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Unf: Arashnul finds the twins Thenel and Nethiel interesting, she'd spend her time with them (she's a damn cocky twat who's picky on choosing who'll spend time with) :3c

Nethiel: [looks Arashnul up and down] I would not kick you out of bed. I would gladly pull you into it. Mmhhmmm. And oh sweetie. You know that us girls do it best. [cocks her hip] also, his dick is small.

Thenel: [sighs, glaring at his sister] It isn’t. But you look like a girl who knows better and can make the right judgements for herself…not to mention has a grace and beauty I haven’t seen in all my travels and all my years.

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Of all your OC's, who is the most imperious and why? ;) ~AtargatisxXelaris


The three that come to mind are: 

  • Inathus [Asho’s father]
  • Sylaise [one of Azuna’s mothers]
  • Nethiel

Inathus: He was more like this in his youth and when Ashothel was younger. He was a commanding officer in the Templar caste, and was in the running to become an Executor, but his fierce temper and his lack of desire to control it went against his favour. To those who do not know him, he can initially be seen as a domineering, arrogant ass, who has little to say. He is a massive Templar - with muscles like rocks. [Yeah…Asho’s type is like his father. Daddy issues? LOL OFC NOT]
Ina has somewhat relaxed in his later years, however. And since reuniting with his love, Aziris, he has become happier and much more tolerant. He still commands great respect and authority on and off the battlefield, however.

Sylaise: Out of Azuna’s three parents, Sylaise always has been the domineering and commanding one of the three [not counting Raezar in the bedroom - well, Raezar has a different kind of dominance in their dynamic]. Where Raezar is laid back, sensual and just oozes confidence, Sylaise has more of a forceful confidence to her. As in - I don’t take no fucking shit - kind of way. She’s the business head of the three and was always the one who made the important business decisions and meetings. Nothing gets past Sylaise’s gaze. She’s rough, she’s tough, she’s seen and probably done it all and is as hard as fucking nails. She knows when to turn on the charm, however, and be the face that people want to see. She can play the game, too.

Nethiel: Neth is just a fucking wreck. She stomps and wipes out anything she considers weak - and that is pretty much anything that isn’t her - the Highlord or those she likes enough to fuck regularly. Nethiel knows that when she walks into a room, she owns it. 

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Q for Thenel: Other than a solid hit to the head with a blunt object, what can make you stay calmly within your sister's presence?

Thenel: [sighs as he tinkers with Cat’s beam, shifting the alignment] Money. [thinks more, pausing] Yep. That’s about it. There’s not much else that will make me tolerate her presence. She’s fucking awful. My father pretends she doesn’t exist and my mother isn’t…….in the right state of mind to even remember or register that she has children any more. Not that Neth even gives a damn enough to know that. [he puts down the screwdriver] I’ve said way too much as usual.

But yeah. Money. Sometimes she’ll want me to tweak her psi-blades or something on her ship or the likes - and I’ll do it, but for a price. No discount for her, and she knows it. Oh. Apart from when the Highlord demands I reduce the price for her due to ‘official business’. I’m pretty sure she makes him pull that one more than is necessary. Manipulative bitch.

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What was Nethiel like as a child? Was there ever a time when she and Thenel got along?

Nethiel has been pretty horrible most of her life. She was one of those kids who would melt insects and kill animals and pets for fun; y'know, those kind of kids. And the type that would bully and terrorise others around her.

Thenel actually used to be a lot like that too when he was young. Growing up as twins they were inseprable and loved doing everything together. Then was the more timid of the two and often just watched Neth do what she did, but they got on really well as children, to the point of when you saw the other, no doubt that the other would be there too.

When they hit puberty and Neth felt her calling to a higher purpose and smelled the allure of Aacension and being as close to the Highlord as she could, that’s when the rift between them begun. Thenel grew up; Neth grew wild.