netted vest

how am i meant to just…….. go on…….. after the late late show last night………. i don;t even remember my own name anymore,,,,,, my brain is just a constant loop of harry’s dimpled grin and giggles, “in a cool way”, the haunting “OOHHHHHHS” in sweet creature, harry in that gold shirt and the netted shirt and vest, harry dancing to hey yaaaaaaaaa, “i can’t quit you” “i don’t want you to”, “i need to have a chat with my wife” “i need to have a chat with your wife”, harry pouring a water bottle in his eye (not once but twice), “I’M REALLY UPSET”, “WHY AM I ALWAYS JULIA ROBERTS”, “i’m just a girl…. [smile before back to character] standing in front of a boy…. [tries to hold in a giggle before back into character]…. asking him to love her”, the way he says “in the car”, “they’re on the door dying and then she asks him to draw her like a french girl? [giggles] they’re not on the door!”, “jack…… i want you to draw me like one you french girls” [seductive look over the shoulder before breaking out into giggles], harry and james imitating me in the car listening to kiwi complete with pulling over to the side of the room so i can rock out properly with air drums and oWW ALLA AH JHSSHJGSS and hand claps and head bangs and slamming on the roof of my car, HARRY’S GREEN SUIT, the crazy hand motions, “I’M HAVING YOUR BABAAAAY IT’S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!!!!!”, the HAND ON THE POPPED HIP WITH THE “IT’S NEW YORK BABY ALWAYS JACKED UP”, the breathless “when she’s alone she goes home to a caCTUS and she wears a black dress she is an actress”, “I THINK I’M LOSING IT!!!!!”, the return of stage hoe harry’s signature dance moves, “OWWWW!”, “she sits beside me like a silhouette hard candy drippin on me til my feet are wet now she’s all over me [hand on the hip] it’s like i paid for it it’s like i paid for… [raw emotion] i’m gonna pay for this”, harry droPPING TO HIS KNEES AND SCREAMING

anonymous asked:

did you notice how smug Harry got when James made him wear that net shirt and the vest and got genuinely surprised that Harry still pulled it off and Harry was like "wait... wait James, you seriously didn't think I actually never tried wearing this thing on while trying to seduce my sweet husband at home? ok wait lemme just put these sunglasses on just to remind my sweet creature at home about that beautiful, steamy night we got so we can reenact it after he watches this episode aired"

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