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do you masturbate?

Yes, anon, I do. All the time. I love it. I have invested a great deal of money into items that aid me in my nether region adventures (gaahhhdd, if I could sit and write every single day forever? Felicity and Oliver would have gone through my entire nightstand drawer by now). My fic A Challenge was inspired by one of my vibrators.

Fun story, I was just talking with sailorslayer3641 about how much fanfiction impacted my life and how much it helped me become who I am today, and guess what was the main fodder for this gal growing up? Smutty fanfiction. :P

You can’t write what I write all the time and not masturbate, come on now.

Masturbation is amazing, everyone should masturbate, if you feel the need to. Do it by yourself, do it with your partner, do it all the time! (Don’t get caught doing it in public, if that’s your thing, that would be awkward…)

(The more you know your body, the better your sex life - having sex is a weird, awkward affair sometimes, and it’s okay to take the reigns and make sure you’re getting yours. Sex is about you as much as it is the other person involved. If someone isn’t listening, kick ‘em to the curb. On that note, exploration is fun too - just like you need to learn the map to your body, you need to learn the map to theirs. The more you explore yours, the more you’re down to explore other people too.)

Go on anon and ask me the most awkward question you can think of. If I can’t answer it, you win!


You cant pick the flint because your inventory just got full…

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What item you gonna throw?


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