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What Voltron Season 3 has Done to Our Sweet Children
  • Allura: Upside, finally got her own lion. Downside, found and alternate universe where she legalized slavery.
  • Keith: Didn't want the job, had to do it anyway. MAGNUS RUSHES IN.
  • Hunk: Didn't want the job, didn't have to do it. Taako's good out here.
  • Lance: Asked for the job, but got transferred. Is still too slow for the Red Lion. Also, our sniper got a sniper rifle. Why couldn't his old weapon do that again?
  • Pidge: Would've ROCKED the job, but the Green Lion has the only booster seat.
  • Coran: Who the hell do you think he is?
  • Shiro: He's Squidward, he's Squidward, I'm Squidward! Are there any other Squidwards I should know about?!
  • Sven: Meow.
  • Lotor: Gathers a group of token women ethnic minorities and creates the illusion of a civil rights movement to expand government control and make himself look good. My god, the arch-nemesis of Voltron is neo-liberalism.
  • Lotor's Squad: IDK, we're all still trying to memorize their names and decide on whom to marry first.
Time Zones and RTTE Season 5

So, I noticed y’all were pretty confused about what time the new season is going to launch in your particular time zone, so I went ahead and calculated some of the times for you.  Just scroll and find your particular time zone or city/state/country (I understand that not everyone lives in these places–they’re just landmarks so that you can figure out which one you’re closest to), and the time that RTTE will show up on Netflix will be there.  The true launch time is 12am PDT, so I’ll start there.  Here goes:

PDT (California): 12:00 AM

MDT (Colorado): 1:00 AM

CDT (Illinois): 2:00 AM

EDT (New York): 3:00 AM

-03 (Rio de Janeiro): 4:00 AM

UTC: 7:00 AM

BST (UK): 8:00 AM

CEST (Vienna): 9:00 AM

IST (Mumbai): 12:30 PM

+08 (Singapore): 3:00 PM

JST (Tokyo): 4:00 PM

AEST (Sydney): 5:00 PM

NZST (Auckland): 7:00 PM

HST (Hawaii): 9:00 PM

Spirit Tip #2

Create a schedule with your spirit companion(s). I can’t stress enough how much this can benefit your relationship(s), not to mention boost your confidence if you’re an amateur spirit worker. Here’s just a couple benefits to consider:

  • Knowing when your spirit companion is actually available to spend time with you will help you learn to sense their presence and feel more secure in the knowledge that you’re not talking to thin air.
  • Guilt-free peace of mind when you flop down to watch Netflix and zone out during scheduled “me time” hours. It’s good to take a break.

Okay, sound good? Let’s talk about how to create a schedule (example below).

If you’re using tools, one of the easiest ways to create a schedule is to use a pendulum. For every “time slot,” pose the following question: “[Spirit], are you available to work with me on [Ex: Monday Mornings]?” Ask twice to be certain! Answers should be consistent. If the final answer is “yes,” mark down an “O,” and if the final answer is “no,” mark down an “X.”

Remember to take your school/work schedule into consideration. If you know you’ll never be available weekday afternoons, for example, let your spirit know and cross out those time slots. Also, I suggest agreeing on a “day off” to let both you and your companion(s) recharge.

When you’re done, I highly recommend asking the spirit how long it should be until you check in with them to make a new schedule. You can do so by asking, “[Spirit], how long should we keep this schedule? One week?” If they say no, then ask, “Two weeks?” Increase the length of time by one week until you get a “yes.” Write down the “expiry date” on the schedule.

That’s it! Feel free to mess around with exactly how you approach this. I hope you and your companions find this system helpful! <3

Patrick Warburton as Lemony Snicket

Ok, so I’m sure all my fellow volunteers know that Warburton (voice of Kronk on the Emperors New Groove, and Brock Samson on Venture Bros.) is going to star as Lemony Snicket in the Netflix version of ASOUE. From a few photos that have been going around, we’re getting an idea of HOW the narration is going to be done; instead of being in the shadows and having nothing really to add, like in the film, it looks like Lemony is going to pop in Rod Serling style as the scene goes on in the background 

It might be because of my Twilight Zone obsession, but I’m totally in love with the idea of Warburton butting in with that crazy voice just to tell us how upsetting every episode will be 

a little more about the season 3 live stream

(no need to reblog this one, just some extra info)

the stream will start when it goes live on netflix. for your time zone see this post

the room has a maximum occupancy of 25 people. im not sure if that many will join but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ just in case join a little earlier so you get in

the entire s3 stream will probably be around 3 hours (7 episodes x 25 minutes each give or take)

ill post the link in the early evening and whoever wants to can join early and we can rewatch favourite episodes or other shenanigans

im an anti so this will be an anti geared stream ya feel

be kind and have fun! if anyone joins just to cause drama they will be kicked

ill add more as i think of it

You are traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind.

A journey into a wondrous land of imagination.

Next stop, the Twilight Zone.

A little homage to one of my favorite tv shows.


Black Mirror | Official Trailer - Season 3 [HD] | Netflix

So I’ve been really looking forward to the defenders and kept checking after midnight to see if it had been put on Netflix yet but then I remembered that Netflix is based in California and time zones (I live in the U.K.) meant that it wouldn’t be there for another eight hours so I had to wait even longer. It was really good though but I watched every single episode today (18th) and now I really need another series because CLIFFHANGER but there won’t be one for ages and now I’m just really sad

theodoramb  asked:

hey, so I'm Teo, and I kinda have problems learning. I spend a lot of time on Netflix or drawing stupid stuff, and also drink too much coffee. Do you have some tips on how to get out of this couch-popato mode step-by-step? Thx a lot and sweet dreams!

Hello Teo!  ✨  First of all drawing stuff is never a waste of time! Especially if you’re interested in that or if that relaxes you. Drinking too much coffee and netflix can be problematic, I feel you, I’m guity of that too. I’ll try to tell you what I do to break out of the netflix zone.

🌚 try to switch from coffee to tea - tea also has caffeine in it, just less. It can give you energy, especially green tea with lemon - it’s super refreshing! Tea is literally good for everything. For example, tea with milk is great in the evening, it helps me with falling asleep. If you really really can’t stop drinking coffee, then maybe try limiting it to once a week? Or try some coffee flavored drops. 

🌚 don’t have netflix in your tabs - it will keep you out from clicking on it “accidentally” while you’re studying or researching on the internet. Try to stay away of your laptop if you can tho! If you don’t need to research anything, turn. it. off. 

🌚 make a to-do list & progress check - if you have everything you need to get done written down you’re more likely to do it! Just for the pure satisfaction of checking it off the list. If you’re into drawing, you will enjoy designing a to-do list and all the pretty headers and banners. 

🌚 get your beauty sleep & wake up early- it will help with caffeine cravings. But rather go to bed early that wake up later! Waking up earlier (like 7 or 8am) always helps me move on and get everything done asap! I feel so much more productive and I feel the day is longer. +you’re less likely to watch tv series/movie in the morning + people are asleep so there’s hardly anyone online to distract you 

That’s basically all I have! I’m not so good at that too haha I often get caught up in Netflix, especially since I bought the premium acc, ahgg. Anyways, hope it helped, good luck hon x