Trump answered a question on anti-Semitism by bragging about his election win

  • At a news conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Wednesday, Trump fielded a blunt question about a rise in anti-Semitism since his campaign and election.
  • Trump’s response: A self-congratulatory spiel about his Electoral College win — and a little shoutout to his Jewish son-in-law, daughter and grandkids.
  • “We were not supposed to crack 220,” he continued as Netanyahu looked on. “You know that, right? There was no way to 221, but then they said there’s no way to 270. And there’s tremendous enthusiasm out there.” Read more (2/15/17 3:23 PM)

Israel: Indonesia Itu Brengsek!

Mungkin bagi Israel, khususnya Benjamin Netanyahu, Indonesia adalah negara brengsek yang bikin susah dan tidak jelas maunya apa. Sempat memberikan harapan palsu kepada Israel dengan gestur “pembukaan hubungan diplomatis” beberapa tahun belakangan, namun tetap saja persoalan sepele pesawat kenegaraan Israel yang mau menumpang lewat 3-4 jam di langit Indonesia tidak dikasih izin. Sehingga pesawat delegasi PM Israel ini harus mutar jauh ke atas lalu ke bawah. Ini bukti pemerintah Indonesia serius dengan sikap polugrinya terhadap isu Palestina. Kita harus mengapresiasi Pak Jokowi serta Bu Menlu yang tetap konsisten terhadap dukungan Indonesia.

Yang paling membuat saya sedikit tertawa satir di dalam berita ini adalah kalimat terakhirnya yang menyatakan: Normalisasi hubungan Indonesia dan Israel bisa saja terjadi, tapi hanya setelah rakyat Palestina mendapatkan kemerdekaan. Ngeselin ga sih, Indonesia? Kemarin memberikan harapan normalisasi, giliran Israel menaruh harapan, dijawabnya seperti itu. Ini seperti main-main.

Well, Indonesia akan tetap menjadi Indonesia. Semenjak negara ini berdiri, sikap rakyat dan pemerintahnya selalu sama. Urusan Palestina, bukan semata-mata urusan bangsa Palestina saja. Tapi juga rakyat Indonesia.

Source: klik.

Chuck Norris meets Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu - 9 February 2017

Famed American martial artist and movie star Chuck Norris met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the Prime Minister’s office in Jerusalem Wednesday.
Netanyahu told Norris that his presence made Israel unbeatable.
“Israel is strong, but it’s indestructible now,” the Prime Minister said, before joking to his security detail that with Norris around they could go home.
Norris, whose reputation spawned ‘Chuck Norris facts’ internet memes about his capabilities, such as the joke that he has the strength to push the earth when he does push-ups, told Netanyahu that he’d “always have my support.”
Norris has been a long-time supporter of Netanyahu. He released a video before the last Israeli Knesset election in 2015 urging Israelis to re-elect Netanyahu as Prime Minister.
Norris had met earlier with Former Foreign Ministry Director-General Dore Gold during his visit to Israel.

Israeli opposition head: Netanyahu caved on peace initiative
JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel's opposition leader said Monday that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was ready to freeze settlement construction in most of the West Bank and reach out to regional Arab nations but ultimately backed out for fear of losing his grip on power.

Because rather than have peace…

Israel: PM Netanyahu calls for increased trade with Australia - 23 February 2017

Israel and Australia signed agreements and memoranda of understanding on Thursday in the fields of aviation and industrial research and development. The agreements were signed during Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s meeting with Australian counterpart Malcolm Turnbull and members of his cabinet.
Bilateral trade currently stands at $1.1 billion. In 2016, Israel exports to Australia totalled $700 million. Netanyahu said, “It should be at least double or triple that. I’d like to encourage the Australian and Israeli companies to increase in trade. If I did the schlep, they should do it too.” He added, “The first thing I’d like to do is ask you to increase our trade, our bilateral trade. Second thing is to see how Australia can be a gateway for Israeli companies and Israeli investments into Asia.”

Pence: US and Israel will fight 'one-sided' UN resolutions - Vice President pledges to work with Israel against anti-Israel treatment by UN, to cooperate against threats such as Iran - 17 February 2017

US Vice President Mike Pence agreed to work to change the way Israel is treated at the United Nations during their meeting in the White House Thursday morning.
A US official released a statement summarizing the meeting:
“This morning, Vice President Mike Pence hosted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for breakfast at the Vice President’s Residence at the Naval Observatory. The two leaders reaffirmed the special relationship between the United States and Israel and underscored the unbreakable bond between our two countries.
"The Vice President reiterated the United States’ unwavering commitment to Israel’s security and pledged to work with Prime Minister Netanyahu to address the shared challenges we face throughout the Middle East, including the threats posed by Iran and its proxies as well as ISIS and other radical Islamic terrorist organizations. The two leaders discussed ways that the United States and Israel can work more closely together on critical issues such as cyber security, intelligence cooperation, and energy. They also agreed to work together against one-sided actions against Israel at the United Nations and other international forums, as well as boycotts that target Israel.
"The Vice President and the Prime Minister agreed that peace between Israel and the Palestinians can only be negotiated directly between the two parties, and that the United States will work closely with Israel and the Palestinians to make progress towards that goal.”


“They used to say Palestinians fight like heroes, now they say heroes fight like Palestinians.”

Dr. Norman Finkelstein

- كانوا يحكوا إنو الفلسطينية بيقاتلوا مثل الأبطال، هسا صاروا يحكوا {الأبطال} بيقاتلوا مثل الفلسطينية -

Poll: Most Americans maintain favorable view of Israel - 71 percent of Americans view Israel favorably, according to new Gallup poll - 16 February 2017

Seventy-one percent of Americans view Israel favorably, the fourth straight year the Jewish state has received a favorable rating of 70 percent or higher, a Gallup poll found.
The survey was released Wednesday, ahead of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to the United States and meeting with President Donald Trump. It was conducted earlier this month.
The favorable rating includes respondents who said they viewed Israel very or mostly favorably.
Since 2014, the proportion of Americans who say they view Israel favorably has remained at 70 to 72 percent, according to Gallup data.
Israel’s favorability rating in the most recent poll did not fall below 61 percent for any major demographic or political group. Republicans and adults aged 65 and over had the most positive views of the Jewish state at 81 and 77 percent, respectively.
Earlier this week, Gallup released data from a poll that showed Americans nearly evenly divided over support for a Palestinian state, with 45 percent backing the establishment of an independent Palestinian state on the West Bank and Gaza Strip and 42 percent opposing it.
Asked about their opinions of Netanyahu, 49 percent of respondents said they viewed him favorably and 30 percent unfavorably — both figures the highest recorded in the poll — with 13 percent saying they never heard of him and 8 percent saying they have no opinion.

Pence to attend AIPAC conference - Vice President to attend annual AIPAC policy conference to be held next month in Washington - 23 February 2017

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence will attend the annual AIPAC policy conference to be held next month in Washington.
It remains unclear whether President Donald Trump will attend and speak as well.
Nearly 20,000 people are expected to participate in this year’s conference, held by one of the strongest and most influential lobbies in the U.S. Congress.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is also expected to address the conference, but it is yet to be determined whether he will attend the conference in person. Last year the Prime Minister preferred to send in a recorded video speech.
Last year, while he was still a Republican presidential candidate, Trump addressed the AIPAC policy conference and reiterated his support for Israel, while promising to continue to support the Jewish state if elected President.
Trump noted that he is a lifelong supporter of the State of Israel and stressed that, despite being a newcomer to politics, “I’m not new to supporting the Jewish state.”

The Israeli Likud party was literally, literally started by a terrorist responsible for several massacres and bombings against civilians.

This is the current leading party in Israel

Menachem Begin was the commander of the Irgun Jewish Terrorist Organization, recognized as terrorists by the UN, US, and British. He planned out massacres against civilians, as well as the bombing of a hotel that killed 91.

The King David Hotel Bombing ALONE, planned by Begin and carried out by the Irgun group, killed more than twice as many people than Hamas has killed in the last 15 years COMBINED.

What happened as a result?

Begin went on to found a political party in Israel, the Likud, as well as serve as Prime Minister of the state of Israel for over 6 years.

Israel was founded through terrorism and ethnic cleansing, is run by terrorists, and actively perpetuates terrorism against Palestinians

Yet it’s the Palestinian response that is scrutinized internationally 

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