So I was in the store telling my sister about how the dress is black and blue and I yelled at her “THE DRESS IS BLACK AND BLUE” and all of a sudden from the other side of the store I hear “NO ITS WHITE AND GOLD” Then some random person yelled “ITS BLUE AND GOLD” Then the whole store started yelling at each other. I guess the manager got tired of it and yelled over the loudspeaker “WHO CARES ITS UGLY ANYWAY SHUT UP ABOUT THE DRESS”
Best experience of my life

Blue and black dress enrages users of Internet

A photograph of a horrid blue and black dress enraged Twitter Thursday evening as the online-o-sphere was rent into two camps: those who believe the dress in question to be blue and black, which it is, and those who believe the dress to be white and gold, which it is not. The photograph of the blue and black dress is below.

Warning: No matter what you decide—blue/black, white/gold, or don’t care—looking at this photograph will soon cause you to feel alienated from large swaths of the human race.

It’s strange that people see such different colors in this T.J. Maxx clearance rack mess, and stranger still that both camps are so assured of their correctness. The owner of the original Tumblr Livejournal weblog posted another photo of the unflattering outfit, showing its blue and black color scheme clearly:

In other news Thursday, the FCC approved new regulations that were viewed as a major victory for net neutrality. In the hours since, our society has dedicated untold bandwidth to a llama chase and an apparel-based optical illusion. It’s as if people took the $100 bill of newly assured Internet freedom and used it to light a cigar. What better way to celebrate? Llamas and dresses and tweets and tumbles—tonight we revel in asinine bullshit, because we can.

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  • American Government:Hey, let's come up with some stupid distraction for the public to obsess over so we can pass something stupid without them noticing.
  • American Government:*releases stupid fucking picture of a damn dress*
  • American Government:*passes net neutrality*
  • American Government:Nailed it.