Day 24) Kismesises

These two! Ho ho ho, those crazy kids. 

(The bottom photo is a reference to, any simpsons fans?)


If day 19 was self indulgent this is… possibly even more so! 

Captain John Egbert is distressed that first contact with the Trolls is not going quite as well as he would have liked. But in spite of Commander Rose Lalonde’s warnings that the Trolls just may not be friendly, he persists in trying to pass on the terrible Federation disease called friendship. 

Later, everyone realizes that having Lieutenant Commander Dave Strider pilot the ship was a terrible idea when they get trapped in the spacial anomaly of the week, science officer Commander Jade Harley comes to the rescue and is promoted to piloting the ship AND being a science officer all at once. Strider is instead sent to engineering where he proves to be a whiz at temporal mechanics. Which is pretty fortunate, as it seems that there’s somebody out there messing about with the timeline, and perhaps the very fabric of space itself… Can the Federation and the Trolls work together to fight the mysterious Lord English? ;D ;D ;D