these words
they want to leap out of my throat
something like fear
keeps them circling my belly
chasing each other
into death
their slippery syllables
like half-remembered song
melody dissolved into the blood
parts of me
I cannot touch
here under my tongue
hidden by thin skin
the things I cannot say to you
just there
behind my ear
nestled against my eardrum
the words to describe your voice
under my eyelids
lines for all the stars in the sky
bursting gold and silver blue
the whole world or
just the parts of it I imagine
built into my bones
holding me up
in the sinew and pink tissue
I am made of words
of worlds
the secrets of the universe
moving through me

Saturdays are for Sleeping In.

“Would you leave me alone?”
“Why?” Simon has his pouty face on.
“Because it’s twelve o’clock in the afternoon and you’re still in bed. Where I left you. Four hours ago.”
“It’s Saturday. I’m allowed to sleep in.”
“Sure, you’re allowed, Snow. You’re a grown man. But, it doesn’t mean you should.”
“Actually, yes it does.”
“Fine. I’ll go out alone, by myself, without you.”
“Bring me back a scone?”
“You are a piece of work, Simon Snow.”
“Love you too, Babe,” he blows me a kiss and nestles back into the cocoon of bed sheets.
I shake my head, walk out of the door, and promise myself I will not go to the bakery on the corner.
Simon smiles when I hand him his scone an hour later, and he’s still in bed, “You are going to be the death of me.”
He winks, “I think we knew that already.”

Headcanons about stricklake baby cassandra

*She loves hearing stories read by Blinky. Sometimes his bedtime stories are all that will get her to go to bed. He’s taken it on himself to read all 47 volumes of a Brief recapitulation.

*She loves riding Arrrgh, and often falls asleep nestled snugly in his thick fur. Arrrgh takes care to make sure she is not disturbed

*First time she met Draal was when him and Jim were doing a sparring training. She was just about a year old, and Jim had to babysit cuz his mom had a double shift and Strickler was preparing for finals.

She finds the training exciting, watching from her window, until After Draal ended up knocking Jim over. At which she ran over to him, in troll form, proceeding to beat his knee with her tiny fists telling at him Dr hurting her brother. Jim find a it hilarious that his baby sister feels the need to protect him, while Draal on the other hand is confused at first.

Picking her up by the scruff, he looks closely at the Young troll, at which Jim explains . Draal nods and gently holds Cassandra in the palm of his mech hand looking closer at the halfling troll who stopped her childish namecalling to glare. She sees an opportunity and takes it, yanking Draal’ s nose ring, causing him to shout in pain, closing his nose. Cassandra tumbles, rolling in a ball and giggles at him. Jim, while trying SO HARD not to laugh, as he scolds her for doing a dirty tactic. Once the pain subsides, Draal commends the toddler for doing exactly what a proper troll would do, as well as number 3 in the handbook: go for the weakness, and the element of surprise. Perhaps when she’s bigger he will train the halfling welp?

*Cassandra And Notenrique are a pair of trouble makers. Constant prank wars, dirty tricks, and always getting in trouble. Cassandra is N.E.’s cousin as far as he’s concerned, anyone in trollmarket wants to cause issue, watch out. He knows how to get goblins.

*at some point, Cassandra decides it a BRILLIANT idea to take the amulet to kindergarden for show and tell. Without telling anyone. And tries to use it, in front of everyone. Luckily it doesn’t work, as the oath change from “daylight is mine” to “daylight is his” and doesn’t work. Cassie is perturbed, and kids laugh. They don’t understand. Her brother is a superhero don’t they understand?

meanwhile down in trollmarket, Jim is trying to do whatever inane thing Bagdwella insists is his responsibikity, something about a fight between red and blue gnomes or something. But it’s hard without the amulet… which he doesn’t understand why it’s missing. So he’s like fk it, call it training whatever. But it’s not fun… those teeth are sharp!

When he finds that Cassandra ‘borrowed’ the amulet, he’s less than happy. What if there was a real emergency, or the amulet got stolen. She’s sorry, and one day wants to be a trollhunter too. Maybe when she’s older. Just not now.


More baby birds!

This tiny new arrival is a baby blackbird, and it was brought into the centre recently after being attacked by a cat.

Angela, our vet, gave it a thorough check up and found a number of small scratches on its back and left flank. These were cleaned and treated before the bird was given painkillers and antibiotics to combat the bacterial infection. It was moved into one of our warm incubators and will stay with us until it is large enough for release!

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Baked Butter Cookie Kit Kats

Last year, Nestle Japan famously released Baked Kit Kats, which you put in the oven to crisp up before eating. People naturally started experimenting with them, baking them on top of pizzas, inside croissants, as creme brulee… Coming up with all kinds of creative ways to use them.

Then, at the end of last year, just in time for the holidays, a new Baked Kit Kat flavor was released, Butter Cookie!

They were sold in convenience stores in boxes containing two mini bars, or in supermarkets in 13 count bags.

“When baking, please use a tray!!”, you are warned on the packaging…

As with the original version, they tasted just fine if you ate them “raw”, kind of like buttery white chocolate…

They were made for the toaster oven though, so I had to pop a couple in to feel the heat…

Two minutes later they came out golden brown, crispy on the outside, warm and gooey on the inside…

They tasted exactly like what they were meant to… real butter cookies!

Well done, Nestle Japan!!


4CC 2017

Tessa & Scott (top right corner) doing The Lean™ during the gala [x]

Dedicated to @cuteiceprincesslove <3

Punjabi is the language of my heart

But not the language of my mouth

English has subjugated my thoughts

Blood flow has been cut off from my mouth

Stealing life from my words

Removing song from my voice

Rejecting messages meant for my ears

I run my tongue, twisted, constricted, along the bruises that never healed

The deformed palate that was molded and hardened to withstand English

And does not know how to bend for a language less brutal

Punjabi cuts my tongue as she makes a home inside my mouth

She cries as the remnants of English seep into those wounds, burning, distorting and staining the sounds as they nestle within my vocal cords

She fears there is no more strength left to evict this foreign invader

She forces a place among the landscape, tries to clear the wreckage

That traps air in my throat, softens vowels, blocks nasalized consonants

As she struggles to demand space from the language that seeks only to subdue

She wonders if my mind, my speech will one day be the same Punjabi she knows

Punjabi stares at the scars caused by her reclamation

And I beg her to forgive me for how ghastly they sound

—  Simranveer Ahuja Kaur

Top image courtesy Lyanda Lynn Haupt

When beginning a new writing project, naturalist and author Lyanda Lynn Haupt takes her research seriously. For her new book, Mozart’s Starling, Haupt dutifully traveled to Austria, to see Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s birthplace and the famed composer’s grave. But then she took one big step further.

Because her book is inspired by the little-known fact that Mozart kept a pet starling, Haupt decided to adopt one of her own. She rescued a 5-day-old nestling, named it Carmen and embarked on an adventure — the likes of which she never could have imagined.

Find her conversation with NPR Music’s Thom Huizenga here.

– Petra