nettle jellyfish

Dive in Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary and sometimes you’ll be treated to the beautiful view of an Atlantic sea nettle. (Just don’t get too close – those tentacles sting!) 

Sea jellies like these are classified as cnidarians, a group of animals that also include corals and sea anemones. 

(Photo: G.P. Schmahl/NOAA)


@l0vegl0wsinthedark ask drarry is brilliant. On one of her recent answers she confirmed Draco’s favorite animal was jellyfish, so i had to draw him in a jellyfish shirt Harry got him for his birthday. 

I would like to believe Harry saw it in the girls section at some muggle store and was like “Thats the jellyfish draco’s obsessed with… i cant believe i know that….” 

and of course he has to pair it was his jellyfish hat that @cieliavalentine drew on him. i just really love these two ok

Dragon in a Sombrero.
The only time I left the house this week was to visit the aquarium with my children and this Pacific Sea Nettle jellyfish really caught my eye. It’s not normally something that I would shoot but sometimes creating work that is out of the norm leads to a new interest. I don’t think I’ll be abandoning my landscapes or seascapes any time soon but this week I’ve learned that subjects can be found in the unlikeliest of places!


Pacific sea nettle (Chrysaora fuscescens)

Thepacific sea nettle is a common free-floating scyphozoa that lives in the East Pacific Ocean from Canada to Mexico. The bell can grow to be larger than one meter (three feet) in diameter in the wild, though most are less than 50 cm across. The long, spiraling, white oral arms and the 24 undulating maroon tentacles may trail behind as far as 10 feet. For humans, its sting is often irritating, but rarely dangerous. They are carnivorous animals. They catch their prey by means of cnidocyst-laden tentacles that hang down in the water. By spreading out their tentacles like a large net, the sea nettle is able to catch food as it passes by. The pacific sea nettle use light sensing organs called ocelli to migrate from the deeper waters of the ocean to the surface.

photo credits: HRae at English Wikipedia, wiki, wiki, wiki

the signs as jellyfish

Aries: Mastigia Papua

Taurus: Australian Spotted Jellyfish

Gemini: Stygiomedusa Gigantea

Cancer: Sea Nettle

Leo: Lion’s Mane Jellyfish

Virgo: Moon Jellyfish

Libra: Comb Jellyfish

Scorpio: Portuguese Man o’ War

Sagittarius: Nomura Jellyfish

Capricorn: Cannonball Jellyfish

Aquarius: Irukandji

Pisces: Box Jellyfish