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Sorry I am super busy the last weeks so I don’t have much time for drawing or writing or chatting that much.
Pretty much to do at work cuz of sick leave and vacation cover of some collegues. But yeah…
AFTER THIS WEEK I GOT TWO WEEKS OFF! Woah I am looking so forward to that xwx"

To the picture:

You see little Akefia after the army of the pharao destroyed Kul Elna. My friends and I pretty much think of (adult) Akefia whenever we are listening to the “Halfman’s song”, eventhough it’s related to the Game of Thrones series.
We love it. So I wanted to draw something small, related to this thought.

Click here to listen to the halfmans’ song by Miracle of Sound
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A little Akefia Sketchdump :3
With a tiny little bit of Malik <//u//<

I am SO DEEP in an RP with my friends here… Where Akefia is a psychotic bastard and about to pull Malik on his side while Malik is in a relationship with Bakura u//u
Actually his intention was to simply humiliate Bakura but… seems like he enjoys Maliks company a little bit more than he planned to… 

This doodle is also related to that story :3

Yis drew sum thiefshipping again - surprise surprise! |“//3

Watched LittleKuriboh ’s Bloodlines Let’s Plays (again) and kinda thought that it would be sweet if Malik would play with Bakuras hair since he loves it so much for its fluffyness <//u//<
And then I couldn’t get rid of the idea he would make him little plaits like Astrid does with Hiccups hair in HTTYD2 x//3

Yeeeh but I’m sure Baku doesn’t miiiiind…. (… much)

I was tagged by thiefprincess x//333

Rules: Draw some doodles of anything! Any doodle is a doodle, so don’t worry about drawing skills! Have fun and can’t wait to see what you guys make!

So here!! Have a belated thiefshipping valentines doodle from me, too o//v//o
Belated because Malik needed one whole day to tape Bakuras fingers into a heart shape (since Baku didn’t want to hihi)

I tag: athousandpaws eyjoey letnia nalyni