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Our Plan For Resistance
American democracy has entered a new era, one that’s defined by widespread fear and anxiety among marginalized communities and their allies. Now is an important time for the Harry Potter Alliance to reaffirm its commitment to these communities, their civil rights, and the advancement of policies that serve true equality for all. Our staff stands with wands at the ready, and we are prepared to meet the challenges that the next four years are sure to bring. There is so much that’s worth fighting for, much more than a small nonprofit like ours could possibly tackle. Nonetheless, we will transcend our limitations and make measurable impact on the following critical issues...
By the Harry Potter Alliance

Here are where our commitments lie for the coming year. Join us in the resistance.

A Trump presidency reopens the issue of net neutrality

  • One day it could cost you more money to watch a YouTube video than to check your email.
  • That’s what could happen if the United States ends net neutrality. 
  • The debate over net neutrality has flared up again following the appointment of Jeff Eisenach and Mark Jamison to Trump’s Federal Communications Commission landing team.
  • Both are staunch opponents of net neutrality. Read more

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yall we really need to keep a close, close eye on the trump administration and the now-republican congress because both HATE net neutrality and are real threats to it. if they try anything we need to be ready to fight back against any laws because it will affect every single one of us; it won’t matter if you live in the U.S. or not. it will still affect you.

Remember net neutrality? That vital, democratic framework for keeping the internet open to everyone? You fought with us to introduce it as the law of the land, and then you fought with us again to make sure sure Congress didn’t undo it.

And now there’s been an update: Today, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the FCC’s proposed rules for internet providers. It’s an important milestone for permanently protecting the internet you know and love. 

You had a big hand in making this happen, Tumblr. Congrats.

The fight’s not over just yet. This could still go to the Supreme Court. Something to keep in mind when you vote this November, and something we’ll keep you updated on as the situation develops.
Outgoing FCC chief Tom Wheeler offers final defense of net neutrality - The Verge

Possibly the final stand for consumers having some choice in the internet providers.

When your internet bills increase without any change in speed or bandwidth, may you remember that your money went to Republican congressmen being bought by your ISPs with local and regional monopolies. Also, think about that when you realize that you’re never going to see fewer and fewer new internet businesses enter the scene, because the barriers to entry will be too high.

The last time we had laws and regulations made without seeing what's in it, we got the 2,800 page bill monstrosity that is the Affordable Care Act, AKA Obamacare, which now is seen as the disaster we predicted. Now we have "Net Neutrality" another 332 Page monster from the FCC we can't even see what is in it before the FCC votes on it. Bad things always happen when there is no Transparency. Say goodbye to quality, and open internet. Hello Government backdoors, regulation, and more taxation. Listen to us tech people when we say, this will make the internet worse.

Verizon just launched FreeBee, its plan for ‘sponsored data’:

It’s a growing trend in the wireless space as companies look for ever more ways to hook data-hungry mobile users. But the practice has drawn scrutiny from net neutrality advocates who argue that sponsored data or “zero rating” lets rich, powerful companies pay to win, tilting the playing field against entrepreneurs and start-ups who can’t afford to pay the new fees.