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A part of my job is to conduct training on how to research property in Jefferson county (Louisville). A lot of information is publicly available  but it’s no easy task to figure out where to look most of the time. Things like deeds, mortgages and even records of code violations are all public info.

So basically, I’m helping people figure out how to find that ever elusive, “Publicly available information.” It can help people figure out what’s going on with their own property, how to obtain property near them, as well as take action against negligent/absentee homeowners.

It’s fun, and I really enjoy training people. The best part is when it’s over and we’ve not only covered the websites that provide information, but we have also discussed specific locations and told stories about the neighborhoods we live in. Sharing information on a personal level is just as important –if not more important– than the specific minutia involved in property research.


Check out this video. It succinctly summarizes what community engagement mapping is, and why it is crucial for our neighborhoods - particularly for low income areas.

Oh, I’m in it. :D

Community Engagement Mapping (by nc3louisville)

Community Gladiator in a Suit (and sometimes a hoodie)

The dude I report to at work, Anthony? I call him my supervisor, but he’s more like my guidance counselor, emotional support and friend. Anyway, he’s the “Director of Network Organizing,” and the loose translation of that to layman’s speak is, “Community Organizing Gladiator in a Suit.”

I’m such a lucky person to have leadership that isn’t all up in my shit, but will help me out with shit and trust me to handle my shit on my own.

And? This is the first time in my professional life that I’ve reported to a Black Man. I mean, yay, right? And our Executive Director is a Black Woman. YAY, y'all.

He did a TED talk today, and I refuse to shut up about it, because it is awesome, and  a lot of it had to do with my role here at the Network Center for Community Change.

Expect me to post a link to the video whenever it’s up and poppin’.