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Is the pigeon Canada?

In those last five minutes, you had two options: Woodpecker or Pigeon. It was so tense. We were all screaming. And do you know why? Pretty much everyone guessed Canada was the Pigeon. No one said Canada was the Woodpecker. And yet…

But then what of the Pigeon? You had many guesses for it besides Canada. America, Prussia, China. But the answer was right under your noses - or beaks - all along:

The Bird’s Nest Ball commences now!

For the next hour, you will be able to interact with the guests, and from this, you will gather clues. But who are our feathered friends? Hopefully, you’ll figure that out…

The Carrion Crow

Dressed entirely in black, the crow commands an auspicious aura. His pitch black suit, complete with matching shirt, tie, and mask could easily gain the attention of the whole room…and evade it.

The Peregrine Falcon

With their jacket and trousers dark silver, but their shirt striped with black and white, the falcon looks to be a character! However, their small mask concentrates on their piercing gaze, and makes all who meet it uneasy.

The Grey Heron

With a smart grey suit and white shirt, the heron looks quite comfortable. But the striking black mask with long, yellowy beak ensure that everyone else isn’t so relaxed. A good business tactic? Or perhaps a distraction?

The Sparrowhawk

Soaring in, the sparrowhawk wears a brown suit, with a striped shirt to match. Though representing a vicious creature, a smile beckons from beneath their feathery mask. Maybe they’re not so deadly after all?

The Blue Jay

As in the animal world, the Blue Jay looks a colourful spirit. With a blue suit contrasting against a sharp black tie and white shirt, they dazzle the other guests. Their black mask only serves to complete the confusion.

The Love Birds

A pair of birds, both brightly-coloured in suits that shine of yellow, red, and green all at once, certainly seem like the most daring of all the guests. And in their twin fashions, can anyone ever hope to tell them apart?

The Peacock

Strutting their stuff, the Peacock crosses the floor in a shimmering blue suit, with long coattails for display. Their green shirt is a little unbuttoned, and their black mask, though hiding their identity, cannot hide their flair.

The Phoenix

The Phoenix’ flame-like clothing is red and orange and fierce. Their mask cannot hide their swagger, as they know their choice in disguise was likely the best. No one could guess who they truly are.

The Wood Pigeon

A silvery suit adorns the Wood Pigeon, as well as a white shirt and tie of green and pink. Their beaked little mask hides them as they tiptoe through the crowd, taking stock of all others. Something is amiss with this bird.

The European Robin

The Robin’s red breast is, in this case, a waistcoat which sits between their tweed jacket and white shirt. Their mask and beak, though small, seem to point at others in an intimidating way. Or is it sneering?

The Mute Swan

Most likely not welcome at weddings, the Mute Swan is in a suit of white, a shirt of white, and a mask of white. The only splash of colour is its orange beak, which quite completes the flashy and fabulous ensemble.

The Pileated Woodpecker

The Woodpecker wears a suit of black, with a black mask, and a fascinating red hairpiece which obscures their ordinary hair. What a clever trick the Woodpecker has pulled, but it certainly won’t make them hard to see.


RIP Michael Nyqvist (1960-2017) - Swedish actor best known for his role as Michael Blomkvist in the Millenium trilogy films and miniseries The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl who Played with Fire and The Girl who Kicked the Hornest’s Nest; and for roles in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (2011) and John Wick (2014), has died today due to a cancer. His career consists of more than 90 projects in between TV series and films. His recent upcoming projects were Radegund and Hunter KIller (both in post production) and he was filming Thomas Vinterberg’s next project, the awaited Kursk (to be released in 2018).

I get so mad whenever I see one of those tributes to the ladies of FMA that doesn’t include Martel. It’s true that she didn’t play a big role in whole the story but she’s so badass????? I mean, look at her. And she’s one of my favorite characters in FMA, no kidding!! Let’s give more love to this gorgeous snake lady.