This is the start of the revolution, and nothing, not even Blue Oblivion can stop us.

This Sunday, from 10PM to 11PM (UK Time), TT WorldWide, tag: #InTheFleshMustRise

We want to give a clear message to the channels and get the attention of the media, so please use only this tag on Sunday (also the use of only one tag increases the possibilities to trend when it’s programmed like this one) and tag @netflixUk, AmazonUk, @AmazonVideoUk in the tweets.

If we go all together using just one tag, we will succeed, check here the time in your country, we need all the possible help worldwide:

If you have to go work or sleep, you can schedule your tweets to pop up at the hour with the tag #InTheFleshMustRise


Do not use the same tag several times in the same tweet, Twitter thinks is spam and won’t trend, also don’t use curse words, those tweets won’t trend either.

We can do this Undead Army! 

Get everybody aware of it and use the opportunity of the trend to share the links to the Petitions, there’s a lot of people that don’t know yet about them -some fans are just finding out about the cancellation in fact- so we can end the trend with a lot more signatures than before started!




Love and hugs for everyone X


New motion poster for Marvel’s Daredevil, coming to Netflix on April 10th.