joker-of-gotham asked:

What's your opinion of Kilgrave from Jessica Jones on Netfilx? (As a character; we all know he's a horrible human being.)

He’s a perfect representation of white male privilege and the ultimate horrifying fuckboy which makes him a very dangerous villain. People like him are in power and very apt to believe him, even without his mind control. I find nothing sympathetic or redeemable about his character and he is scary on a level I think that radiates with most woman

Para los que no saben, Adam Sandler y Netflix han estado produciendo una película donde le faltan al respeto a las culturas indígenas Americanas. Son muy escasos los papeles para actores/ actrices indígenas en Hollywood, y la mayoría de esos papeles son esterotipos que distorsionan y afectan a las comunidades nativas. No más.

Fuck Adam Sandler and Ridiculous 6.

Ok but imagine Bucky Barnes meeting Jessica Jones and finding out about Kilgrave and what he did to her. As someone who also had their mind toyed with and forced to do things they didn’t want to do, he would be the first to forgive anything she had done, and in turn he maybe could start to forgive himself. They would be grumpy best friends and you cannot convince me otherwise.

Shows Cas Should Watch on Netflix


-Parks and Rec

-Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

-The Office

-30 Rock

-Orange Is The New Black

-Buffy The Vampire Slayer


-Doctor Who

-American Horror Story



-The Twilight Zone

-How I Met Your Mother


-Mad Men

-Breaking Bad