Net Legend #4: If you’ve been on Tumblr for the past couple of years you know who this is.  fuckyeahecochic has fakes on here, Twitter and Facebook now.  I’ve seen her pics on all kinds of sites, message boards, I even saw a Flickr page once from a guy who collected some of her pics and used it as a shrine.  She’s flipped it into some modeling gigs these days

Another net legend.  Actually, she’s one of the first.  Back in the 90’s and early 2000’s Cori Nadine was the most popular model on the internet, ESPECIALLY the 90’s.  Her name was always one of the top things people searched for in search engines.  She was one of the first fitness models to not look real muscular like the others, so her appeal was huge

Net Legend #3: Keyra Augustina (or Agustina) became famous because of… take a guess.  Her ass pics are celebrated online since 04-05 and some consider it the world’s most famous & best ass.  She too has many fakes on Myspace, Twitter and other sites even to this day and you’ve probably seen her pics used in avs and signatures on message boards.  Her ass got so famous that she was invited to pose in magazines.  Her videos and pics are everywhere, but no idea where the real girl is these days

Net Legend #2: Carmen might be the second most faked.  I see the same pics of her posted on Tumblr all the time.  She’s the faceless girl with the CRAZY body that you always see on here and on other sites.  Unfortunately you just don’t know who she is because people always crop out the watermarks (assholes).  She’s no doubt one of the most popular girls online as far as pics being posted goes

Her Twitter >>

Net Legend #1: THE most faked girl online by far.  Type “Brianna Garcia” in Google and you’ll be amazed how many fake pages pop up.  She’s been posted on message boards and even used in advertisements.  If you used Myspace back in 03-07 you’ve probably been in contact with a fake because that’s where it all started.  Even today still got fakes on Twitter, Facebook and sites I never even heard of.  Scary thing is people use pics of her from when she was only 14-15 years old

The REAL Brianna Garcia >