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Doctor Who Revival 10th Anniversary

On the 26th March 2005, at 7:00pm, a legend was reborn. Now about 10 years later, Doctor Who has gone from long-lost TV classic to worldwide phenomenon. We’ve been through 5 Doctors, 8 companions, 3 TARDISes, 3 spin-offs, 2 head writers, 12 specials and 8 series. But we all have to remember where it all began, with Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper in the classic episode “Rose”, in which the Ninth Doctor got a new companion, Rose Tyler, and fought against the Autons and Nestene Consciousness, monsters he had already battled twice before. 

I propose that to celebrate 10 years of this beloved show being revived, fans of the show could rewatch Rose at the original air time, 7.00pm on the 26th March, but this time in 2015. We could maybe even live tweet it, with the hashtag #10YearsOfWho. It’s just an idea, but I know I will be doing it, to celebrate 10 years of being a fan.