So elfandbowman got an ask which turned into this post which basically boils down to everyone lives au where Bard gets poisoned at a meeting between Mirkwood and Erebor and then well littleblueturtlesuit asked for it and this happened…

All meetings between Erebor and Mirkwood – whether Dale wasinvolved or not – were held in Dale. It had been Bard’s solution when he got bored of Thranduil bitching every time he had to go Erebor as apparently the dwarves had no idea how to be ‘gracious hosts’, and Thorin flat out refused to go to Mirkwood.

So bard treated them like the unruly children they were acting like and supervised all of their meetings in Dale. Which was technically not half way between the kingdoms, being far closer to Erebor, but it’s not like Thranduil minded having an excuse to crawl into Bard’s bed and stay a while.

Bard imagined that at some point, probably soon, they were going to have to make some kind of announcement. At first it had been a semi-casual mutual attraction thing, but now there was exactly nothing casual about it, and it would be nice not to have to make up excuses to see each other.

He wasn’t sure when it had gone from casual to easy love confessions. It had sort of just happened, but if he had to pinpoint a moment of realisation, it would be the day he had come downstairs to find Thranduil making Tilda a snack in their kitchen – Bard refused to have servants just for the four of them – so Thranduil was happily reaching up to the shelves she couldn’t and following her instructions with a smile as she told him what she would like.

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