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waveo11 ~ illocanblo ~ Timedat (August 31, 2012)

Lost and sitting in cupboard ...
Somewhere nearby is a college with more equipment than most Cisco Academies could dream of, sitting unused in a cupboard - such is its state of decay.

It has been switched off for over two years.

With a little spit, polish a low cost memory upgrade all of this could still be used. Knowing when it was purchased, there is easily an original investment of £50,000. It isn’t worth that now, but it could supply four separate Cisco Academies - such is the volume.

It was their Netlab+ appliance, we used to use it to supplement our teaching for college students as well as lease it on a not for profit per hour basis to my current organisation.

I understand that its demise came when a mismanaging leadership decided that the £2000 annual support fee for the Netlab+ system was an expense too much. In making that decision throwing away the £50,000 investment.

There is other equipment - equally as invaluable in racks in two classrooms, acquired by stealth and prudent financial management. Would anyone like a 12000 series shipped in from CERN?

If you think that they are morons, I can only let you guess what I am thinking. They want to become the great Cisco academy they once were, maybe they could start by putting this all to some good use or giving it away.

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