netflix brings me joy

crossroadscastiel reblogged your post “oodlyenough: i love netflix’s tv shows but i don’t love The Pressure to bingewatch 13 hours of television in 2 days…”

#this is the one thing that gives me anxiety about hannibal getting picked up by netflix in the future
#because we would have AN ENTIRE SEASON RIGHT THERE ALL AT ONCE #I COULD NOT LIVE MY LIFE WITHOUT WATCHING IT ALL AS SOON AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE #and then it’s like…. binging sort of takes away some of the enjoyment for me???#i love watching a show week-to-week and anticipating what comes next #speculating about what comes next is half the enjoyment for me #plus i feel like you miss so much when you binge???? #you miss out on having one whole week to peel back the layers on each episode #i will be crying tears of joy if netflix brings our show back don’t get me wrong#but this is something i think about way too much lmao

Exactly the same. Hannibal’s a fine whisky - sure you could binge drink it, and every damn sip will be delicious but really…by the end of the bottle ANYTHING would taste delicious are you really appreciating the quality of the whisky?

Then again, once you get over the hangover, you realize you don’t remember much beyond the first couple of glasses, so you get to drink anew the next time.