Dave Franco and Alison Brie Are Married!

Dave Franco and Alison Brie have officially tied the knot.

Reps for the actors confirm exclusively to PEOPLE that the couple is now married.

Franco, 31, and Brie, 34, — who met at the 2011 Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans — announced their engagement in August 2015 after more than three years of dating.

PEOPLE exclusively confirmed that the actress’ one-of-a-kind engagement ring was the work of Southern California jewelry designer Irene Neuwirth. It’s a rose gold sparkler set with a rose-cut diamond and a diamond pave.

“I’m not very bridal, instinctually,” Brie, who next stars in Netflix’s GLOW out June 23rd, explained to Yahoo! Style last February. “Marriage never really interested me, I guess because I was very focused on my work. I wasn’t sure if I really saw the point to it. I bought a dress on Net-a-Porter, and I’m like, ‘Maybe I’ll wear that.‘”

As for what changed her mind about marriage, she explained: “I just met that person that I was like, ‘Well, I’m really in love with you and would like to grow old with you.’ I actually think it’s much more romantic when two people are like, ‘Oh, I could go either way on marriage, but I want to marry you.'”

Chapter One

Authors Note: I’ve had this idea bouncing around in my head for a while now and finally decided to try and write it all down. I have a few chapters written, but I’m new to the fandom and don’t know what kind of response it will get. So I’m posting this now to test the waters and see what people think! Hope you enjoy and feedback would be lovely! :)

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some Concepts for you on this morning: 

  • all the one direction boys have private instagram accounts to share pictures with their families and close friends without worrying about the tabloids picking it up or management getting angry  
    • niall’s isn’t too different from his public one, lots of golf, guitar, beer, and famous friends, only sometimes he posts nature pictures from his trip around the world captioned by quotes from kerouac or 100 years of solitude. harry, ironically enough, comments HIPSTER on every single one. 
    • harry’s is almost all pictures of his favorite people – lots of louis, liam, and niall, his mum and gemma and robin, nick, ed, tomo campbell, nathan followill, the corden family, etc etc. they aren’t particularly aesthetic or groundbreaking, but they remind him of his favorite memories and that’s all that matters 
    • liam’s has so many shirtless selfies that louis unfollowed him months ago 
    • louis’ is a strange mix of videos of himself trying trick football shots, unflattering pictures of his sisters and brother and harry, screenshots of instagram memes he knows harry will do his honk laugh at, and so many selfies of himself with the butterfly snapchat filter that even his mum texts him to say baby… ENOUGH
  • once, harry bought an art piece and didn’t realize it was an oil-painted dick joke until after he got home, hung it up over the bed, and found louis collapsed with laughter in front of it a few hours later 
  • niall can play the violin, and although it’s not his favorite, he does play john denver songs for harry when he asks
  • louis, harry, and niall have each helped design one of liam’s tattoos 
  • speaking of, niall actually does have a tattoo, but he hasn’t told anyone about it because he got it on his ass while drunk and doesn’t actually know what it’s supposed to be 
    • he calls in harry, the resident Nonsense Tattoo Expert, to see if he can figure it out, and best he can tell it’s a lopsided question mark surrounded by misspelled lyrics from the Black Eyed Peas’ Where Is The Love?
    • “don’t worry, nialler,” harry beams, patting niall’s shoulder. “i’m sure the next person to see your bum won’t be weirded out by it or anything. though,” he adds in a whisper, “just in case, maybe you should stay on the bottom the whole time.” 
  • louis and niall have a years-long bet going that they refuse to tell the others the details of. all anyone knows is that the winner gets to choose what color the loser permanently dyes his hair: niall wants louis to go green and orange, and louis plans on making niall do a rainbow. 
    • harry and liam have dedicated themselves to figuring out how to make them both lose so they both have to dye their hair. so far, they’ve been unsuccessful. 
  • louis’ laundry once accidentally got mixed with his sisters’ and he spent an entire day wearing one of lottie’s crop tops because he just thought one of his shirts had shrunk. when lottie pointed it out, he refused to give it back. 
    • “think i’ll keep it, actually,” he says, looking down at his bare stomach. “like the breeze. also, are bellybutton rings out? think i’d like one of those, too.” 
    • the next time he goes in for a tattoo, he asks liam sparkes to pierce his bellybutton while he’s there. liam thinks louis is joking. louis is not joking. 
      • when harry sees, he spends the next few days hiding all of louis’ shirts and cancelling their plans so that he can spend the whole time following louis around their house, staring at the sparkly anchor on his belly. 
  • louis and harry are the reigning champs of ping pong while on tour. they tell everyone it’s because the dream team is so connected and in sync they can’t possibly lose. the truth is, they bought their own ping pong table and practice when they’re at home so no one can beat them.
  • harry is teaching liam photography when they have time. he’s not too bad, though harry hasn’t quite figured out how to get him to stop taking pictures of his dogs long enough to try any other subjects.
  • the four of them went to a Coyote Ugly saloon in Vegas once just because they were curious (and harry had made them watch the movie a few nights before, claiming the Can’t Fight the Moonlight scene would honestly change their lives)(it honestly did). when they woke up, niall was wearing daisy dukes and a pair of boots he didn’t recognize, louis’ torso was covered in phone numbers and lipstick prints, liam was nowhere to be found, and one of the management team had to tell them to lay low until they could make sure all the videos of harry stripping on the bar were removed from online. 
    • they found liam later, wearing a straw hat and his flannel shirt tied up under his chest, passed out in the rental they’d taken to the saloon with a puppy they also don’t recognize 
  • one weekend, they recreate the Shout Out To My Ex video and send it to perrie, complete with louis in a leigh-inspired netted dress, liam in a silver negligee, niall in thigh-high black boots with four inch soles, and harry finally gets a chance to try out that leather bodysuit he bought ages ago