You’re invited to PNW Fattitude’s 2nd Annual Plus Size Clothing Swap!

Sunday, July 19th, 2015
Clothes drop off from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. / Swap from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Lewis Hall @ All Pilgrims Church, 500 Broadway E, Seattle, WA 98102

Join a bunch of fat babes for an evening of swapping, mingling, and major fattitude! Unload your old threads and pick up someone else’s to freshen up your wardrobe!

More info about the swap can be found here.

**Please be sure to read our Code of Conduct before attending the swap.

We’ll then be up early on Sunday morning to join the fabulous @walkwithusldn Ladies.

We love what they are doing. Bringing Black women together to walk, talk and have lots of fun. There’s still time to join. Check out @walkwithusldn on #Twitter

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Over the years I’ve come out of my introvert shell and now according to Meyers-Briggs I am a fully converted extrovert, ENFJ to be precise. (I wouldn’t say fully.) Perfect time to celebrate with some tips!

Make Connections Not Contacts. 

Introverts don’t like exhaustive crowds, which means we (had) have a great capacity to make intimate connections. Depending on your industry, personality and sincerity matters and gets you a long way. Figure out what you have in common with someone and just be friendly. Get them to open up to not only a conversation but make your time with them a discussion. Into the same philanthropy? Anything that humanizes yourself is good! 

Stay LinkedIN 

If you do not have a LinkedIn pause this reading, or skimming, and make one. It’s the perfect tool for those who don’t feel comfortable wondering into a networking event blind. It’s a rolodex of people that have your dream job. Not only is it a great resource for researching people you’re about to meet, it exposes you to even more people in your industry. Connect with them, follow what they are up to!

Body Language

If feel stiff chances are you look 10x as stiff. Smiling helps, it helps, it helps, it absolutely helps. If you’re feeling a bit nervous about people talking to you then make a move without leaping over to them. Don’t hover near the exits, fix that posture and smile at any passerby. Don’t cross your arms like a grouch, the function may be a bore but your dream job’s recruiter is over there eating an appetizer, flash them your pearly whites. 

Remember The Name

Time to learn the name game. If this event is long, let’s say a weekend, take down those names. It will get overwhelming, I know, but it means a lot to put a person to memory. Write on the back of business cards little tidbits about the people you met too, something I also do with people I plan to contact afterward.

Be A Dear, Volunteer

Have a cause near and dear to you? Volunteer for it. You will be a irreplaceable piece without having a giant spotlight watching your every move. Meeting everyone behind the scenes, making small connections with wonderful people with very little pressure involved. Lurie’s Children’s Hospital for example loves their volunteers. If you are tenacious enough and get the timing right you may find yourself apart of the business.


Twitter is a gold mine. People are weary of it, but if you are nervous to speak up in person join the digital conversation. Share your opinion in 145 characters or less and make new friends. At an event with an Hashtag? Use it, wisely. Retweets, photos, replies, it’s quite fun to watch the engagement. 

I’m still an introvert at heart, I understand the unease. Just have fun, be genuine and diligent. 


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A Job Hopper’s Silver Lining

Between July 2011 and January 2013 I made 5 or more career transitions. Prior to that, I had worked at one job for 5 and a half years. I remember the feeling of leaving that job: a little scary, a little exciting, and overall, just bittersweet. My decision to move on was due to changes in the company, but also changes for myself. 

After almost 5 years of working the same job, I wanted something different. There had definitely been a string of bad days that contributed to that decision, but nothing compared to some other challenges I’d face later on. When I left, and went on to a new opportunity, I assumed I’d be at this next place for just as long - if not longer. That proved to definitely not be the case. 

(Me, speaking to college students about career paths.)

I quickly found myself being approached by recruiters, reaching out to friends & former co-workers, and scouring the internet for the perfect opportunity. When choosing to work for a company, I always look for the potential for advancement or upward movement. As soon as I caught a glimpse of any kind of “glass ceiling,” I’d start thinking about what’s next. Mentors and friends had warned me that job hopping was “career suicide.”

A few years later, I discovered some things about job hopping the helped me out, so I thought I’d share them here. 

Job hopping taught me about new industries. Through all those career transitions, I always stayed in a sales or account management role. However, I switched industries every time. I went from working for a manufacturer of site furnishings to a printing/distributing company, to online sales & advertising, to recruiting & staffing, and finally to the advertising agency world. Because of these moves, I was able to collect a wealth of knowledge on different industries instead of knowing a wealth about just one. 

My professional network grew. No matter how long or short one of my stints was at a company, I still keep in touch with people I met from each place. Many of these people have also went onto new companies, or moved up into management positions with decision making power. Because these relationships were strong, I was able to reach out when I went to a new company that might be a good fit for them to partner with. 

Though our companies changed, our relationship was still there. 

I learned what I didn’t want. After working at companies big, small, local, corporate, publicly owned, privately owned, working remotely, or in a cubicle, I realized what I liked and didn’t like from every experience. There was always something I loved and something I hated. Eventually, I found a company that was the right size, and the position was the right fit for me - which was the last place I worked before steeping out on my own. 

Now, I can quickly scan a sales or business development job description and know whether or not it would be right for me. 

Job hopping never kept me from getting hired. I’ve definitely been in job interviews where the interviewer has expressed their concern about my career path. Yet it’s never been the single deciding factor in why someone doesn’t want to hire me. I’ve even had people say things like “It show’s you’re diverse,” or “I”m sure you’ve met a lot of potential clients along the way.” 

Even if this was a concern, I was always able to point out the positive aspects of my career path that lead me to the interview. If my track record, references, and experience was in check, I was usually good to go if it seemed like a fit. 

There’s no sure-fire career path. Yes, some companies have a “fast track,” organizational chart, or ladder you can work your way up, but it’s different for everyone. My path was trial and error. I’d try something out, and if it didn’t stick, I’d learn from it, and keep moving forward. 

These are my personal thoughts on job hopping. I’m not saying: “Go job hop, change jobs five times, and see what happens!” But looking back, I’ve seen positive things come from my career path. I was always looking for the best opportunity for me, my well being, and my family. What I learned about myself was that I like to have many irons in the fire. 

Everyone’s career path is different, but if you’ve job hopped like me, this is my silver lining. 

Traffic. One of those many reasons I won’t buy a car. #donaldkernanjr

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