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any hawk's nest or bahorel/feuilly hcs? i need a pick me up :c


“you wanna fukin go?!” As in a way of saying I love you

Bahorel once asked Feuilly if he could even lift
Feuilly looked him dead in the eye and said
“I’d lift you up anytime you needed me to.”
Bahorel just kind of grabbed his chest like

Feuilly first made out with Bahorel on a dare and then double dog dared him to date him
Later in the future Bahorel triple dog dared Feuilly to marry him

A Sprinkle of Bossuet Headcanons
  • plays the trumpet
  • doesn’t sneeze but rather explodes
  • considers himself to be the luckiest bastard alive thanks to his many meaningful friendships and wonderful significant others
  • once duck taped Grantaire’s mouth during a meeting because he had a headache
  • made amends by paying for his next drink. For a week
  • calls himself “Mr Clean” for two days after having washed like two plates in 3 years
  • smiles to strangers
  • can’t control the volume of his voice. His range goes from market place on a saturday morning to jOHN CENAAAAA
  • has really poor grammar skills but a very varied and extensive vocabulary
  • hoards beer caps
3 Shires Head walk

With limited time and weather conditions going against me there was no time for an overnight adventure, I was lucky enough to get out for a short hike on Sunday though. 

I planned a route from Gradbach Scout camp up past Turn Edge and around 3 Shires Head before coming full circle and return via Hawks Nest. The walk ended being around 10km through areas affected by flooding so a little rough going. 

The Met Office had yellow weather warnings for the area due to heavy rain and flooding. It was predicted to rain during my walk however it stayed dry and mostly just breezy, although I took a detour up a hill (can’t recall name) and felt the full gusts. 

Lunch was courtesy of a ready meal in a pouch from Sainsburys and a cuppa using my new Titanium pot from Alpkit which combined with a small gas cannister and stove (fitting into the small pot) provides a neat ultralight cooking option. 

A further 50 minutes walking and Deer spotting before heading back to the car.

February 9th, 2016: This is an “eggs”pression of my love. I’m not sure if I have a “talon”t for “bird” puns because it can be a “bird”en to keep coming up with so many ideas. So, I’m just going to “wing” it. For our special Valentine’s Day, will you meet me for coffee at the “Nest”café? I promise it won’t be “hawk”ward and no “fowl” play. Instead, I will give you the red carpet “tweet”ment. It might get “emu”tional “wren” this special day occurs, because I can guarantee it will be “egg”cellent! It might get a little lovey “dove”y, but I’m sure you will have a very “pheasant” time, and it will “fly” by! Phew! This “bird” pun turned out so well, I might just have to “Tweet” it! ❤ Nadia

@naterz_ftw 🐦
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I'm a sick child today and I've come to you to ask for the best medicine in the world - some hella domestic headcanons

  • Combeferre oozes domesticity by every inch of his skin, it’s unbearable. He will wake up at dawn to make coffee, prepare breakfast and clean up the flat. Courfeyrac and Enjolras never wake up to a cold breakfast, not on his watch. He’ll ruffle their hair as they’re still comatose, earning disapproving grunts from them both
  • For some strange reason, Grantaire insists to do the washing up when he eats at the Triumvirate’s. Something about the bubbles from the wash liquid, they reckon. Enjolras never fails to wraps his arms around him, leaving a lil trail of kisses along his nape. “Your room is literally ten feet away, you filfty animals,” Courf never fail to nag behind them
  • Musichetta has install a pun jar system because Bossuet was getting out of control. He has to put 5€ in the jar for very extremelly bad pun he makes. Joly has to put 10€ in if he laughs because that’s endorsing bad humour. She secretly uses the money to buy them gifts
  • When Enjolras isn’t sleeping in his bed, Grantaire sleeps with his boyfriend’s pillow as a substitute
  • Eponine and Jehan are housemates and practice platonic cuddling like it’s an Olympic discipline. Jehan are particularly good at it because they can cuddle AND braid at the same time
  • Courfeyrac’s lucky undies are the pair Combeferre was wearing on their first date. It’s one size too big for him and he has to tighten the waistband with a safety pin but he WONT EVER show up to an exam not wearing it

This Day in Environmental History - On February 6, 1936, the US House of Representatives ruled that a “grave and inhuman disregard” for human life took place during Union Carbide’s construction of a hydroelectric tunnel in West Virginia. During tunnel construction, a large amount of mineral silica was found and workers were ordered to mine it for sale/use in steel production. However the workers were not given dust masks while mining and as a result of the silica dust exposure the workers developed silicosis, a lung disease. The recognized death toll by Congress was 476 with most dying within 12 months of the mining. Sadly, it was discovered during the Congressional hearings that Union Carbide management had actually worn dust masks during their inspections of the silica mining operation.

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No but ever since you posted about Joly with Raynaud’s disease I think about it every time my Raynaud's acts up so thought I would add: Bossuet holding Joly's ice cream so the container doesn't freeze his poor hands, Joly's hands randomly becoming very very cold when he's holding hands with his partners (but they insist they don't mind), Joly wearing mittens to bed because otherwise cold hands will wake himself and his partners up, Chetta knitting him adorable mittens (she learned from Jehan)

Aaaaaaaaaawwwww Raynauds united :’3

Imagine Joly drinking a milkshake with a straw and his lil hands are buried in Bossuet’s oversized sweater so that he can hold the glass through the layers!!

Or Musichetta kissing his numb hands until the blood rushes back again in his fingers. It’s not the best sensation in the world cause it stings and tickles a little bit but Chetta makes it 100% better

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