francesca colussi forwarded this:

montagne - non alpi

(mountains - not alps)

it’s a photo taken in april 1954 in wild dog mountains, new south wales, australia. it comes from the flickr photostream of nettya. one of the many scans of her dad’s slides. it’s tagged as

splendour rock, anzac 1954

i find it truly fascinating. almost in a leni riefenstahl-way. it’s a very muscular, sculptural photograph. it reminds me of the neoclassicism they sought to achieve during the fascist architecture period in italy. and of riefenstahl’s film aesthetics.

yet again, its strongest point is not the man-conquering-nature trope, but it’s all layed out in the subtleties of the dark tones. the blues, the greens and the shadows. it’s a little masterpiece. the mountains not bad, either  ;-)