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Colour Blockquotes Tutorial | Difficulty: Easy

Inspired by xkit’s color quotes [link] I decided to make a version for Tumblr blogs using jQuery. There are three slightly different versions, differing on the level of customisability, and thus difficulty.

The point of colours of random colours for nested blockquotes, other than how pretty they are? Visual accessibility. It makes it easier to follow information.

edit: May 22, 2017: The code is not current. It still works on my Tumblr blog’s theme, however, I don’t know about general applicability to other blogs. You are welcome to try and figure it out yourself, or email me (see most recent post on this blog). 

It is finally time, the extension a lot of you guys have waited for is here!

Reblog Display Options allows the customization of of reblog chains on your dashboard, for example removing the icons, the usernames or minimizing spacing between text and name. It also allows you to change back your dashboard to the old style of blockquotes, if you so desire.

NOTE: You may have to refresh the page after changing options in this extension. Make sure you have removed all other dashboard modification scripts before using the extension.

It should be available in your extension gallery by now, so go grab it from there!

Under the read more you can see a few examples of the extension.

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//So after a bit of research I’ve figured out a workaround for tumblr’s text encoding issues. Apparently it’s got something to do with nested blockquotes. That’s what’s making quotations and apostrophes show up funny. Like the word ‘wasn’t’ turns into this:

To get around this when replying to a thread, take out the blockquote on your partner’s reply, draft the response, then add the blockquote back before posting it. It’s cumbersome but it gets the job done.

Give you five to one that when Tumblr converts over to the new reblog format, the script they use to update historical posts won’t correctly distinguish between blockquote tags used for nested reblogs and blockquote tags used for other purposes, thus mangling every post that’s ever quoted an outside source.