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A Calzona advent calendar - December 9th

“I think she’s asleep.”

Callie spoke softly, peering down at the small girl whose head was nestled in her lap, the rest of her body curled up along the couch beside her. She ran a hand along her side, over soft flannel pajamas printed with little polar bears, and Sofia didn’t stir at all, confirming what the elder brunette had suspected. 

“Should we wake her?”

She glanced up at Arizona and waited for an answer, but the blonde just shook her head, smiling as she reached over to run her fingers through their daughter’s hair. 

“Let her sleep, she had a big day. We can have movie night again tomorrow and start a little earlier.”

Callie looked back toward the television where they had Elf playing, and she nudged Arizona with her shoulder as she picked up the remote and hit pause.

“Let’s put something else on then. I can’t watch this movie twice.”

“I could watch this movie ten times,” the blonde climbed up from the couch, “I don’t understand what your problem is, Calliope.”

“That’s because you basically are Elf.”

The smaller woman tossed her a dirty look and Callie just laughed softly – it was true, Arizona loved Christmas more than anyone else she knew. But that was something she absolutely adored about her, and she would never change it for anything. 

“What do you want to watch then?”

“Our favourite.”

Without hesitation, Arizona pulled their well-watched copy of Love Actually off the shelf and slipped it into the DVD player, coming back to settle beside Callie on the couch. She opened her arm to the other woman and Callie immediately snuggled in, resting her head on Arizona as the blonde wrapped her arm around her shoulders. 

“I haven’t watched this in awhile.”

The words were murmured softly, almost without thought, but Callie caught them, and she turned her head just enough to press a soft kiss to the bare skin of the other woman’s collarbone. 

This movie had been their movie ever since the first Christmas they spent together, when they discovered that they both owned a copy and were both obsessed with the sappy, charming romantic comedy. Every year after that they’d watched it at least once during the holidays – and usually more than once – even the last year they’d been together for Christmas, when their first marriage was strained and tense with the lingering aftermath of the plane crash.

Callie hadn’t been able to watch it since. And, it seemed, neither had Arizona. 

“Me neither.”

She spoke just as softly, glancing up to meet her new wife’s eyes, and when a blue gaze met hers in the darkened room it was filled with a look of complete love and devotion. Arizona’s fingers traced soft patterns over Callie’s shoulder, slipping down to smooth along the warm skin of her collarbone, and as she turned back to look at the television a smile tugged at her lips and her heart warmed, the soft weight of Callie against her the simplest comfort in the world. 

Arizona reached over to the arm of the couch and handed Callie one of their fleece blankets, motioning toward Sofia. The older brunette spread it carefully over their daughter’s sleeping form, and Arizona pulled a second blanket over the two of them, snuggling in as she pressed a kiss to Callie’s temple. They both watched the movie in silence for awhile, laughing quietly at their favourite parts, and the brunette’s free hand found Arizona’s under the blanket, threading their fingers gently together. 

“We won’t have to miss another year now.”

Arizona just smiled, eyes trained on the screen as she squeezed Callie’s hand. 

“Never again.”



“Nestled high in the treetops in Harads, Sweden, lies the Mirrorcube the tree runs right through the center of the 4x4x4 metre plywood and birch constructed room, accessed by a 12-metre rope bridge the Mirrorcube includes perfect accommodations for two – including a living room/lounge, kitchenette, bath, a queen sized bed, and private terrance. The six windows provide a stunning panoramic view of the surrounding forest.” - Treehotel Sweden Thought y'all might want to see some inside shots of where Tobin and Christen are staying.

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has anyone ever talked a how great kenma and lev could be? they're complete and utter opposites, exposing kenma to him for too long is like sitting him in a room full of people with no means to escape. i feel like lev would be overly affectionate and kenma would outwardly act like he hated it but some part of him just wants to nestle in lev's long limbed love for the rest of his life.

YES THEY HAVE DEFINITELY BEEN TALKED ABOUT and I personally totally dig it too.

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The first aid items piled on the planner fit in the Grid-It’s large back zippered compartment. The Grid-It then fits in the backpack. I carry an eyeglass case, but left it in my car last night along with the solar charger. The smartphone’s not visible because I used it to take this photo. Some of the smaller black items like the flashlight, makeup, and perfume are very hard to see against the (also black) organizer, but they are all there.

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you look at him the way I look at u - tae

“We should get him,” you murmur, hooking your chin over his shoulder to peer down in his lap. You’re not overly fond of dogs, but you’re fond of Taehyung, and you must admit that you’ve gone weak in the knees at the sight of his expression. 

It’s a curled-up ball of fur nestled in the valley of Taehyung’s thighs, and you don’t quite understand the fascination. You’ve never quite understood the bond between a dog and a human quite as well as you understood the one between two humans together, but you can’t deny that there’s something there – maybe like some sort of… connection. And you can’t stop swallowing back high-pitched noises every time his thumb brushes over the puppy’s head and makes it close its eyes in satisfaction.

“You’re allergic,” he points out, barely turning his head to you, who’s too wrapped up in the thrumming body that’s nuzzling into your boyfriend’s jeans. “And you don’t even like dogs.” 

“I like you,” you shoot back, turning your head willingly, pressing your lips just behind Taehyung’s ear. “There’s ways to deal with it.”

Taehyung twists, then, just enough to make your noses bump as he levels you with a stare. “We’re here for a cat, baby. You’ve been going on about this for months.” It’s not bitter – doesn’t hold the slightest bit of resentment even though it’s obvious that Taehyung’s fallen in love with the puppy. He’d leave it, along with a bit of his heart, if it meant that they’d head on to find that cat you’ve been wishing for, just to make you happy.

That’s not what happiness is about for you, though. Not since he met him.

You lean in slowly to press a single peck to his lips, losing your breath when you feels a smile spread against his mouth. It’s never taken much to make Taehyung happy, but you’d do it all. Would give it all up for that smile, because that’s what it’s all about. “You look at him the way I look at you,” you mumble, licking your lips as you leans back, wrapping your arm around his middle, your other hand stroking the puppy’s head. “And when you adore something that much you shouldn’t let it go. I know I won’t.”

Needless to say, you went home with a puppy with you. 

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It’s very short but eh. 

- Nageoire 

Tina and Percival traveling around during missions together, casually talking.
Consists of Tina spotting something in the distance, pointing excitedly.
Percival watching her with a fond look in his eyes and realizing just how much he loves this woman.
Percival taking her somewhere. Anywhere. He just wants to spend all of his time with her.
Him casually reaching over and holding her hand while looking the other way a bit flustered like a schoolboy.
Tina thinking he was the sweetest thing ever.
She’d be the one to initiate the kiss.
They walk in the center of the city during the night, holding hands, pulling scarves and coats closer for a bit before resuming holding hands.
It gets really late.
Percival “casually” comments on how she could come over for some hot chocolate to warm up and continue their talk to which Tina agrees.
They end up waking up the next morning in his room, happily nestled in each others arms some more before going to work.

Miss Rosen for Crave Online

The beauty of photography is its ability to stop time, to bare witness from now til eternity so long as someone wishes to see the world through the photographer’s eyes. We are instantly transported into other realms, into private lives and public spheres of influence.

When collected as a book, the photograph takes on another role: it becomes evidence of the past and a message to the future. It becomes something we invite into our homes and set on our shelves, awaiting the moment we choose to pick it up and nestle it on our laps, absorbing each image page by page, in quiet contemplation of wisdom that speaks beyond words. Crave has selected five of the best photography books of 2016 that speak to who we are and where we’re been to help us understand where we’re going in 2017.

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Photo: May 1, 1970 – New Haven, Connecticut, USA: Boy gives raised fist salute as he and a friend sit on a statue in front of the New Haven County Courthouse during a demonstration of 15,000 people during the Bobby Seale / Ericka Huggins trial. Bobby Seale, Chairman of the Black Panther Party is on trial along with Ericka Huggins for murder. Both are acquitted.(Stephen Shames/Polaris)

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           A majority of his available time was spared on his family, freely given of course, and yet – The scantest amount used for someone else panged him with guilt, knowing that even if the Tsukiyama household would be fast asleep at such an ungodly hour, he wished he could give more to both them and the man beneath him. His loyalty would always belong to his family, but it was shared on another level with Amon. It wasn’t easy to explain. He should have never trusted a former investigator, half ghoul or not, nor should he have allowed himself to become entangled romantically, attached to him. Emotions carried a heavy burden, no matter how much Tsukiyama wanted to indulge in something he never had.

           “Do you need to ask?” Both had probably lost count for how many times Tsukiyama had waited for Amon’s return. His body remembered when he slept in a few extra hours into the morning, nestled comfortably against the other. Violet hair gently caressed along the side of Amon’s face, curtaining Tsukiyama’s striking features. Remaining close, he didn’t budge an inch even when a hand caressed his face, merely tilting his head to nuzzle against it. “As are you,” he whispered into Amon’s palm, lips gently feathering skin. “I feared I might have fallen asleep before you returned.”
Have Faith in Me - Chapter 1 - theplottingpoet - Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
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Three hours before his ship is supposed to sail away from New York, Newt Scamander returns to an underground station he can’t quite forget. However, what he finds there will change both his own life and that of the Obscurial he takes it upon himself to save.

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Relationship: Credence Barebone/Newt Scamander

Additional Tags: Credence Barebone Needs a Hug, Gay Credence Barebone, Living in Newt Scamander’s Suitcase, Internalized Homophobia, Past Abuse, Touch-Starved, Mutual Pining, Religious Guilt

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The morning after
  • The morning after --
  • From utter darkness…I now watch the sun rises over the curves of your thighs. As particles of dust shimmer in and out of the light slowly creeping across the room.
  • I glide my hand slowly over your hips, and you shimmy closer to me. Taking my hand in yours and nestling it close to your chest. In doing so pulling me even closer to you. I kiss your shoulder and that spot just behind your ear. In your groggy voice you say "Um…Good Morning" and release a gently yawn, falling gracefully back to sleep.
  • …and everything is right with the world.

When Apath likes somebody enough to give hugs, boy oh boy do they give hugs.

Apath’s the sort that’ll wrap their arms around your shoulders, even if you’re taller than them, lean against you and nestle the side of their face against your neck. Apath means every hug they give. Every hug’s gotta be a warm, snuggly sort of hug.

California will run out of water very soon.

According to NASA’s new report, California only has enough water to get it through the next year. People are under strict water-saving measures; farmers are struggling to keep their crops alive.
Yet, Nestlé is bottling water from at least ten natural springs throughout California, including from some of the most drought-stricken areas of the state, and selling it for profit. In places like Sacramento, it’s paying less than $0.14 per gallon. This is bananas.

Sign the petition to Nestlé: stop taking water from drought-stricken areas.


California is in its fourth year of one of the worst droughts in modern history, with recent reports showing only enough water to last the state one more year. Keep in mind that this is a state whose water fuels a major portion of our entire nation’s food supply. But while residents are urged to conserve water and are facing mandatory water usage restrictions, Nestlé is bottling this scarce resource straight from the heart of California’s drought, exporting it out of state, and selling it for profit. And this is all happening right under the state water regulator’s nose!

JOIN US to call on the California Water Resources Control Board to immediately shut down Nestlé’s bottling operations during this devastating drought!

Surprise -- Turns Out Nestle Actually WAS Stealing Water In Calif.

Surprise — Turns Out Nestle Actually WAS Stealing Water In Calif.

Nestle is already in hot water over the continuing pumping of water out of drought-ravaged California to feed its bottled water business. Now, it turns out, they did not actually have the permits needed to do so from at least one of their sources, according to an investigation by The Desert Sun. As reported by the San Jose Mercury News on Sunday, it turns out that their permit for water…

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Nestlé, a multi-national company valued at $247 billion dollars, gets it’s bottled water from Lake Michigan FOR FREE. That’s 400 gallons of water per minute, for the low low price of completely free. Even worse, Nestlé receives a $13 million dollar tax break from the state of Michigan. Worse still, Nestlé recently took legal action against Flint residents for making “disparaging comments” about the company.

Meanwhile, the disproportionately Black residents of Flint are still being charged for POISONED drinking water…that they cannot drink, cook or bathe with. Not only that, but the residents of Flint are paying among the highest water bills in the country. (source)

So again, exactly when will Rick Snyder and his Emergency City Manager be arrested for crimes against humanity?

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