Israel: Indonesia Itu Brengsek!

Mungkin bagi Israel, khususnya Benjamin Netanyahu, Indonesia adalah negara brengsek yang bikin susah dan tidak jelas maunya apa. Sempat memberikan harapan palsu kepada Israel dengan gestur “pembukaan hubungan diplomatis” beberapa tahun belakangan, namun tetap saja persoalan sepele pesawat kenegaraan Israel yang mau menumpang lewat 3-4 jam di langit Indonesia tidak dikasih izin. Sehingga pesawat delegasi PM Israel ini harus mutar jauh ke atas lalu ke bawah. Ini bukti pemerintah Indonesia serius dengan sikap polugrinya terhadap isu Palestina. Kita harus mengapresiasi Pak Jokowi serta Bu Menlu yang tetap konsisten terhadap dukungan Indonesia.

Yang paling membuat saya sedikit tertawa satir di dalam berita ini adalah kalimat terakhirnya yang menyatakan: Normalisasi hubungan Indonesia dan Israel bisa saja terjadi, tapi hanya setelah rakyat Palestina mendapatkan kemerdekaan. Ngeselin ga sih, Indonesia? Kemarin memberikan harapan normalisasi, giliran Israel menaruh harapan, dijawabnya seperti itu. Ini seperti main-main.

Well, Indonesia akan tetap menjadi Indonesia. Semenjak negara ini berdiri, sikap rakyat dan pemerintahnya selalu sama. Urusan Palestina, bukan semata-mata urusan bangsa Palestina saja. Tapi juga rakyat Indonesia.

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So Trump is in Israel right now playing diplomat and even objectively factual statements from various media sources (such as “Trump touches down in Tel Aviv” or “Goes to Western Wall”) are getting horrifically anti-Semitic comments from both far left and right.

It’s ok if you don’t support Israeli statehood (I personally disagree but it’s ok if you don’t).
It’s ok if you condemn Israel’s treatment of Palestinians (which you absolutely fucking should).

But here are some things to keep in mind about these issues in general:

•Not all Jews are Israeli.
•Not all Israelis are Jews.
•Not all Israelis support the actions of Israel.
•Not all Jews support the actions of Israel.
•The current administration does not speak for all of Judaism or even accurately for all of Israel.
•The current administration of Israel is very controversial even within its party and the more liberal parts of the country are furious and protesting frequently.
•Military service is legally mandated, which forces young people to enforce policies many of them oppose.
•Israel’s awful treatment of Palestinians is a reflection of Netanyahu’s shitty reign and his close circle of conservative, racist, Islamaphobic dickheads. It is not a reflection of Israel’s core values, or the values of its people, or the values of Judaism.

And most importantly:
•Whatever your stance on Israel’s statehood, whatever your stance on Trump, whatever your stance on Netanyahu, ANTI-SEMITISM IS NEVER OK

Netanyahu on Syria: 'Anyone who tries to harm us will be hit' - 17 October 2017

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu commented on the attack in Syria on Monday afternoon, hours after it was announced by the IDF.
“Our policy is clear,” he said in a statement. “Anyone who tries to harm us will be hit. Today they tried to hit our planes, which is unacceptable to us.”
Netanyahu said the IAF acted with “precision and speed” and “destroyed what needed to be destroyed. We will continue to act as is needed to protect Israel’s security.”

Yesterday a reporter asked Trump, in front of the Israeli Prime Minister, about the alarming rise in anti-Semitic attacks, threats, and fervor that had surfaced.

Trump responded, first, with talking about his yuuuge win. He also have the equivalent of “but my daughter’s totally Jewish!” and offered no condemnation of all the threats that have been made lately.

See the question and answer above.

PM Netanyahu: Peace requires recognition of Israel - 4 October 2017

Prime Minister Netanyahu referred during a Bible group taking place in his home to the Palestinian reconciliation.
Netanyahu said that “whoever speaks of a peace process needs first to speak about recognizing the state of Israel as a Jewish state. Peace requires recognition of the state of Israel.
"We don’t need sham conciliations in which Palestinian factions reconcile with one another and our existence is threatened,” Netanyahu insisted, “and therefore we expect to see three things: One- recognition of the state of Israel, Two- dismantling of the armed wing of Hamas and three:cutting off ties with Iran. These are the basics and we insist on them.”

Mexican president thanks Israel for quick help in the wake of earthquake - 12 October 2017

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto thanked Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a telephone call on Tuesday for the Israeli search and rescue team sent to Mexico City last month following a devastating earthquake there.
According to a statement put out by the Prime Minister’s Office, Nieto expressed appreciation for the way in which Israel quickly mobilized and sent the team to help deal with the after effects of the 7.1 magnitude earthquake that killed more than 300 people.
The earthquake hit on September 19 and the Israeli team was the first foreign group to give assistance, arriving on the scene just two days later.
The team was made up of some 71 soldiers from the army’s Home Front Command.
It focused on trying to extricate trapped survivors and on surveying public buildings to determine whether they needed to be demolished after the earthquake or were still structurally sound.
The Israelis were sent to Mexico just days after Netanyahu met Nieto in Mexico City during his historic trip to Latin America.
When Netanyahu greeted the team upon its return on September 28, he told the soldiers they were “the long arm of Israel, the long humanitarian arm that reaches around the world, across thousands of kilometers, and you show the true face of the State of Israel.”
Netanyahu said that while not a major world power, “we are a rising global power including in the ability to extend assistance to various countries.”


In latest Facebook post Yair Netanyahu seems to suggest space lizards and secret leaders of the Earth might be real, some might even be Jewish.

On the eve of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s visit to Latin America, his son, Yair Netanyahu, posted a meme depicting space lizards and Free Masons on Facebook — invoking antisemitic imagery.

Yair Netanyahu, who goes by Yair Hun on Facebook, grabbed the image from a Facebook page that uses crude — and often hateful — humor to combat the Israeli Left. The page incorporates Pepe the frog, who has become a symbol of the alt-right.

In one of the page’s posts, Pepe is shown making cookies of his own excrement, which he serves to a supporter of the Left-leaning Jewish movement “Zehut.”

In Yair Netanyahu’s post, Jewish-Hungarian millionaire George Soros is depicted holding a fishing rod with planet Earth on the hook as his bait. This captures the attention of a reptilian-like figure. In turn, the lizard holds up a fishing rod with the occult symbol of a triangle containing a square with a circle, which attracts a character that is meant to be a Free Mason, or Illuminati member of some sort.

That person holds up a fishing rod with cash on its hook, which catches the attention of former Israeli prime minister and noted Netanyahu-critic Ehud Barak.

Barak holds a fishing rod with a ballot for “Eretz Hadasha,” a political party that sought to rid Israeli politics of corruption and was headed by Eldad Yaniv. Yaniv is presented as being drawn to the ballot held by Barak, and is holding a fishing rod of his own — this one with a tray full of food.

To this new bait, a new character is attracted. Meni Naftali, the former caretaker of the Prime Minister’s Residence in Jerusalem, gazes at it intently. The whole image is titled “The Food Chain.”

David Icke, an English conspiracy theorist, is often pointed to as the creator of the concept that Earth’s human elite is not elected or determined by wealth or power, but is simply composed of lizards from outer space.

Eldad Yaniv worked as a political consultant for Barak for years, until the two of them parted ways. Yaniv often described his years as working behind the scenes of Israeli politics, and was uneasy with what he was doing, claiming that Israeli politics is tainted by a powerful relationship between big money and the people in power. He is very active in various protests and legal attempts to remove Prime Minister Netanyahu from office.

Molad: The Center for the Renewal of Israeli Democracy reportedly received 200,000 USD from the Open Society Foundations of George Soros.

Molad was the organization that recently published on Facebook a list of claims about the personal conduct of Yair Netanyahu that caused him to strike back against Molad and other sons of previous Israeli prime-ministers.

It is unclear at the moment whether the image was meant as some kind of joke, or if the son of the current leader of the state of Israel subscribes to antisemitic conspiracy theories.

On Twitter, Barak asked, “Is this what the boy hears at home? Is it genetics or his very own mental illness? No matter, at any rate, we should pay for his mental therapist and not his security detail and personal driver.”

‏Opposition leader Isaac Herzog responded to the Tweet by stating that, “Every Jew should feel revulsion and shame this cartoon, [in the style of] the pages of [Nazi newspaper] Der Stürmer, that came out of the home of the prime minister and embraced by antisemites. Delete it, apologize, speak out against it.”

David Duke, big-name white supremacist and former Ku Klux Klan leader tweeted support for Yair Netanyahu.


Netanyahu discusses Iran and Syria in phone call with Putin - 19 October 2017

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu discussed the Iran nuclear program, in a phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin the Kremlin said on Wednesday.
The two leaders also discussed the situation in Syria and the referendum in Iraq’s Kurdistan, the Kremlin said in a statement.