NestedYellow by Anna Vasquez.

Hello! I’m Anna, a gal who finds beauty around me and loves the simples things in life. I’m a peacecorp baby from Honduras, Central America. My family later moved to the states in the mid 80’s where dreams can come true, but I have always kept my fond memories of Honduras deep in my heart. I have always admired my parents’ journey and philosophies in life to help your community and make it a better place to live for everyone. Their love for culture, people and nature has transcended into my love for making and creating with care and thought. 

I really missed the mountains living in Florida and so once my heart arrived in Seattle it fell deep into daydreams and adventures. It is here that I connect with nature on a different level than I have ever experienced before and it fuels my passion to create to express my wild daydreams. My boyfriend and our big Laborlion dog also love, love exploring, road trips and hiking. 

I love hearing from you so drop a line to say hello or if you have any questions.


etsyfindoftheday 5 | 6.11.15

theme thursday: wedding week warm-up (YAY!!)

‘you are my sun and moon’ engagement ring & wedding band set by nestedyellow

and another celestially-inspired ring for you … this one is minimal and shining and so, so beautiful. want. choose from several band textures for your perfect pair.