netflix is my family

13 Reasons Why

After watching the Netflix tv show

I decided to write 13 Reasons
Why i want to live

Reason 1. My beautiful family
My amazing husband and our gorgeous talented four children. And our adorable cats.

Reason 2. All my other loving and supportive family and friends.

Reason 3. Places i would love to visit and photograph
In the UK and abroad.

Reason 4. My hobbies
Writing and photography
They have helped me get our of dark times.

Reason 5. Movies and Tv Shows
I am a binge watcher.
Mainly American tv shows so many on the go

Reason 6. Smiling
Whether it be my children smiling or my husband making me smile even when i don’t feel like it.
Reminds me i am happy

Reason 7. Books
I love to read
And there is still so much to read.
Please someone trap me in a library.

Reason 8. Pizza
So tasty, so many toppings.
Sitting with a movie, pizza and wine

Reason 9. Tattoos
I need more. I want to be covered.
Next is Ravens on my back.

Reason 10. Horror Con
This May in Sheffield
And plus more con’s in the future.

Reason 11. I have to learn to drive. Be glad to finally have my own wheels.

Reason 12. Taking my photography to a level where i get paid to do it

Reason 13. I don’t want any regrets. I never want to miss anything.
I try to enjoy every last thing no matter how small.

Do you have 13 Reasons Why?