Trump answered a question on anti-Semitism by bragging about his election win

  • At a news conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Wednesday, Trump fielded a blunt question about a rise in anti-Semitism since his campaign and election.
  • Trump’s response: A self-congratulatory spiel about his Electoral College win — and a little shoutout to his Jewish son-in-law, daughter and grandkids.
  • “We were not supposed to crack 220,” he continued as Netanyahu looked on. “You know that, right? There was no way to 221, but then they said there’s no way to 270. And there’s tremendous enthusiasm out there.” Read more (2/15/17 3:23 PM)

Israel: Indonesia Itu Brengsek!

Mungkin bagi Israel, khususnya Benjamin Netanyahu, Indonesia adalah negara brengsek yang bikin susah dan tidak jelas maunya apa. Sempat memberikan harapan palsu kepada Israel dengan gestur “pembukaan hubungan diplomatis” beberapa tahun belakangan, namun tetap saja persoalan sepele pesawat kenegaraan Israel yang mau menumpang lewat 3-4 jam di langit Indonesia tidak dikasih izin. Sehingga pesawat delegasi PM Israel ini harus mutar jauh ke atas lalu ke bawah. Ini bukti pemerintah Indonesia serius dengan sikap polugrinya terhadap isu Palestina. Kita harus mengapresiasi Pak Jokowi serta Bu Menlu yang tetap konsisten terhadap dukungan Indonesia.

Yang paling membuat saya sedikit tertawa satir di dalam berita ini adalah kalimat terakhirnya yang menyatakan: Normalisasi hubungan Indonesia dan Israel bisa saja terjadi, tapi hanya setelah rakyat Palestina mendapatkan kemerdekaan. Ngeselin ga sih, Indonesia? Kemarin memberikan harapan normalisasi, giliran Israel menaruh harapan, dijawabnya seperti itu. Ini seperti main-main.

Well, Indonesia akan tetap menjadi Indonesia. Semenjak negara ini berdiri, sikap rakyat dan pemerintahnya selalu sama. Urusan Palestina, bukan semata-mata urusan bangsa Palestina saja. Tapi juga rakyat Indonesia.

Source: klik.

So Trump is in Israel right now playing diplomat and even objectively factual statements from various media sources (such as “Trump touches down in Tel Aviv” or “Goes to Western Wall”) are getting horrifically anti-Semitic comments from both far left and right.

It’s ok if you don’t support Israeli statehood (I personally disagree but it’s ok if you don’t).
It’s ok if you condemn Israel’s treatment of Palestinians (which you absolutely fucking should).

But here are some things to keep in mind about these issues in general:

•Not all Jews are Israeli.
•Not all Israelis are Jews.
•Not all Israelis support the actions of Israel.
•Not all Jews support the actions of Israel.
•The current administration does not speak for all of Judaism or even accurately for all of Israel.
•The current administration of Israel is very controversial even within its party and the more liberal parts of the country are furious and protesting frequently.
•Military service is legally mandated, which forces young people to enforce policies many of them oppose.
•Israel’s awful treatment of Palestinians is a reflection of Netanyahu’s shitty reign and his close circle of conservative, racist, Islamaphobic dickheads. It is not a reflection of Israel’s core values, or the values of its people, or the values of Judaism.

And most importantly:
•Whatever your stance on Israel’s statehood, whatever your stance on Trump, whatever your stance on Netanyahu, ANTI-SEMITISM IS NEVER OK


Donald Trump drops longstanding US insistence on Israeli-Palestinian two-state solution

  • Trump said Wednesday that a two-state solution is not the be-all and end-all when it comes to brokering a peace deal between Israelis and Palestinians, backing away from a policy the United States has pushed for decades.
  • “I’m happy with the one they like the best,” Trump said during a press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, referring to Israeli and Palestinian aspirations.
  • A two-state solution — which would create an independent Palestinian state west of the Jordan River alongside a Jewish state of Israel — has been the United States’ policy since President Bill Clinton was in office.
  • Trump’s retreat from a two-state solution led to an outcry from Democratic lawmakers. Read more (2/15/17 3:15 PM)

Yesterday a reporter asked Trump, in front of the Israeli Prime Minister, about the alarming rise in anti-Semitic attacks, threats, and fervor that had surfaced.

Trump responded, first, with talking about his yuuuge win. He also have the equivalent of “but my daughter’s totally Jewish!” and offered no condemnation of all the threats that have been made lately.

See the question and answer above.

PM Netanyahu condemns Manchester attack - 23 May 2017 - Ariana Grande concert

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu condemned on Tuesday a Monday-evening bomb attack at a pop concert in the British city of Manchester that killed 22 people and wounded 50 others.
Netanyahu isssued a statement which said, “The Israeli government strongly condemns the terrible terror attack last night in Manchester. "I send my condolences to the families of those murdered and wishes of swift recovery to the wounded. Terror is a global threat and the enlightened
countries must act together to defeat it in any place.”
Netanyahu snubs German foreign minister over meetings with Left-wing Israeli groups
Benjamin Netanyahu risked a diplomatic row with Germany on Tuesday by abruptly canceling a meeting with the German foreign minister over the minister’s plans to meet with Left-wing Israeli groups.

Another strong move by Netanyahu, good to see he’s not going to stand there & play nice with people who are meeting far-left anti-zionist & Palestinian sympathiser organisations.

Trump envoy, US ambassador to UN to visit Israel - 24 May 2017

President Trump may have left Israel, but his special envoy to the Middle East Jason Greenblatt will be returning to the region Thursday in an attempt to promote Trump’s peace policies.
The US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley will also be paying a three-day visit to Israel at the beginning of June with her Israeli counterpart Danny Danon. Haley, who has championed Israel’s cause from her first day at the UN, will meet with President Rivlin and the Prime Minister and will take a helicopter trip over Israel. She will also visit the Old City, the Western Wall and Yad Vashem. She is also expected to visit the PA.

PM Netanyahu: All embassies should move to Jerusalem - 12 May 2017

Prime Minister Netanyahu participated in a Likud Bureau meeting and expressed his full support for transferring the US embassy to Jerusalem.
“Jerusalem is the eternal capital of the Jewish nation. It is the capital of the State of Israel. Preferably all of the embassies led by our friend the US should move to Jerusalem. That is their natural place,” said Netanyahu.

anonymous asked:

Would you say that, given how readily gentiles abandon Jewish issues "because Israel," Netanyahu and his policies, no matter how well they do or do not protect Israel, put Jews in the diaspora in greater danger?

First of all, this sounds like concern trolling based on an ahistorical supposition. Antisemitism has existed for thousands of years. Some have called it “the oldest hatred.”  Now, over the 2000-ish years since the Roman exile, diaspora Jews have been subject to ghettoization, exile, second class citizenship laws, hate crimes, pogroms and genocide. There was no Jewish majority country in the world for all that time. Now there is one. 

Do you think if Israel didn’t exist that antisemitism would’ve simply gone away after it had spent thousands of years embedding itself in global culture? I certainly don’t. 

The fact of the matter is that antisemitism is the fault of antisemites. Period. Netanyahu has his solution to antisemitism in the diaspora which is, functionally, that all diaspora Jews should move to Israel. The idea essentializes the Jewish people as part of a Jewish state in much the same way Ireland would be Irish or China would be Chinese. Israel offers a “get the hell out of danger to join your own people” argument that hasn’t existed for Jews in millenia. His logic is sound for his particular goal which is not the protection of the Jewish people wherever they are, but the gathering of all Jews in Israel where he will protect them as citizens of a country. His ability to protect us outside of Israel is obviously incredibly limited. 

But the core of his argument is “so what if the rest of the world hates Israel? What else is news? It’s not like Jews aren’t already hated around the world and have been for millenia.” The difference now is that Israel has a Jewish majority government, a powerful military, an economy, and a “never close its doors” policy to Jewish refugees (based on their determination of who counts as a Jew, but that’s a debate for elsewhere.) Basically, Netanyahu assumes, with 2000 years of history as justification, that antisemitism cannot be eradicated, so the best alternative is to bunker down with your tribe, learn to use a weapon, and build a country by and for Jews. 

The key question people who justify or ignore antisemitism “because Israel” need to ask themselves is whether or not they are playing into Netanyahu’s arguments. Because by supporting antisemitism in the diaspora, actively or tacitly, they do. 

So stop victim blaming already.