network thinking


— favourite One and Only lyrics (ft. Sehun)

I feel like the reason everyone and their mother hates Teen Titans Go! so much isn’t just because it’s a crass, vulgar, immature and generally abhorrent show. It’s not just because Cartoon Network overexposes the crap out of it and cuts airings of other series (e.g. Adventure Time and Steven Universe) just to air reruns of it. It’s because the original Teen Titans was a rather well-written, mature, and generally beloved show from Cartoon Network’s heyday and Teen Titans Go! is basically doing its darndest to be the complete antithesis of everything the original was.

Made my first fan art and used copic in a long time .And it’s everyone’s favorite ,FINN THE HUMAN.. or Finn Mertens that is….

it’s mostly inspired by the episode “Room of Egress” had to watch it a few times to really understand it, and the ending of the mini series islands (think that’s what it’c called?) gave me the feels~~~


I think I wrote most of these lines haha