience. Every school is different, and you may run into problems that I never did. However I hope this helped even just a little bit. Try your hardest, and you’ll become a great artist.


The art of neural networks

@tedx talk from Mike Tyka explains the processes of neural networks and places them in the context of artistic technology:

Did you know that art and technology can produce fascinating results when combined? Mike Tyka, who is both artist and computer scientist, talks about the power of neural networks. These algorithms are capable to transform computers into artists that can generate breathtaking paintings, music and even poetry.

Dr. Mike Tyka studied Biochemistry and Biotechnology at the University of Bristol. He obtained his Ph.D. in Biophysics in 2007 and went on to work as a research fellow at the University of Washington, studying the structure and dynamics of protein molecules. In particular, he has been interested in protein folding and has been writing computer simulation software to better understand this fascinating process.

In 2009, Mike and a team of artists created Groovik’s Cube, a 35 feet tall, functional, multi-player Rubik’s cube. Since then, he co-founded ATLSpace, an artist studio in Seattle and has been creating metal and glass sculptures of protein molecules. In 2013 Mike went to Google to study neural networks, both artificial and natural. This work naturally spilled over to his artistic interests, exploring the possibilities of artificial neural networks for creating art.


Dark Felicity Arc Speculation

Enter at your own risk, if you are not ready for Spoiler Theory don’t go past this line. If you are not open minded about Arrow, stop here and don’t go any further.

My theory starts way back in the summer of sunsets and porches.  Olicity had driven happily into the sunset.  Roy had left to begin a new life. Thea has just come back through the pit and became Speedy. Laurel had finally come into her arc of being the Black Canary.  Happy picture right?  Not really to the show makers of Arrow. KC’s black canary was very weak; unlikable and did not measure up at all to her predecessor sister Sara.  I think a plan was formed then in the minds of the writers  to kill LL.  @jbuffyangel explained this best in her season four theory of why Laurel is the one that had to be in the grave. 

The arc LL was given in her coming of age story was about loosing Tommy and blaming herself, drinking, loosing her job, finding Sara and loosing her. That was the struggle that lead LL to carry the mantle and become the canary.  Did it work? Meh.. not for me.  KC’s performance was luke warm at best and didn’t garner the sympathy it requires to engage the audience in her crucible and her redemption story.  I personally dissociated Laurel from Arrow.  She felt like a story within a story unrelated to my plot or the characters I cared about mainly Oliver Queen. 

Bottom line KC had to go.  Pre-season four the writers get approval from CW to kill Laurel Lance.  But the writing team is very smart.  They know the need another canary.  A canary the audience is passionate about; one they either love and adore or totally want dead; a character the audience is totally engaged with.  Felicity Smoak is the only female character on Arrow that elicits emotions from all audience.  I don’t know if they have approval for Felicity to become BC at that point.  I don’t think they did. But they played it smart. They set it up properly this time.  Remember they want us to feel the pain of the future BC. Her place needs to be earned.  So they start slow.

4.09 Felicity gets taken by Damian, imprisoned in a gas chamber, gets saved by a canary cry breaking the glass

4.10 Felicity is left alone in the hospital, while Oliver is away, he tells Laurel she is the strongest person he knows, we are told she is paralyzed and there are no other solutions

4.11 Felicity has a drug induced hallucination where she sees a dark version of herself

4.12 Roy is manipulated by the Calculator who turns out to be her father

4.13 Felicity decides to test her father; he fails and she hands him over to the police; doing this alone because Oliver happens to be busy with Thea possibly dying; Malcom tells Oliver he knows about William so Oliver pushes the engagement forward

4.14 Oliver and Felicity get engaged and Curtis presents Felicity with the chip

4.15 Felicity breaks up with Oliver after he sends William away and walks out of the loft sighting that marriage is about inclusion

4.16  Fake wedding to lure Cupid, and a second emotional breakup where she tells Oliver that he always defaults back to the island

4.17 The Bee lady attacks Felicity at PT because she wants the chip in her back

4.18  LL dies while she is away from the team

4.19 Felicity tells Oliver she blames herself for Laurel’s death

4.21 Felicity gets fired from her CEO position and redirects the missile to hit Havenrock killing 10s of thousands of people

4.22 Felicity convinces Cooper to do the right thing which results in his death and discovers that her father didn’t abandon them, but it was Donna who left..

4.23 Felicity fight in the lair using Laurel’s batton

Season Four ends and I think this is when the shift happened. I think by that point the writers had shown the network the amazing capabilities of Emily and how authentic she is playing the main female role.. plus the fan reaction to the proposal and the breakup; to the William lie. The fans were 100% involved with anything and everything Felicity. I think before Comic Con the writers received the green light for Felicity to become Black Canary.  I believe that is the reason why John Barrowman and Willa Holland were fan-girling over Emily in the panel.  Willa Holland stated: “I want to be Felicity right now.. no wait I want to be Emily”

Then we get season five:

5.01 Felicity reminds Oliver of Laurel’s words and that he can’t let her be the last canary

5.02 Felicity tells Oliver “No Mask, No chance”

5.05 Oliver finds out about Billy and  they have a third breakup

5.09 Billy dies because Prometheus used him as a chess pawn against her and Oliver and finally we see Felicity break down.

Felicity has been put through the ringer.  Too much pain; for what I ask you if not to have a much deeper and emotional wrenching pain to the story of the woman who will become the true partner of the Green Arrow; the Black Canary.  The writers are smart; they did not repeat the same mistake they did with LL’s BC. They took their time. They did it slowly over a season and a half in setup; in planning; for it to finally come to this point.  The breakup plays perfectly into the GA/BC history; the lies; the child with another woman.  The arc of the Black Canary had to curve through the story of the Green Arrow.  LL’s arc was separate and independent  from Oliver. She lost Tommy at her own fault, she started drinking to deal with her guilt, got fired, and lost Sara because of Sara’s league association.  Oliver had nothing to do with her crucible; she did it to herself.  Felicity’s arch on the other hand had to do with Oliver and being part of the team at every turn. By doing that; the writers would have corrected the path of the arc and associated the coming of age of BC right along with the story of GA’s walk into the light.

So if my theory is correct and this pain cycle that Felicity has gone through was not all in vain. The person from Felicity’s past to trigger her change is Laurel or who they come to find out as Black Siren.  Laurels’ return and her Black Siren reveal and later incarceration will give Felicity an outlet for her anger and trigger the idea that she can fill that role. If she does, then I think it will be in Sara Lance fashion, the audience will see a woman  in Black and will hear a canary cry but they will not know who this new BC is.  Felicity will step away from the team and Curtis will take over.  That is when BC will have sightings through Star City. Until one night where she engages an enemy, gets injured and Green Arrow comes to the rescue to remove the mask and discover that it is Felicity paralleling the 1.14 moment of Felicity finding out about Oliver.

The Color Theory: and Felicity’s Dark Ark

Well, if I have to go into color I would have to rewind back to season two and Felicity wearing Sara’s jacket when she went to the bank to entrap the clock king.  To the pep talk she gave Oliver after Moira’s funeral. To her “Don’t stop fighting” speech. All done in Black.  I refer to @quant-um-fizzx on color theory. But 5A has witnessed darker colors than we have seen Felicity wear since she started on Arrow.  The 5.10 promo and the one picture SA posted on Facebook featuring the new Tina all have tones of black.

Plus this photo shoot

I know what you are thinking..  I am not a comic book fan either. I have never read the Arrow Comics but this struck me as something the writers already did to my favorite couple; ironically the villain was also a Prometheus!

 I would like to remind everyone reading and ready to write me to respond on how this is impossible and how they have hired Tina to be BC.  There is nothing in Marc’s or Wendy’s interviews to implicate that.  It is speculation at this point.  If Felicity is to assume the role of BC; then Tina would be another Lyla to Rene’s John Diggle.  An ex-marine, ex-love interest of Wild Dog who may join the team or replace William Malone in the vacated role of detective.  The team goes to find her just as they went to find Lyla in Russia; to help Rene out.

Take your time; think about it.. if you see merit to this theory give me a shout.  If you soul heartedly disagree and find that Felicity is already a hero on her own without a mask. That Felicity does not need a mask; that her superpower is her brain.  I will agree. Totally. But I am not the one writing the show, and does it still stand after all the pain she has experienced and has felt helpless to fight through? Hasn’t Felicity evolved after the pain to more?

Marc said something that stayed with me.  He said he will write the book on how to upset everyone on the internet.  Wouldn’t making Felicity Smoak BC upset both the LL stans and the Olicity fans? You bet! He also said he writes for the viewers like himself who watch for the sake of entertainment. And you must admit building up Felicity Smoak to become BC has been an emotionally wrenching, heart breaking, soul jerking endeavor that is soap opera entertaining.

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Should you really respect others beliefs? Because i would like to be told if i believe something thats kinda harmful for society because it promotes morals based on convenience instead of principles. I don't shove atheism in others faces but i point out that gods a hypocrite and breaks all his own rules when it comes up. I don't do it indignantly i just lay it down as a fact. I guess Im asking if its really respectful to not criticize someone on something thats harmful to them.


Saying “I don’t shove atheism in others faces but i point out that gods a hypocrite and breaks all his own rules when it comes up” is like saying “I don’t litter but since there’s no garbage can in my car, I just throw my entire bag of Taco Bell trash out the window.”

It’s not your job to determine whether or not someone’s beliefs are harmful for them. If you’re a doctor, and some patient is shitting blood because all they’ve eaten for the last year is communion wafers and Easter candy, then maybe you can be like “Hm, maybe you’re taking this whole religion thing a bit far!” but otherwise, you’re just being a smug, rude asshole to assume you know whether someone’s faith is harmful to them. 

If you don’t believe in God, thats fine, but the second you start preaching your atheism to people who believe otherwise, you’re becoming just as much of a pain in the ass as all the absolutist, dogmatic religious folks out there. The vast majority of people I’ve encountered who announce their religious affiliation are generally pretty decent. A bit square and vanilla, maybe, but I don’t think I’ve ever directly interacted with anyone who’s been like “Yeah, I go to church every Sunday and spend the other six days of the week hating anyone who doesn’t.”

Conversely, I’ve definitely come across my fair share of self-proclaimed atheists with very prominent chips on their shoulder for everyone they’ve deemed naïve enough to go through life worshipping something *tips fedora* has been scientifically proven *caresses neckbeard* to be completely fake *sucks Richard Dawkins’ selfish, delusional dick while starting arguments on Reddit.*

Yes, a ton of awful terrible stuff has been done in the name of religion since, uh, well, basically the dawn of time. And yes, it totally sucks when religion throws its weight around to dodge taxes and prevent gay dudes from having incredibly stylish and fun weddings, but that’s Organized Religion™ on a big stinky political scale. There are a whole lot of totally reasonable, decent religious people out there who’ll be perfectly pleasant assuming you don’t immediately shit all over their faith. My hardcore conservative Mormon neighbor used to bring by bags of walnuts and fudge for no reason other than it was the neighborly thing to do, in spite of the fact that I spent most of my time sitting in my room blaring Danzig and trying to pick up chicks on MySpace.

If you are hell-bent on converting them to your way of thinking, telling them point blank how wrong they are isn’t the best way to go about it. Remember that one really successful Pepsi ad campaign where different celebrities shouted “YOU’RE A FUCKING IDIOT IF YOU DRINK COKE, YOUR SODA PREFERENCES ARE WRONG! LOSERS!” Yeah, that’s because they never did that since that’s a terrible way to convince anyone to do anything. You catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Figuratively speaking, anyway. If you’re actually trying to get rid of fruit flies in your kitchen or whatever, put a drop or two of dish soap in a couple ounces of apple cider vinegar. Works like a charm.

Back in the days before hybrid cars, social networks, and smartphones capable of streaming hardcore pornography in HD, there was this quant little rule: the three things you don’t discuss in polite company are money, politics, and religion. Sure would be lovely if that made a comeback.

How Do Cargo Spacecraft Work?

Today is the day that our commercial partner, Orbital ATK, has set for the launch of its fourth contracted mission to the International Space Station. The Cygnus spacecraft will carry more than 7,000 pounds of science and research, crew supplies and vehicle hardware to the orbital laboratory.

How Does it Launch?

This mission is the first Cygnus mission to utilize NASA’s Kennedy Space Center and launch from the Cape Canaveral Air Force base in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

The cargo will be launched inside the Orbital ATK Cygnus spacecraft using a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket. 

But how does it get there? Is there someone on the ground controlling and directing it to the space station? Surprisingly, no. After launch, the Cygnus spacecraft is automated until it gets near the station. At that point, the robotic controllers use the CanadArm2 to reach out and grapple it (grab), and then berth (connect) it to the station.

What’s Inside?

In order to keep the thousands of pounds of supplies, science and hardware from moving during launch and in flight, the cargo is packed in bags and strapped to the walls.

The new experiments arriving to the space station will challenge and inspire future scientists and explorers. A few of the highlights are:

  • The Packed Bed Reactor Experiment (PBRE) - This experiment (image below) will study the behavior of gases and liquids when they flow simultaneously through a column filled with fixed porous media. The findings from this will be of interest in many chemical and biological processing systems as well as many geophysical applications.
  • BASS-M (Burning and Suppression of Solids – Milliken) - This experiment (image below) will evaluate flame retardant and/or resistant textiles as a mode of personal protection from fire-related hazards. Studying this in microgravity will aid in better designs for future textiles and benefit those who wear flame retardant and/or resistant protective apparel such as military personnel and civilian workers in the electrical and energy industries. 
  • Space Automated Bioproduct Lab (SABL) - This equipment is a single locker-sized facility (image below) that will enable a wide variety of fundamental, applied and commercial life sciences research. It will also benefit K-16 education-based investigations aboard the space station. Research will be supported on microorganisms (bacteria, yeast, algae, fungi, viruses, etc.), animal cells and tissues and small plant and animal organisms.
  • Nodes SatellitesThese satellites (image below) will be deployed from the space station to demonstrate new network capabilities critical to the operation of swarms of spacecraft. They will show the ability of multi-spacecraft swarms to receive and distribute ground commands, exchange information periodically and more. 
  • Holiday Surprises - With the upcoming holidays the crew’s family has the opportunity to send Christmas gifts to their family members on the International Space Station. 

What About After?

The spacecraft will spend more than a month attached to the space station before it’s detached for re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere in January 2016, disposing of about 3,000 pounds of trash. It will disintegrate while entering the atmosphere. 

Want to Watch Launch?

Launch coverage begins at 4:30 p.m. EST on Thursday, Dec. 3 on NASA Television. Cygnus is set to lift off on the Atlas V at 5:55 p.m., the beginning of a 30-minute launch window, from Space Launch Complex 41.

In addition to launch coverage, a post-launch briefing will be held approximately two hours after launch. All briefings will air live on NASA TV

UPDATE: Due to poor weather conditions, today’s launch has been scrubbed and moved to tomorrow at 5:33 p.m. EST. The forecast for tomorrow calls for a 30% chance of acceptable conditions at launch time. Continuous countdown coverage will be available on NASA Television starting at 4:30 p.m.

UPDATE 2: The uncrewed Cygnus cargo ship launched at 4:44 p.m. EST on Sunday, Dec. 6 on a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket from Space Launch Complex 41 on Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida to begin its three-day journey to the orbiting laboratory.

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Superior Pair

A commission that has been completed for @mintly​, the challenge being “write Camp Pining Hearts fanfiction, as Peridot”. So, if you’d like to read about Percy and Pierre and their budding romance (and subsequent budding domination of Camp Pining Hearts), either check it out on AO3, or just read under the cut.

Summary:  It was raining at Camp Pining Hearts, and Percy was brooding. The rain was pretty cool, though; cool, as in pleasant, not necessarily its temperature, which was also, coincidentally, similar. 

Word Count: 1,085

Rating: PG-13 for some political remarks on the part of Peridot-the-author

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onesmallgay-deactivated20170127  asked:

hey Tony! I was wondering if you could explain (if you haven't already) what happened with the Iowa caucus? I've heard talk of recounts, miscounts and coin flips, and as far as I've seen it was a virtual tie but Hillary still won with 23 delegates to Bernie's 21. and what does this mean for the future of this election? I've seen that Bernie is projected to win New Hampshire. is this close win in Iowa still significant? (feel free to answer this publicly if it would help folks, and thank you!)

Honestly, Iowa is not all that important overall, its population isn’t even very reflective of our nation as a whole. 

Iowa is basically just a test of a candidates ground game.

Since Iowa uses the caucus system, the ability to turn out supporters at a specific time in an fairly even distribution is very important. In order to do well the candidates have to show that their political network is capable doing that. Mostly, the parties are looking to see who can run an effective campaign, so how well you did relative to your support is very important. If a candidate get more delegates than was anticipated from them, it shows how effective they are in getting more of their supporters to vote. 

Also, it is not doom and gloom because Hillary got more delegates. You need 2,383 delegates to win the nomination, Iowa has 59 total but only 44 to give through the Caucus System

One thing we must understand is that the Founding Fathers were not completely on board with the whole Democracy thing. They had only one direct election for federal office at the founding, for the House. I could go on about this for hours but I will reserve that for a different post. Anyways, the point is that our system of government has always placed buffers between the people and their elected officials, in the case of Iowa it is Delegates. 

This is where it gets slightly complicated because the media just refers to delegates, but not all delegates are equal. 

So, here are the counts for Precinct Delegates in Iowa:

701-697, a difference of 4 delegates. 

What makes this interesting is that 6 delegates were decided by coin flip with Hillary winning every time. 

That means that Bernie Sanders won 697 delegates to the 695 Hillary Clinton won, the other 6 were just dumb luck. In that way, Bernie actually won the Iowa Caucuses. 

What makes me even more hopeful is that the Party is, so far, not releasing the raw voting data. Since the party is basically an extension of the Clinton Political Machine at this point, it makes it seem like Bernie could have won the popular vote.

What this means for the future of this election is that Bernie Sanders is only gaining momentum going into the Primaries. Honestly, I could not be more proud of the result in Iowa. 

Just a 2 months ago we were down 22% to Hillary in Iowa. Now we have basically tied her in the Iowa Caucuses. 

This beautiful image is of crops being grown in Kansas and was photographed by a NASA satellite.

This month marks the ten year anniversary of Google Maps. This iconic service represents the benefit that satellites have given humanity and so I thought I’d write something on the benefits of satellites.

Wireless technology like GPS and cell phones are possible only because of the network of interconnected satellites that orbit Earth.

Weather forecasts have taken a dramatic rise in accuracy due to satellites and to a degree so have long-term planetary science studies.

Their images can help the rest of us mortals (who don’t get to go to space) see the Earth from the same precious view as an astronaut. It helps to shrink our borders to indistinguishable boundaries.

On the other hand it gives us perspective on our own sicknesses. The border of North Korea at night couldn’t be more obvious. On its borders are countries awash in the light of progress, science and the triumph of human reason, yet on the North Korean side of the border, darkness permeates the land, reminding us that our progress isn’t necessarily permanent.

There are moral questions with the advent of satellites. Government agencies use their technology to spy and this power necessitates a balance.

What about the future?

Far from being outdated, satellites are about to play another crucial role in the rapidly developing human species. Elon Musk of SpaceX has teamed up with Google and other companies to bring a global, wireless internet.

This plan has potential to rid people of abusive internet providers. It’s also a crucial part of their plan to create a telecommunications network capable of connecting as far out as Mars.

(Image credit: NASA)