Why I didn’t like the Maximum Ride movie

It’s awful. This film only takes half, at most, of what Maximum Ride is about. Let’s rhyme it off.

- The house in the mountains is supposed to be the safest and most comfortable place the flock has ever been to. They. Do. Not. Want. To. Leave. Angel gets captured when the flock are ambushed by a team of Erasers with a CHOPPER while out picking wild strawberries near their secret house in the woods, where they are not cooped up inside all the time; they can go outside and fly around freely.

- Max’s first encounter with Nudge in the film is her threatening and yelling at Nudge. Max is their mother figure; she doesn’t yell at the flock, with the exception of Fang.

- They mis-aged all the characters. Angel is supposed to be 6, Gazzy is 8, Nudge is 11, and Max, Iggy and Fang are 14. Not so in the film.

- Max NEVER had the files on their identities hidden in the house. Ever. Those were found by the flock at the school much later in the storyline.

- When the flock abandoned the house and went on the run, all 5 (not including the captured Angel) were on the way to Lake Mead. Max split from the group to help Ella (the unnamed girl who Max rescued in the film), who was being bullied by several boys, and not from some drunk boyfriend, as Ella is also only 14.

- When Max is shot, Dr. Martinez, who is a VET and not a DOCTOR, examined her and discovered Max’s wings due to the fact that the bullet injured Max’s wing as well as her shoulder. Max was x-rayed and her chip was found in her FOREARM. Dr. Martinez and Ella both know about the Flock and their avian-hybrid capabilities, and in the film, they’re left in the dark and are barely a blip on the plot-line map. Max is then made to wait at somewhere around 3 days before her wing is healed enough to fly to Lake Mead.

- When Max catches up to the flock at Lake Mead, the flock are staying in a CAVE. Not a cabin, with food and warmth and beds. A cave. Eating stolen food out of dumpsters and snacking on some chocolate chip cookies that Dr. Martinez made for Max before Max left. They learn new flying techniques from the family of hawks that nest nearby.

- It appears that all of the flock have chips embedded in them somewhere, as the School seems able to monitor their physical statuses.

- Max is meant to accidentally kill Ari in a one-on-one fight in the sewers below the School while escaping with the flock and several other able-bodied recombinant DNA kids, and Total, the talking dog. Jeb finds Ari as Max is leaving the tunnel behind the rest of the pack, and as Max is flying away, he yells after her that she killed her own brother. Whoops. Way to forget a super important plot twist.

- Max’s first encounter with the Voice, the thing that showed her all those images of her childhood and New York at the end of the film, is supposed to be VERBAL. It’s the VOICE. It speaks.

- They neglected to mention that Ari, Jeb’s son and the main Eraser character of the film, is only 7 years old, and aged physically due to his DNA being effed with when he became and Eraser.

- Angel does actually speak. She doesn’t say a word in the film until almost the end of the movie. She does actually talk.

- Max sees none of those images about her childhood or about a file. She sees images of New York and the word Institution repeated over and over. That is the only clue they have when they set out for New York.

- Nudge is a much more happy-go-lucky character than she is portrayed as in the movie, where she is an emotional, angsty teenager.

- Wtf was with the casting choices, dude? Max needs to be way move average build, not a toothpick. Toothpicks can’t hold their own in a fight against superhuman wolf-men. Fang needed long black hair. Iggy’s wings were supposed to be white, as were Gazzy’s and Angel’s. Not to mention they were all several years too old for their characters. Ew. Just ew.

Other than all that, the pacing was terrible, there was no sense of urgency to the film, and no real sense of danger in the scenes where Angel is being experimented on. The tests in the book were portrayed to be much more severe, and they were more like rat-in-a-maze type tests than intellectual, solve-the-equation type tests.

Also, the scars on their backs are complete BS. The wings fold up small, close to their backs. Not INTO their backs. They don’t just go poof. Sorry. Way to avoid any of the potentially-accurate sciencey bits, Mr. Director. I can’t believe James Patterson signed off on this bullcrap.

Alrighty Darlings, Here it is Mating Season

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Newt and Fem Reader

You were at a night club with Queenie, Jacob and Newt called the Hawks Nest. Queenie had suggested that you all go out and celebrate the release of Newts new book. 

The two of you had been travelling together for months now and had grown quite close. To your embarrassment and hilarity you had even witnessed some amusing mating rituals performed by Newt and the animals in response. It always left you laughing and curious about how he’d be. You had known him to gaze at you a little too long once in a while or hold you in a hug slightly longer than usual.

One day Queenie picked up on this and suggested you all go out. She ordered a whole bottle of Firewhiskey and a pitcher of Butterbeer to mark the occasion. 

Somehow Jacob got to telling the hilarious tales of watching Newt do a mating dance for an Arumpant and how it had saved his life. To which Queenie had responded with 

“Well than Mr.Scamander should have an equal effect on women then huh honey?” she winked looking at you. You blushed furiously and excused yourself. Newt noticing this got up and followed you sensing your distress.

“Don’t let Queenie get to you (y/n) she means well.”

You sighed. “I know, I just wished she’d stay out of my head.” you ran a hand through your hair pacing.

Newt raised an eyebrow at you. “ And what exactly was going on in your head (y/n)?”

You stopped and looked at him. “Nothing.” you said brushing off the topic and trying to head back to the table. But Newt gently grabbed your arm.

“(Y/n) you can tell me, we’ve been together for over 11 months now.” he pulled you off to a side room to give you some privacy.

“It’s just…ugh how do i even begin to explain this?” you threw your hands up in the air.

“Queenie please get out of my head.” Newt whispered.

She peaked her head around the corner. “Sorry to interrupt but Jacob and I are going to have some…..alone time so we’re heading out. The bills been paid for but you’ll have to sleep in the case tonight I’m afraid hun.” She winked at you. 

“Don’t wait up and don’t do anything i wouldn’t do.” she winked and giggled with Jacob as they waved.

“What did she mean by don’t do anything i wouldn’t do?” Newt said blushing.

You took another shot of Firewhiskey. You examined the other men in the bar but none held a flame to the Zoologist. Newt leaned his back against the wall taking a shot and propping his one leg out. He looked irresistible. Your heart was pounding out of your chest. 

“Nothing, you know what happens when Queenie and Jacob get together.” you mused downing another shot.

:”They have nothing but mating on their minds” he laughed taking another shot. Then something clicked in his mind and he started to choke on his drink.

He was laughing as you handed him a hanker-chief. 

“Yes it seems they’re an ideal match.” you laughed.

“Everyone’s a match for someone, all you have to do is find the right mate and impress them.” he said looking at you with a hint of mischief in his eyes.

“And tell me Mr. Scamander how would you initiate a mating ritual?” you turned to him and asked seductively wandering about the back of the bar.

“Well” he cleared his throat, his face went beat red and he tried to address you in his most professional voice.

“For starters I would examine what you like best in a suitor, and from what I know from examining you here is that you like them to be tall, well mannered, kind and relaxed. So I would approach you like this.”

He threw his jacket off followed by his vest. He undid his bow tie and threw it on the pile as well. Shrugging out of his suspenders he loosened a few buttons on his shirt so it hung open, revealing a few scars. He rolled up his sleeves and ever so slightly brushed a small bit of hair from his eyes. You bit your bottom lip. He was in his element now.

You took a sip of your Firewhiskey eyeing him but trying not to look more intrigued than you felt. “Go on then, impress me Scamander.:” 

He locked eyes with you, grinning at the challenge.

“And I also know that scars both intrigue and arouse you. You also like seeing peoples little quirks. Here he folded his arms and had begun pacing, studying you. 

“For example you always bite your bottom lip whenever you see me roll up my sleeves or whenever I get focused and do little things like stick my wand in my mouth when i’m juggling with animals or potion vials” He walked towards you He brushed your cheek with his thumb.  “How’d you-” but he cut you off.

“i keep telling you love, we’ve been together 11 months.i know you by now” He easily towered over you and your breath caught in your throat as he placed a hand above the wall behind you. You’d been travelling together for 11 months, but up until now your relationship had always been platonic, because you didn’t dare ask him in case he didn’t feel the same.  

“I also know you love the scent of cedar and freshly fallen rain which is why I went out and fed Frank and the Bowtruckles before I came in here.”  He smiled amused. Still studying you.

“And what would your ideal mate be Mr.Scamander.” He put a finger up to your lips to silence you.

“Newt” you said correcting yourself.

He smiled hearing his name from your lips. “Well she would have to have lovely (h/l) (h/c) hair and entrancing (e/c) eyes. And a beautiful smile. She must have a deep love for animals and….”

He turned around and handed you a shot of firewhiskey “A knack for surprises and adventure.” He downed his fast. You took it and eagerly drank it your head rushing with his sudden seductive nature.

“There’s something else I’ve noticed about you too (y/n) you have a very sensitive spot just here on the back of your neck.” He smiled whispering into the spot, his breath tingling your neck as he moved your hair aside and placed a gentle kiss on it. You turned away trying to hide the massive blush spreading.

“And you also have one here on the small of your back, and he gently ran a hand down the back of your dress the slip dipping low enough that his fingertips brushed against your bare skin, giving you goosebumps. 

As if by reaction you leaned back into him. He wrapped an arm around your waist and held you close gently placing kisses from your cheek to your neck to your collarbone to your shoulder, then to that delicious spot on the back of your neck. You gave a small moan and Newt knew he was winning you over.

But he wasn’t finished with you just yet. And you weren’t finished with him either.Months had been building up to this. Months of sexual tension and feelings and stolen glimpses. He turned you back to face him and he ran both hands up to rest on your neck and ran his fingers through your hair. He looked you in the eyes, his green eyes boring into your (e/c) ones.

”And I would follow with telling her just how much she truly means to me. That she makes me a better person. That before I met her I was in my own shell, observing the world but never getting to know it. And now from sunrise to sunset all I can think of is her warm smile and her kind heart and her laugh. All I can think of is what I can do to get her to speak to me to get her to look at me, to spark her interest and see her eyes light up with just a hint of mischief and longing. To see that she desires me as much as I do her. And then I would kiss her like she’s never been kissed before.”

He pulled you into a side closet and pushed you back shutting the door behind him. He hovered over you just for a moment. His sheer height towering over you and you could feel his breath. He then wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you into him kissing you passionately. Slow at first but then the need to explore overcame both of you. You also wanted to tease him and ran your tongue along his bottom lip to which he eagerly opened his mouth and the two of you began exploring. You gently began biting his bottom lip, eager for more. He slipped off your dress and it fell to the floor as you began unbuttoning his shirt, he then pulled off your slip and pressed you close to him. Your now bare chests pressed together.

“Then I’d pull her even closer if she so desired me too.” He whispered seductively. You nodded and ripped off his shirt and began unbuckling his trousers. He threw them off and kissed down your neck to your breasts, gently caressing your nipples, he then kissed his way between them well still fondling your breasts with his hands.

Kissing down your stomach, your hips your inner thigh and back up again and only when you pleaded did he slowly remove your panties. He ran a hand down from your breast tracing his fingertips as he went along down your body until he reached that wonderful sweet spot. He gently began rubbing up and down causing you to moan and become wet. It was then that you noticed his arousal.

“And when she was ready, only then would I penetrate her, for I want her full attention as we mate.” And here he grabbed you by the hips and lifted you up, you wrapped your legs around him and he leaned you back against the shelf. You then pulled off his briefs and saw in full pleasure his arousal. He was wonderfully sized and he gently and very slowly slid himself into you, Filling up any available space inside you. He slowly began to rock back and forth. Both of you letting out a small sigh from the wonderful sensation that had been nagging you inside for months.

“Then what would you do Newt.” You moaned his name as he picked up his pace. Without speaking he pinned your arms up above you with one hand and pulled your hips forward with the other. You both moaned at the wonderful new sensation rippling through your cores and it caused you to arch your back which only made Newt moan more.

“Are you ready for the finishing move my love?” he whispered.

You only nodded silently begging him for more as he kissed you urgently. Pressing himself deep within you he started pumping harder and faster as your climaxes started to peak. “N-Newt.” You gasped. He pulled you onto him and you held on tight as he pushed you over the edge both moaning loudly. You ran your nails up his back and into his messy hair and he kissed you and spun you around still out of breathe as he continued to ride you, you were gasping for air.

The two of you sat down as you semi dressed yourself again. Catching your breathe he leaned over and gently kissed you, placing his fingertips on that sweet spot on your neck causing you to giggle into his kiss. He gave you that adorable smile blushing. “Sorry, I’m not normally that……confidant.” He smiled at you. You laughed lightly. “That’s alright darling you can just blame it on mating season.” He laughed and kissed you again.

Of the Importance of Silliness

I got thinking yesterday, pondering on the question “what makes a good relationship?” And sure, there’s the fluff, the communication and the ability to compromise, all that good stuff. But being able to be silly with your partner is also such an important concept??? So I give you:

Les Amis (and Co) being silly with their significant others

Enjolras & Grantaire: Grantaire has the habit of bursting into song about everything and anything, narrating his surroundings, drumming on every available surface and making rhymes up as he goes. Enjolras is more often than not at the heart of the songs, so he tries to retaliate with spontaneous songs of his own concerning Grantaire. Poorly.
They end up talking in rhymes sometimes, making “alas” rhyme with “jackass”, “meme” with “supreme”…

Courfeyrac & Combeferre: Courfeyrac is an amateur of fine memeing and never fails an opportunity to slip in a little “wow much doge” meme, quickly infecting Combeferre. They also “speak” whale around the flat, like Dory in Finding Nemo, because they find it hilarious.

Joly & Bossuet & Musichetta: Always up for a challenge, they watch those “Try not to Smile or Laugh” challenge videos together. Except they brought a variation. Every time one of them laughs, that person has to put a marshmallow in their mouth. It ends up with them looking like hamsters, crying with laughter, watching each other snort and spitting out marshmallow paste.
It’s grand.

Bahorel & Feuilly: They dare each other. And double dog dare each other if needed. And it’s not like the game ever freaking ends, because they both want to win that unwinnable game, okay? As a Broadway enthusiast, Bahorel knows all duet songs and choregraphies by heart, and brings Feuilly along for a two man show in their kitchen. Feuilly makes most of the lyrics up.

Jehan & Montparnasse: They send each other snaps constantly. And not the cute kind. They pull the worst faces, use the worst filters. Even when they’re in the same room, they try to make each other laugh via snapchat. Parnasse trusts Jehan not to screenshot the ugliest ones. That is real hardass trust right there

Eponine & Cosette: They speak PTA mom. To each other. And it’s very hard not to crack up, because they call each other suburban mom names with a high pitched voice, saying they want to see the manager at the mildest “inconvenience”. Eponine makes a very convincing tiger mom when she wips her fringe and purses her lips, and Cosette gets fits of laughter every time

FenHawke drabble

The first time he saw Hawke use magic it sent a wave of dread and anger through him. No one had told him that the sword for hire was an apostate. Fire engulfed the foes he was facing and for a brief moment, he had recalled times as a slave when Danarius would deploy similar spells with little regard to his body guard’s safety.
Hawke was an elemental mage, for the most part, who knew a single healing spell. Anders chided him about it frequently, saying he really ought to know more. Hawke would dodge the conversation every time, poor excuses abound. His favored one was that he simply wasn’t good at it. He was good with elements, and fire and ice were his specialties. The Arcane stuff concerned Fenris at first, but it was better than the questionable magic the dalish girl wielded. Necromancy felt nearly as unnatural as blood magic and she dabbled in both.

Fenris had quickly recognized the control the man exercised with his spells and respected him a great deal for it. It was why he agreed to continue working with him around the city in the first place. Hawke had never once hit a comrade. The closest he ever managed was singing armor and even then it was a last resort he appeared to feel bad about. He even went through the trouble of acquiring a very illegal book on the Arcane arts to better shield them from his attacks when they were in close quarters. Vigilance for friendly-fire was all but absent from Fenris’s mind when Hawke was the only mage fighting at his side, despite his past encounters with it while under Danarius’s control.

It wasn’t until they were in the deep roads the Fenris truly realized something particular about the mage. They had just strolled directly into a nest of spiders.  Hawke hated spiders and was very vocal about it. Whenever possible he took the high ground, offering support from above.  It was the case during this such battle. A hoard of spiders, so many spiders, and one horrifyingly big one. It must have been at least two if not three times as large as the ones they had encountered in the caverns, and it wasn’t going down without a fight. Varric was picking off the smaller ones, he could hear the arrows as they flew in rapid succession. A few were sticking out of the behemoth in front of him, partially blinding it. Anders was off somewhere doing a poor job, Fenris was sure. On the ground that left Fenris alone to battle the beast head-on. It was no easy task. He was bleeding and fairly certain it was probably a bit more than a scratch. His vision was blurring at the edges, but it was attacking in such rapid succession that Fenris didn’t dare reach for the potion at his belt. Besides, it was almost down, just a few more hits. It was all he needed, he could endure, but when the next attack made contact, it sent him hard to the ground.

Adrenaline coursed through him. He had to get up and quick. Then there was a shout, (his name perhaps?) and Hawke was standing over him using his staff to fend off the obscenely large spider. It had its fangs hooked around the metal reinforced wood, threatening to snap it like a twig. An arrow sent the spider reeling and Hawke took the chance to light the creature ablaze. Fire rained around them, but Hawke never hit anything he didn’t mean to. Fenris fumbled with the cap of the potion having suddenly remembered he was still bleeding. He expected Hawke to retreat back to his perch, but he didn’t. He stayed there in front of him, providing cover fire as Anders and Varric finished off the last stragglers. When the battle had ended, the mage rushed to his side asking him if he was alright, how bad was it, did he need a moment to rest? It was strange to the elf. He had never been afforded much time to lick his wounds.

So now here they were, sitting in a spiders nest waiting for their various injuries to heal shut. His were taking the longest. “We should move on,” Fenris said as he made a motion to move, but Hawke put a hand on his shoulder. Fenris could have gotten up anyway, but instead he fell back against the rock he had been leaning on. “We’ll move on when you’re done healing. It takes longer without magic.  Whatever wants to try to kill us next can wait a few minutes,” Hawke said, that ever-present humor in his voice. But it was the way he said it as if magic wasn’t an option to the elf, that had Fenris wondering. He moved to rest his forearm on his knee, leaning closer to Hawke as he spoke. “You mean to say that you avoid healing me?” It seemed to catch the mage off guard.
Hawke opened his mouth to speak but paused to cast a glance over his shoulder. Anders was going on about one of his ventures and Varric was surely taking mental notes for his next series. “I didn’t think you would want me to, but it certainly would make this whole fighting darkspawn thing a hell of a lot easier. Though I suppose I own Anders a drink now. Can you un-threaten someone?”
A small smile crept over Fenris’s face at the response, but not because of the humor. Hawke had purposely not been healing him. His magic never touched him, and from the sound of it, he had made sure no one else’s did either. He looked up at the mage and then down at his side to the gash he had his hand pressed up against. It wasn’t bleeding nearly as much. It had probably even stopped and was now simply knitting itself shut. “Perhaps just this once.” He wasn’t entirely sure why he was allowing this, but for some reason he had come to trust Hawke. Well, at the very least he trusted him as much as he could trust a person, though that was saying an awful lot for a mage. Maybe it was more so that he wanted to trust him. It would be brief, only take a moment. If he didn’t like it, it would be over before he knew it. If he told him never again, Hawke would listen.

“If you’re certain.” Fenris gave him a short nod and removed his hand from the wound. Hawke’s hand never actually touched him, only the green aura that surrounded it did. The magic felt like static as it crept over his skin when it should have felt sharp, and it confused him, but then there it was, that hot stabbing feeling that he had trained himself not to flinch under. He was out of practice it would seem because suddenly it dialed back down to static. “Sorry, the lyrium, it’s like trying to water a single daisy with a barrel.” Another moment and the wound was gone without a trace. He brushed his fingers over where it used to be, wondering if it had intersected one of the lines of lyrium, if that had been where the sudden spike of pain came from, or if it was simply the proximity.
“If you were to practice,” Fenris started. His eyes were glued to the floor by the hesitance and uncertainty that turned in his stomach. “would it not be painful?” As if pain were his biggest concern. He could handle the pain just fine, but the static had been reassuring in the way it felt restrained.

“It might take a few tries,” Hawke said as he stood and extended a hand to help Fenris to his feet. It wasn’t a guarantee, but it was something. Fenris couldn’t deny that it would be useful, and if it was just Hawke, then maybe it wouldn’t be so terrible.

Dialogue of a Man and a Tree - Vincent Godfrey Burns

The Man: Why do you grow so tall, way up there in the sky?
The Tree: I love the heights that are clean and free, where the lonely eagles fly, where the crane and the hawk can nest with me, and my friends, the geese, go by.
The Man: What do you use for food, tree to make you grow and grow?
The Tree: I live on a diet of Nature’s best from my roots deep down below; I never go hungry, I rest and rest and wait for the rain and the snow.
The Man: How do you grow so strong, Tree, sturdy and straight and true?
The Tree: I live in the light of the sunshine and yarn for the sky’s deep blue; the clean, sweet air is always mine, and the cold winds help me too.
The Man: How do you live so long, Tree, so much longer than man?
The Tree: I’ve geared my days with the Creator’s ways since ever the world began. There is no death when life keeps faith with nature’s wonderful plan.

anonymous asked:

Hi, I love your blog and especially your ace headcanons! Can you do a couple JBM for me? (Doesn't have to be ace, just them being happy, although Joly might be on the spectrum) thank you!!

Hey lovely anon, one serving of happy and healthy JBM coming up!

  • Musichetta is an early riser, her boys however love sleeping in and morning cuddles
  • This leads to a cat and mouse game of Musichetta trying to get up and prepare for the day and Bossuet and Joly taking in turns to pull her back into bed
  • Somehow, no matter when they get up, they always end up running late and making a last minute scramble out the door, with half eaten breakfast left on the counter and multiple goodbye kisses spread amongst the three of them (Probably why they’re running late tbh. These losers can’t stop kissing each other.)
  • Every second Friday night is their “Whine and wine” date night where they put crappy reality TV on in the background as they drink Moscato and tell each other about their weeks and the latest gossip within the group
  • Freaking nerds who go to bed at 8:30PM every night because they’ve been looking forward to cuddling each other all day and can’t wait any longer.
  • Tag team each other well. Musichetta and Joly make sure Boss wears enough warm clothes before leaving the house, Joly and Boss make sure Musichetta texts them that she’s home safe when they’re not they’re and she goes home first, Boss and Musichetta take turns coddling Joly when he thinks he’s getting another flu and soothe some of his worrying doubts
  • Food portions aren’t exactly packaged for 3 people. They always make too much food and distribute their leftovers to their friends (Mainly Feuilly.)
  • One time tried to do a three person piggy back when they were all drunk on Cosmo’s and Bossuet fell off and broke his wrist
  • Piggy backs are now banned in their house- along with human pyramids, shoulder wars, games of leap frog, fondue (Don’t ask, their apartment nearly burnt down.), and Bossuet cooking (see: Fondue)
Les Amis Couples and their Pets
  • Enjolras and Grantaire: Enjolras is neither a dog nor a cat nor a houseplant nor a cactus person, but Grantaire brought home a sodden kitten one night, and he accepted to keep it until they found it a suitable home. Meownet is still there 2 years later because it turns out he was in a suitable home.

  • Combeferre and Courfeyrac: They have a big goofy golden retriever that insists is a lap dog, and Courfeyrac is positively in love with his good boy. Combeferre definitely read a dozen books about dog training and keeps teaching the doggo new tricks. Courfeyrac has one of those instagram accounts dedicated to cute pics of his dog, because everyone need a good boy in their life.

  • Joly, Bossuet and Musichetta: Between Joly’s and Bossuet’s allergies, the couple finally settled on a beautiful parrot. She’s kind of a diva, loves jazz and pop music. Grantaire teaches her new swear words everytime he comes around, and Musichetta is left wondering why her parrot keeps saying “Eat shit”

  • Jehan and Montparnasse: Montparnasse is a true cat dad. Armani is a black british long hair, she’s lush and stunning and she knows it. She and Parnasse are one and the same. Jehan keeps knitting her little socks and coats, but she never fails to destroy them while Jehan watches in adoration.

  • Feuilly and Bahorel: Okay so they either have the tiniest dog or the BIGGEST FUCKING DOG. Either way, it’s dog brain tells it it’s a lap dog. It’s the kind of dog who brings Feuilly toys when he’s sad or stressed because “!!! Look hooman!! Toys make me happy so they’ll make you happy!!” It also goes everywhere with its blanket, for emergency naps.

  • Eponine and Cosette: Cosette has a white fluffy bunny Valjean bought her one day. Eponine doesn’t really get it, bunnies don’t do anything, they just kinda exist, but she’s nice to pet. Cosette talks to her constantly, and when asked what she tells the bunny, she says: “D’you know why her fur is so fluffy? It’s because it’s full of secrets.” 

bahorelly  asked:

J/B/M fairytale au?

Send me a pairing and an AU and I’ll write you a 3 sentence fic

“I’ve come to save you my love!” Bossuet cried as he fell through the tower window. “Hang on a moment. Okay so you’re the Princess… But who are you and where is the dragon?”

“Well…?” Joly said looking uncertainly towards Princess Musichetta.

“That’s kind of my nickname for him.”