Hello, and welcome to a fictionkin network for anyone who is kin with / ids as / is a fictive of a character from any game made with RPG Maker !!

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How to Join:

  1. read and follow the rules
  2. read and respect the blacklist
  3. fill out the application


  • make new friends !
  • find your canonmates !
  • discuss memories !
  • group calls and streams !
  • someone to talk to 24/7 !
  • cool and good mods !

We will read your application as soon as possible and will notify you if you aren’t accepted (you probably will be tho)

WELCOME TO RPCODERS, a blog that doubles as both a network for theme makers in the roleplay community and a resource blog where members of the rpc can find themes, pages and other things code related! The blog is brand new, but once we begin reblogging content, you’ll be able to browse themes and pages by types, sizes and creators.

Members of the network can tag us in what they’ve made at #rpcoders or send links via submit and we’ll make sure to reblog them.

The rules and application process are straightforward and easy so if you’re interested, see this page for our app. If you aren’t interested, but you think your followers might be, please reblog this post to spread the word. Thanks!


anonymous asked:

can you rec some ft blogs pls

i haven’t been around the ft fandom that much lately (i feel so guilty), so i’m not really sure on who’s still fairly active or who’s still a full ft blog. here are a few that i remember:

hopes this helps a bit!

edit: ahhh! how could i forget! thanks @shiwa-hime! anon, you should also check out @ftartistnet! i’m a member and it’s basically a network for ft graphic makers, gif-ers, artists, writers, color-ers, and more! a perfect blog if you want to see just ft posts from the community!