This is the netop/net navi pair I designed for Rock Miyabi’s Summer Contest! Kite Man was originally one of my robot master oc but I redesigned him as a net navi for the contest. He’s terrible at netbattles and has poor luck because he gets tangled in trees and electrical wires all the time :o I had fun trying to making the battle stage look like the game.

((I’m bored so i’m gonna do a thing

send me a muse of yours + a number of pokemon from 1 to 6 + typing preference (optional) and i’ll make a pokemon team for your muse

of course based on what i get from your muse =w=

i’ll try to avoid legendary pokemon tho but i’ll see what i can do

i’m doing that because i think i did pokemon teams for literally all EXE characters who are NetOps in the series no joke my Word document is like 18 pages long and i love making pokemon teams for characters sob))