How Pink Diamond was shattered

So it was revealed a long time ago that Rose Quartz shattered Pink Diamond. Some people say “how”, and I was also wondering how she shattered a diamond, even if she used the breaking point, because Pink Diamond is big.

But, in the episode where Steven and Connie fight the elemental robot:

There may have been foreshadowing. A lot of people have agreed that this robot represents the diamonds’ powers, as in the WANTED promo we see that yellow diamond has the power of electricity

and we assume that the power of ice goes to Blue Diamond, and fire possibly to Pink Diamond. So this robot may have been used to train against the diamonds/represents the diamonds. And how was the robot destroyed?

They hit its own attack back at it.

How powerful are diamonds? Very. Enough for their own attack to destroy themselves if deflected at them? I think yes.

Theory: Rose Quartz shattered Pink Diamond by deflecting her own attack back at her.

Hi! xx
At first I have to say that I’m really proud of this drawing.
It’s showing everything, that I wanted to say.
Woman from this picture is loyal and devoted to Rose, ready to sacrifice everything for her - even herself. I wanted to use the stars to show that Pearl really depends on Rose.
From the outside she looks weak and fragile, but from the inside she is strong.
Strong in the real way.
I hope u like my drawing.
Have a great day!

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Hi! xx
This is my version of Bismuth.
She was very strong and giant in show so I gave her an athletic body. Tatoo on right arm is a drawing of hers gem.
I wanted to show by my drawing that she’s strong and kind woman which knows what she wants.
Have a good day!

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