network mapping

259. We are not allowed to use the floo network to pop in on Professor McGonagall while she is in her office, just to have a chat.

She said our chats were “unnecessary, unwarranted, and unwanted”. - PP

Well, I think her closed-door policy is both unwise and uncool. - SB

Not to mention unclear and unfair as she had told us in class we were welcome to drop in at any time. - JP

Well, after listening to the things you’d annoy her about, I thought the new policy was understandable. - RL

Credit to @minionpotter42. Fire Devils was the perfect title for this prank! Thank you so much for sending this in.


day 57 of 100 days of productivity
i have written the word “monopoly” so many times today it looks wrong. i have started to try and get into the habit of revising what i do in lessons as soon as i can to try and get it into my brain eyy!


Body Outline with Stones and Threads : Mapping. by Russell Moreton

The Great Map Mishap

Part 1…. to be continued….poor James.

click here for part 2

Thank you to the lovely @girlswillbeboys11 for literally being Lily Evans!