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I’ve been tagged by a lot of people to do the #20factsaboutme tag, so here it goes! 🙊
1. I have a big birthmark on my left cheek in the shape of an upside-down heart
2. I live together with my boyfriend @pieter92 for almost 2 years now
3. We have been together ever since 13 February 2013
4. It was not my intention to make these facts super cheesy
5. Once (when I still lived with my parents) we had around 17-20 guinea pigs
6. I love pasta 🍝
7. I’m a vegetarian 🐷🐮❤️
8. I once dyed my bangs (only my bangs) red
9. And I also had the typical scene/emo hair when I was a teenager (you know? With the raccoon tails? No?)
10. I’m a graduated BA literature student
11. I’m currently taking a gap year in which I hope to get a nice job and blog a lot!
12. My dream is to become a professional blogger or to work at a publishing house in the Netherlands (like @lsamsterdam 🙈)
13. I had a monobrow when I was a kid 💁🏻‍♂️
14. I can identify myself more with the male emoji than with the female one 🤷🏻‍♂️
15. My favourite colour is Burgundy
16. My favourite season is Autumn 🍂🍁🍄
17. I’m going to the @efteling on Friday with my sisters ❤️✨
18. I still suffer from acne, and not the small kind of pimples 🤦🏻‍♂️
19. I have a bunny called Mellon (Elfish for “friend”)
20. I’m happy that I actually came up with 20 facts 💪🏼
Feel free to do this tag yourself! I love to hear more about you 🙌🏼
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IG: romireads

ID #94478

Name: Barbara
Age: 13
Country: The Netherlands

Heya! I’m barbara (I go by barb though!), I live in the netherlands and I’m looking for anyone in western europe. I enjoy danganronpa, anime, manga, drawing, sometimes writing stories or poems, and cleaning. I dont go outside all that much since there’s not much interesting to do besides going to a forest or beach, but I do like it when I get to go to those places. I speak fluent Dutch and English, and some german and french. We’re talking a little bit here though. I’m also a witch! I’m an eclectic witch working mainly with herbs. I also enjoy love live btw! I’d love to find someone from a different country in western europe who is also a witch, but being a witch isnt a requirement! I’m not sure whether to add more than this? But i hope it suffices.

Preferences: Language: must speak either English or Dutch
Country: In western europe, but not in the netherlands.
Age: 13-15 please!

you need to:
-use they/them when referring to me in English
-Not be a TERF
-Be ok with kin people
-Not hate cats
-Respect my trauma and triggers
-Want to send physical letters
-Not be a ‘meninist’ or anti-sjw


Through the Years → Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands (68/)

13 August 2002 | Crown Prince Willem Alexander & Princess Maxima Of Holland Visit Curacao, During Their Visit To The Dutch Antilles. The Royal Couple Attend A Cultural EveningOf Dance & Carnival In Brion Square, Visited The Island Council, ‘Sta Martha’, A Labour Project For The Physically & Mentally Handicapped, 'Fort Amsterdam’, The Marine Base, 'Brakkeput'Youth Development Project And Boat Waterworld. (Photo by Julian Parker/UK Press via Getty Images)

Holy shit. Pokemon GO is incredible.

In Edam (Netherlands), a boy died 13 years ago and he LOVED Pokemon, especially Pikachu. The family made a wooden Pikachu to put on his grave, too.

Pokemon GO players found out something incredible and alarmed the older brother of the boy who died. The written news was different from the video interview. In the video, the brother mentions he found it on his own. He was near the church + graveyard when he turned on the game and saw Pikachu was near.

There was a Pikachu right on his little brother’s grave.


Through the Years → Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands (128/)

13 November 2005 | The Crown Prince of The Netherlands, Willem Alexander, and his wife Princess Maxima are greeted by Prince Moulay Rachid of Morocco at the Marrakech airport. The Crown Prince of The Netherlands, Willem Alexander, and his wife Princess Maxima visit Morocco to mark the 400th anniversary of bilateral relations. (Photo credit MEHDI FEDOUACH/AFP/Getty Images)