nesting doll

love is in the air. i’ll make sure of it

not pictured: the window i was throwing clint out of.

question: why was he hanging around in his boxers with a bow??? because hes clint. 

alternatively, ‘i got shot with cupid’s arrow and all i got was this lousy hospital visit.’


yeees i had to do jasper sandwich for loving and supportive girlfriends ;;;

She was a matryoshka;
Happiness nested in sorrow
Wrapped in anxious yearning
Smothered by frustration
Until at the core she lay curled
Longing for a place to call home. 
She stacked and unwrapped
Clawed her way out of her layered confinement
Only to gather her mock fortress of strength back
To mask the depth of the soot stains
Where the fire in her heart recedes.
In a prison made of rib cage and heartstrings 
Vacillating from atrophy to shining bright
She quietly sings to herself
A soft murmur to soothe the trembling ache.
Someday she will untangle her love lines,
Rip the IV pumping promises into her veins
And break free from her chosen hell. 

© Courtney Turley 2017

Thanks to @wordswritteninsilence for the prompt “Breaking Free”

As the sun is going down. Voices sound out throughout your house. You know curiosity killed the cat but nevertheless you decide to investigate. The voices become louder and louder as the sun goes down. You follow the sounds and it takes you to your fire mantle. On top, the Russian nesting doll has come to life and starts separating.

Happy Tuesday.

I’m calling it “Yurio Catches Puberty” as a working title. (PG for swearing and puberty.) (Warning for body image stuff, very minor.) 



The scream of anguish from the rink’s locker room shower made Yuuri look up sharply. He’d only arrived in St. Petersburg yesterday, but this couldn’t be normal, even if nobody else seemed to be paying the slightest attention.


It was definitely Yurio.

“Yurio?” he started to ask, but Georgi clapped a hand over his mouth.

“Don’t engage,” he hissed.

Yuuri looked at him, wide-eyed.

“What’s going on?” he whispered, as Yurio began a steady, at least quieter stream of cursing in Russian, then English, then Japanese that Yuuri definitely hadn’t taught him.

“Puberty,” Georgi said.

Yuuri blinked. “Puberty?” he asked.

Georgi gave him a disgusted look. “Of course,” he mumbled to himself. “The golden boy didn’t suffer puberty…”

He wandered off, now also cursing, and Yuuri had ten seconds of silence before Yurio kicked the shower door open and strode out, towel around his waist.

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The saga continues . . .

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1989:  Can it be!!!

I don’t know … ???

Maybe I should ask Red …

1989:  Hey Red!

Red:  Yes?

1989:  Do you think that’s TS6?

Red:  Could be, but let’s get another opinion! Let’s ask Speak Now!!!

Speak Now:  Hi Guys! Who’s THAT!!!

1989:  Not sure …

Red:  Maybe TS6.

Speak Now:  If that’s who you think it is, I don’t think you should wait. I think you should SPEAK NOW!

1989:  Let’s talk …

Red:  … to Fearless!

Fearless:  WOAH!!! Is that who I think it is???

Speak Now:  It’s TS6.

Red: Maybe …

1989:  I think I’m in disguise …

Speak Now:  I feel if I got a disguise, someone would recognize me.

Fearless:  Okay, let’s see what Taylor Swift thinks. She’s the oldest!

Taylor Swift:  What’s up?

Fearless:  We need your wisdom.

Taylor Swift:  I’ve been there too a few times …

Taylor Swift:  I know you heard about me. So hey, let’s be friends …

Possible TS6:  I’m sorry … Who are you???

1989:  I have my doubts.

Red:   I don’t know …

Speak Now:  I’m lying!!!

Fearless:  Just not ready …

Taylor Swift:  In TIME …

TS6:  I’m gonna BLOW THEIR MINDS!!!