Hey what’s up, I’m Alysha Nett. You can find me at Pierce The Veil’s set taking pictures and bothering the band members. My favorite animal is a buffalo, I don’t exactly know why but I have buffalo pajama pants to go with my obsession. I have a lot of tattoos and I model on my free time. Cooking is another one of my hobbies, so if you wanna meal come on over.

I’m looking forward to making so many friends so please come talk to me! My AIM is


happy 8th anniversary , thank you for bring us happiness during all these years! ~

“A formula that will never be broken for a lifetime, SHINee + SHINee world = love!” - Minho.

“We won’t compare, had never compared, have no thoughts of comparing. I have to say, it’s most unique when onew, jonghyun, minho, key, taemin, the five of us are together. Five of us working hard together all the time. I think that’s what differenciates uf from other groups” - Onew.

“Instead of saying that we are good friends, we should be called a family instead” - Key.

“For me particularly, when I listen to or make the music of the team called SHINee, I think that ultimately SHINee is me and I am SHINee” - Jonghyun.

“I used to want to be the best group but nowadays I feel as though making memories is more important” - Taemin.